Strategic Leadership Styles Development Program

Learn 40 powerful Strategic tools for becoming effective & efficient leader towards achieving excellence in what you do
Strategic Leadership Styles Development Program
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International Institute of Excellence & Effective Leadership (IIEEL)


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Strategic Leadership Styles Development Program

What you’ll learn

What is Leadership and Strategic thinking
Various types of Leadership Styles
Situational Leadership and Managing Teams effectively
How to build organizational culture

Strategic Leadership Styles Development Program


Any Experienced working professional can do this course


The Strategic Leadership Development Program  is designed for proven business executives who want to take on greater leadership responsibilities. Thinking strategically means having the capacity to anticipate, the discipline to prepare now, and the ability to position yourself to compete and win in the future.Building Strategic LeadersStrategic leaders have the ability to mobilize people, accelerate efforts, and sustain progress, and as the plan is implemented, they keep their people aligned and informed. Strategic thinking isn’t simple or easy, but leaders will be much more successful if they focus on developing these skills.What is Strategic Thinking  and development needed in Leadership ?Strategic thinking is a long term thought process to achieve a successful team or company. This means having the capacity to anticipate, the discipline to prepare now, and the ability to position yourself to compete and win in the future.New leaders at any level must be able to mobilize and focus resources and energy on the priorities that will ensure future business success. The problem that leaders face in becoming more strategic is that society, in general, is addicted to short-term thinking.Routine activities seduce leaders into a very tactical state of mind. They worry about managing to-do lists, reaching short-term goals, and meeting today’s production schedule. When they see sales numbers drop, they react with a short-term, patch-up solution. They put out the urgent fires and fail to think long term. They simply overlook opportunities to see their situation from a strategic perspective. Too often, they focus on making it through the current crisis, managing today’s demands at the expense of the future.Why is Strategic Thinking Important for Leadership development ?When a leader is able to consider strategic thinking, they gain an important skill. They are able to work through unknown situations, and gain abilities to reason, learn, and make decisions that enable employees to push forward in the face of setbacks.IIEEL have designed this course by doing extensive research to bring 40 Strategic tools and it will equip leaders to enhance their knowledge and apply the strategic-thinking skills and styles that will have a positive impact on the future personally and professionally. No matter where you might be in your leadership role, it is never too late to begin thinking and acting more strategically. IIEEL  has helped leaders all over the globe acquire the skills they need to become strategic thinkers. The following elements of strategic thinking can be used as standalone skills or linked together to create a robust strategic-thinking process.1. Leadership Styles – Analyze Opposing Forces, Anticipate Scenarios, Make a Plan, and Move Forward 2. Leader who communicates effectively 2. Leader to build organizational culture 4. Leader as a Coach – Building strong teams for present and future


Section 1: Introduction to Strategic Thinking

Lecture 1 What is Strategic Thinking and its Framework

Lecture 2 Understanding Leadership Styles

Section 2: Leadership and Various Leadership Styles

Lecture 3 What is Leadership ?

Lecture 4 Six Leadership Styles from Goleman

Lecture 5 Level 5 Leadership

Lecture 6 Kurt-Levin Leadership Styles

Lecture 7 Servant Leadership

Lecture 8 Transactional Leadership

Lecture 9 Contingency Theory of Leadership

Lecture 10 Trait Theory of Leadership

Lecture 11 Bureaucratic Management Theory

Lecture 12 Scientific Management Theory

Lecture 13 Blake Mounton Management Grid

Lecture 14 How to Overcome Negative Beliefs

Lecture 15 Tannenbaum Schmidt Leadership Continuum

Lecture 16 Locus of Control

Lecture 17 Johari Window Model

Lecture 18 The Rhetorical Triangle

Section 3: Leadership Communication Models

Lecture 19 The Communication Process

Lecture 20 How to Run an Effective Meeting ?

Lecture 21 How to Set the Boundaries ?

Lecture 22 COIN Feedback model

Lecture 23 Gibb’s Reflective Cycle

Lecture 24 Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

Lecture 25 Minto Pyramid Sequence

Lecture 26 Ladder of Inference

Section 4: Leading Teams and Building Trust

Lecture 27 How to be Great Facilitator ?

Lecture 28 Belbin’s Team Roles

Lecture 29 Mintzberg’s Managerial Roles

Lecture 30 Train the Trainer

Lecture 31 PANAS Scale

Lecture 32 Path Goal Theory of Leadership

Lecture 33 Pygmalion Effect

Lecture 34 Theory of Planned Behaviour

Lecture 35 Three needs theory

Section 5: Leader Building Culture

Lecture 36 Edgar Schein’s Culture Model

Lecture 0 Trompenaars 7 Cultural Dimensions

Course is for all who are keen to learn leadership styles,Managers, Site level heads who aspire to grow to Corporate level,CXO who wish to enhance their knowledge to next level

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Created by: International Institute of Excellence & Effective Leadership (IIEEL)

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