STRESS buster Watercolor painting to relax Get the basics

Painting in watercolor to relax? Get BASICS Learn via play, See how the paints work, gain understanding & confidence.
STRESS buster Watercolor painting to relax Get the basics
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Nicola A Blakemore


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STRESS buster Watercolor painting to relax Get the basics

What you’ll learn

Learn how watercolor paints work with the water, then you will get the best from them.
A colour wash is the most used technique, learn how from the start.
Students will l learn to layer washes to make objects appear three dimensional.
Learn how to create highlights and shadows in watercolor paints.
Through repetition the student will gain confidence with this medium.
Start at the very beginning and understand the basics of color mixing.

STRESS buster Watercolor painting to relax Get the basics


Black ink pen or felt tip, 2B pencil, eraser.
A box of water watercolor paints, according to your budget.
Two jam jars to hold water. One for cleaning the brush and one for mixing colors. Some absorbent kitchen paper
A round paint brush, size between 7 to 10.
Some watercolor paper as thick as you can afford. 300g or 140 lbs is the best.
A clear or white wax candle or crayon.
You will need to have an open mind. and be able to trust yourself and just play.


NEW Bonus lecture, check out the contentsUPDATED 2023 – with a new lecture at 19ALSO, essential assignmentREVIEW:’I loved the fact that your lessons were truly created with basics in mind! I have been painting on my own, or with some occasional lessons for a few years. I now feel more confident with the fundamentals which I had not been sure of before. thank you’ Lorraine SargentIf you’ve always wanted to paint with watercolor paints but just do not know where to start. This course is for YOU.This may be mostly suitable for adults.Why? Because as adults you collect limiting beliefs about what you can and can’t do. Painting might be one of them.This is a ‘learn through play’ course and is very basic  You will simply learn how to get the paint from the box via the brush and onto the paper.You will paint an apple three times but in different ways so that you can escape the draw and ‘colour in’ method you learnt as a child.If you want to make a start to paint without feeling intimidated by the paints, the process or the expectations. By simply playing with your paints, coloring simple shapes your understanding will grow as will your confidence.DO NOT take this course if you need a formal structure and are not prepared to learn through play. I will not talk about the names of colours, colour mixing, composition or drawing. It is just to get you started.If you have already been painting with watercolors, this course is not for you.Why choose one of my courses?Because, as a self taught artist I understand how a lot of people feel about their creative work, sometimes anxious, sometimes overwhelmed and often that it’s not ‘good enough’. I will hold your hand as you overcome these fears as I offer a friendly, relaxed and sensitive teaching style.I also have years of experience of teaching people of all levels both in person and via the internet.Do one of my courses and you will feel as if I am in the room with you every step of the way.30,000 subscribers on YouTube.Enjoy your painting, love NicolaThis is what one student posted in her blog : – ‘I was so surprised to find that she (Nicola) started very simply, just playing with water and unmixed colors of paint. Slowly a beautiful patchwork of designs appeared on her page. Where boundaries and boundaries in the art have been blurred, she went to a pen and neatened up. Something else to add to the designs and to add some swirls and triangles to the dried paint. With growing excitement I realized that this project was well within my comfort zone. ‘


Section 1: How to find your way around this Udemy course

Lecture 1 Where to find your downloads, ask questions etc

Section 2: Follow one step at a time and enjoy learning to paint, I’ll show you how.

Lecture 2 What this ‘Play-cedure’ is all About – it’s about you having fun for yourself

Lecture 3 Here is what one student wrote about this course and posted it on her blog.

Lecture 4 Here is what you’ll need, I’ve kept it simple.

Lecture 5 The really basic stuff about watercolor paints and how they work

Lecture 6 How much water and how much paint

Lecture 7 A short video about brushes.

Section 3: Let’s Start

Lecture 8 Start by Drawing a Very Simple Frame

Lecture 9 Let’s Start Painting

Lecture 10 Paint What comes into Your Head

Section 4: Some ideas to make your painting more interesting.

Lecture 11 Get Creative

Lecture 12 You Decide when it’s Finished – not me, not your partner, you do

Lecture 13 Doodling or Meditation ?

Section 5: Now Create your First Painting – it’s playtime.

Lecture 14 Mixing Greens, a simple recipe because you make it as YOU want it

Lecture 15 Let’s start at the beginning – A is for Apple

Lecture 16 Starting to Paint the Apple

Lecture 17 Adding Depth of Colour and the Shadow

Lecture 18 Finishing

Lecture 19 Apple – using watercolour pencils

Lecture 20 Now sketch the apple first – video 1

Lecture 21 Continue with the painting – video 2

Lecture 22 Continue with the painting – video 3

Lecture 23 So what have you discovered?

Section 6: In answer to students questions – For those who had trouble with the apple


Lecture 25 HAVE ANOTHER GO -part 2

Lecture 26 HAVE ANOTHER GO -part 3

Section 7: Let’s Paint MORE Fruit – because it’s fairly easy.

Lecture 27 Cherries part 1

Lecture 28 Cherries part 2

Lecture 29 Cherries part 3

Lecture 30 Cherries part 4

Lecture 31 Lemon

Section 8: Let’s paint a bowl to put the fruit in

Lecture 32 Create the bowl – part 1

Lecture 33 Create the bowl – part 2 give it a pattern

Lecture 34 How to imagine and draw the fruit in the bowl

Lecture 35 Painting the fruit in the bowl – part 1

Lecture 36 Painting the fruit in the bowl – part 2

Lecture 37 Painting the fruit in the bowl – part 3

Lecture 38 How to trace an image

Section 9: Paint your own GREETING CARDS

Lecture 39 Starting with some ideas for Christmas cards.

Lecture 40 Christmas Card Idea – Fir Trees

Lecture 41 Other Christmas card ideas.

Lecture 42 Thanksgiving card idea – part one

Lecture 43 Thanksgiving card idea – part two

Lecture 44 The finished Thanksgiving card idea – part three

Lecture 45 Snowman – part one

Lecture 46 Snowman – part two

Lecture 47 Snowman – part three

Lecture 48 Pretty flowers

Section 10: Start to build your knowledge about watercolour painting

Lecture 49 What are Primary Colors Nicola? Reds and blues

Lecture 50 What are Primary Colors Nicola? Reds and yellows

Lecture 51 How light and how dark can you get your colours ?

Lecture 52 How translucent and staining are your colors/pigments

Lecture 53 Learn to look as well as to paint

Lecture 54 Build your knowledge about all things to do with watercolour painting

Lecture 55 NEW BONUS LECTURE- and place your marker on my MAP of students

Lecture 56 Testimonials

Section 11: In conclusion

Lecture 57 In conclusion……’s another finiished apple.

Lecture 58 Conclusion to this course

Lecture 59 Blowing my own trumpet…….Here are some reviews of my on line courses

Lecture 60 Wordsearch Puzzle

Anyone who wants to learn to paint with watercolor paints.,This is for people who have the gear, but have no idea.,For those who have had a go but got lost in the process.,It is perfect for those who feel intimidated by the paints and think they are not going to be good enough.,This is for everyone who wishes to explore their creativity with watercolor paints.,It is for anyone who wishes to reduce their stress levels.

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Udemy | English | 4h 49m | 5.58 GB
Created by: Nicola A Blakemore

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