Strategic Cost Management Procurement and Supply Chain 2022

How to secure long term Procurement savings without breaking relations with your suppliers (with the updates 2022)
Strategic Cost Management Procurement and Supply Chain 2022
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Robert Freeman


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Strategic Cost Management Procurement and Supply Chain 2022

What you’ll learn

How to work with cost management
How to develop the systems for working with the prices, price development
How to react on increasing price pressure
How to turn your suppliers into the partners, who would help you to reach the price development goals
And most important – how to develop the strategic approach to Cost management in your organization AND how to sustain it over the long period of time

Strategic Cost Management Procurement and Supply Chain 2022


Access to computer and internet
Basic English level
You need at least some understanding of Procurement and Supply Chain
The course will make a much bigger effect for you, who already have some experience in Procurement and Supply Chain. You will recognize many of your tough situations and challenges that you are facing everyday at your work


Welcome to Strategic Cost Management course for Procurement and Supply Chain specialists!In this course we will look into procurement’s role in the company and some prejudges about Procurement, Purchasing and Supply Chain specialists. You will understand that our role in the company is really important, and the bets way to prove it is to look into the leverage effect of Procurement. Savings on Procurement are directly contributing to a company’s Profit. One Dollar saved = One Dollar earned!We will learn about the pressure for price reduction and some low price illusions that can happen in your practice. Constant cost development is not just a wish from the purchaser. It is a business routine in a modern world. And then we will learn about preparation to price negotiations, different approaches to pricing depending on the type of supplier. We will talk about the following questions to your suppliers:-Do you have any frame agreements? Commitments? For how long?-How easy is for you to find alternative supplier?-How easy is for supplier to find alternative customer?-Is there any special competence/knowledge/patent/know-how existing at this supplier?-Does supplier have the specific equipment dedicated only for your products/services? Are there any major undepreciated investments for such equipment at supplier?..Important part of the course is cost analysis of the products. You will learn making cost modelling for the specific product at the specific supplier. And then using the cost based pricing for Strategic Cost Management.  We will also look into the economy of scale (when your supply volumes increase): administrative economies, financial savings and economical use of by-products…We will finish the course with long term contracts and frame agreements, that help to avoid the bad surprises in business. There are a lot of variables in business with your suppliers: forecasts, raw material prices, exchange rates, efficiency, technical development and innovation and many more… The only constant thing is change:) This course will help you to stay calm, work effectively and proactively with cost on the strategic level!This course was prepared based on my own experience and the best practices I have used by myself. Also this course contains some theoretical knowledge and practical tools that are used by the world class companies and supply chain managers.The material is easy to follow and understand, well-structured and presented in a simple and straightforward way. And what is very important – you can start using the tools and the logic of Strategic Cost Management already after finishing the course.I am proud of the materials collected in this course. And I am sure that you will bring your Procurement and Supply Chain work to a completely new level!Have a look into the preview lessons. If you like them – just go for the course. You will not regret it!P.S. As a bonus – I have decided to share my e-books on Procurement. Some useful and fun read for you, some motivation and inspiration. Enjoy your course and leave me a comment after you complete the course :)Robert


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Procurement’s Role in the Company

Lecture 2 Procurement’s Role in the Company

Section 3: Leverage Effect of Procurement

Lecture 3 Leverage Effect of Procurement

Section 4: Pressure for Price Reduction

Lecture 4 Pressure for Price Reduction

Section 5: Low Price Illusions

Lecture 5 Low Price Illusions

Section 6: Perception of Price from Different Vendors

Lecture 6 Perception of Price from Different Vendors

Section 7: Preparing to Price Negotiations

Lecture 7 Preparing to Price Negotiations

Section 8: Price Development Approach Depending on Suppliers’ Classification

Lecture 8 Price Development Approach Depending on Suppliers’ Classification

Section 9: Cost Analysis of the Product

Lecture 9 Cost Analysis of the Product

Section 10: Cost Based Pricing

Lecture 10 Cost Based Pricing

Section 11: Economies of Scale

Lecture 11 Economies of Scale

Section 12: Long Term Contracts and Frame Agreements

Lecture 12 Long Term Contracts and Frame Agreements

Section 13: Cost Sharing Agreements

Lecture 13 Cost Sharing Agreements

Beginners and Professionals of Procurement and Purchasing organizations,Supply Chain specialists,Financial managers (CFO’s) and Procurement officers (CPO),Production managers and Manufacturing specialists,Supplying/Sourcing specialists of Retail and Wholesaling companies

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Udemy | English | 3h 53m | 1.27 GB
Created by: Robert Freeman

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