Strategic Brand Marketing Design Masterclass

The complete step-by-step framework to building, designing, and marketing a brand in the next 90 days.
Strategic Brand Marketing Design Masterclass
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Strategic Brand Marketing Design Masterclass

What you’ll learn

The benefits and value of properly building a brand, and how it will impact the success of your business.
How to recruit, vet, train, manage, and retain a team of top talented creative professionals.
How to audit your brand identify points of failure and capitalize on strengths.
How to define a brand’s core foundation. It’s Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values.
How to target the ideal customer and position your brand in the marketplace to achieve the greatest impact and results from your marketing campaigns.
How to design visual identity and brand guidelines to maintain consistency and brand recognition.
How to implement brand strategy, visual identity, and designs across all your consumer touchpoints and start building valuable brand equity.
How to grow your brand and maintain positive brand status.

Strategic Brand Marketing Design Masterclass


Desire to build a better brand that attract your target audience and beats the competition.
The ability to follow step-by-step proven strategies and brand building frameworks.


90 DAY REBRAND includes everything your business needs to define your brand, connect and communicate with your target audience, design engaging visual identity, beat your competition, lead a creative team, manage your brand assets, become the leader in your industry and the preferred choice of the consumer.90 DAY REBRAND is structure into 9 stages that will show you and your team step-by-step how to build, design, and implement a successful brand strategy for your business.1: Benefits of BrandingYou will learn the benefits of branding, the 3 key functions of a brand, the brand ideals that every business must uphold, and why investing in branding will be the most lucrative investment in your business.2: Building a TeamYou will learn how to recruit, vet, train, manage, and retain a team of top talented creative professionals to design, implement, and maintain your brands integrity and consistency.3: Auditing Your BrandYou will begin to develop your brand strategy by conducting an internal brand audit to discover points of failure, capitalize on areas of differentiation, and how to maintain a positive brand status with the consumer.4: Building Your FoundationYou will build the core foundation for your entire brand. This includes defining your brands Purpose, Mission, Vision, Values, Messaging, and Personality.5: Positioning Your BrandYou will locate your target audience and your competition so you can properly position your brand in the marketplace to achieve the greatest impact and results from your marketing campaigns.6: Designing Your IdentityYou will learn how to design your visual identity and brand guidelines so all your designs maintain consistency and build brand recognition across all your consumer touchpoints.7: Launching Your BrandYou will implement your new brand strategy, visual identity, and designs across all your consumer touchpoints and start building valuable brand equity.8: Managing Your BrandYou will organize all your new brand assets into an easily accessible system to maintain consistency, and learn how to analyze your brand to capitalize on changes in the marketplace.9: Growing Your BrandYou will join me in comprehensive and interactive case studies that will guide you through every step of the branding and design process so you can quickly implement the best strategies for your business.Discover the 7 brand principles that I have implemented into dozens of businesses for over 20 years. These proven brand strategies have successfully launched new brands, and elevated existing brands to the top of their industry by becoming the preferred choice of the consumer.


Section 1: Welcome to 90 Day Rebrand

Lecture 1 START HERE: Download Your Course Workbook

Section 2: STAGE 1: Branding Basics

Lecture 2 MODULE 1: What Is a Brand

Lecture 3 MODULE 2: The Power of Branding

Lecture 4 MODULE 3: When To Start Branding

Section 3: STAGE 2: Building Your Creative Team

Lecture 5 MODULE 4: Why You Need a Brand Team

Lecture 6 MODULE 5: Functions & Talents

Lecture 7 MODULE 6: Leading a Creative Team

Section 4: STAGE 3: Developing Your Brand Strategy

Lecture 8 MODULE 7: What Is a Brand Strategy

Lecture 9 MODULE 8: Maintaining Positive Brand Status

Lecture 10 MODULE 9: Auditing Your Brand

Section 5: STAGE 4: Defining Your Business

Lecture 11 MODULE 10: Brand Purpose

Lecture 12 MODULE 11: Brand Vision

Lecture 13 MODULE 12: Brand Mission

Lecture 14 MODULE 13: Brand Values

Section 6: STAGE 5: Positioning Your Brand

Lecture 15 MODULE 14: Targeting Your Audience

Lecture 16 MODULE 15: Beating The Competition

Lecture 17 MODULE 16: Naming Your Brand

Lecture 18 MODULE 17: Communicating Your Brand Personality

Lecture 19 MODULE 18: Crafting Your Brand Tagline

Lecture 20 MODULE 19: Finding Your Brand Voice

Lecture 21 MODULE 20: Writing Your Brand Positioning Statement

Section 7: STAGE 6: Designing Your Visual Identity

Lecture 22 MODULE 21: The Importance of Great Design

Lecture 23 MODULE 22: What is Visual Identity

Lecture 24 MODULE 23: Brand Logo Design

Lecture 25 MODULE 24: Brand Colors

Lecture 26 MODULE 25: Brand Technology

Lecture 27 MODULE 26: Brand Graphics

Lecture 28 MODULE 27: Brand Guidelines

Section 8: STAGE 7: Implementing Your Brand Strategy

Lecture 29 MODULE 28: Brand Touchpoints

Lecture 30 MODULE 29: How to Write a Creative Brief

Lecture 31 MODULE 30: Print Design vs Digital Design

Lecture 32 MODULE 31: The Design Process

Lecture 33 MODULE 32: Web Page Layout

Lecture 34 MODULE 33: Web Page Wireframes & Content Hierarchy

Lecture 35 MODULE 34: Web Page Design

Lecture 36 MODULE 35: Website Architecture

Lecture 37 MODULE 36: Website Development

Section 9: STAGE 8: Managing Your Brand

Lecture 38 MODULE 37: Managing Your Brand Assets

Lecture 39 MODULE 38: Review, Report, Refresh

Lecture 40 MODULE 39: Staying Relevant

Anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of building a brand and implementing brand strategy.,Entrepreneurs, marketers, web designers, and freelancers who want to attract high level clients and charge more for their projects.,Business owners and leaders who need to train their creative and marketing teams to build better brands. and Marketers who want to level up their skillset by implementing effective brand strategy.

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Udemy | English | 7h 1m | 4.94 GB
Created by: Chris McCarthy

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