Studio 5000 PLC Ladder Logic Training Basic

The student will learn the difference programming a PLC using Studio 5000 software and other PLC packages.
Studio 5000 PLC Ladder Logic Training Basic
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Studio 5000 PLC Ladder Logic Training Basic

What you’ll learn

Students will learn how to create a PLC project using the Studio 5000 platform. This will give beginners exposure using RSlogix/Studio 5000.
You will learn how to create a project and set communications.
You will learn the basic Logic instructions and their use.
You will learn how to use other instructions such as timers, counters, comparison, program control, math’s and much more.

Studio 5000 PLC Ladder Logic Training Basic


Computer literacy, understanding of electrical and instrumentation drawings. A computer with internet connection.


This course covering the Studio 5000 ladder logic PLC Training Basic is for any of you who may have used or had exposure to a conventional PLC, but with little or no exposure to Studio 5000 used in any of the 4 platforms where it is used. It is also for First Time Users with very basic knowledge of PLC’s generally. This software, and the Rockwell Automation platforms that use it, is very powerful and for me is my PLC software and hardware of choice, Very user-friendly.I shall be your instructor during this training and I have had many years of practical experience creating projects and programming PLC’s, HMI’s, commissioning, and face-to-face training.The course will start by introducing you to the 4 platforms using Studio 5000 and explaining the differences.Next, I will cover with you, the steps taken to create a Studio 5000 project and make it work.Who Should Take This Course? This Studio 5000 ladder logic PLC Training Basic course is designed as an introductory course for users who have had exposure to PLC ladder programming but limited or no exposure to Studio 5000.This course is also strongly recommended if you are a user of PLC5 or SLC500 and you are upgrading to Controllogix or Compactlogix and you will then be a new user.This is a basic course, so if you are an experienced user of Studio 5000 you might get bored.Listed below are some of the topics I will cover with you in this course.An explanation of all the different platforms using the Studio 5000 software.I will show you how to create an Studio 5000 project from scratch.You will learn the scheduling mechanism used by Studio 5000 in the form of Tasks, Programs and Routines.Setting up and navigating the software will teach you the functions of the toolbars and setting up the color scheme preferred by you.How can the program flow within a project behave? I will show you using instructions such as JSR, MCR and others. You will learn how to program a ladder routine using the most popular instructions such as Bits, Timers, Counters, and many others.I will show you how to create Tasks, Programs and Routines.You will learn how to establish communication between the computer and PLC using RSlinx.This is just a short description explaining what you will learn but there is a lot more that you will learn if you take  the Studio 5000 ladder logic PLC Training. Basic.There are a number of quizzes that you can complete after each section to help you reinforce your knowledge and gain confidence using the software. There are also some practical labs for you to complete with a solution attached where I will be demonstrating my solution.At the end of the course, you will feel confident creating and running a project, interrogating an existing project and carrying out necessary changes to a running operation.The majority of the course consists of video tutorials where I will explain all the different aspects of RS Studio 5000 and demonstrate the use of the software for each of these aspects.The more you can use the software, the better you will be, Then the next course which will cover advanced options of RS Studio 5000, will be of real benefit to you.So if you are really serious about learning Studio 5000 using platforms such as Controllogix, Compactlogix or even Softlogix then this course is for you. Enroll on this course and you can be learning Today.


Section 1: What you Will Learn

Lecture 1 Personal Introduction.

Lecture 2 Course Introduction and Overview

Section 2: The Different Platforms Using Studio 5000.

Lecture 3 Controllogix Platform

Lecture 4 Compactlogix Platform

Lecture 5 Softlogix Platform

Lecture 6 Platforms Summary

Section 3: Creating a Studio 5000 Project.

Lecture 7 Creating and Naming a Project using RSlogix 5000

Lecture 8 Creating and Naming a Project using Studio 5000.

Lecture 9 Navigating the Toolbars and Controller Organizer.

Lecture 10 Tasks, Programs and Routines.

Lecture 11 Creating a Periodic Task and Program.

Lecture 12 Creating a Ladder Logix Routine.

Lecture 13 Creating a Project. Summary.

Section 4: Creating Tags and I/O

Lecture 14 Creating Tags and Defining Memory Layout.

Lecture 15 Defining I/O Tags and Aliases.

Lecture 16 Tags and I/O Summary.

Section 5: Programming a Ladder Routine

Lecture 17 Ladder Logic Bit Instructions.

Lecture 18 Numbering Systems Relationships.

Lecture 19 Program Flow and Logic in a Ladder Routine.

Lecture 20 Timers and Counters.

Lecture 21 Comparison Instructions.

Lecture 22 Maths Instructions.

Lecture 23 Programming Summary.

Section 6: Communicating and going Online

Lecture 24 Connecting the PLC to Computer.

Lecture 25 Connecting the PLC to the Computer 2

Lecture 26 Communications Summary.

Section 7: Documenting and Searching a Project

Lecture 27 Adding and Editing Documentation Components.

Lecture 28 Searching and Replacing Project Components.

Lecture 29 Searching and Controller Fault finding Online.

Lecture 30 Documentation and Search Summary.

Section 8: Lab Exercises

Lecture 31 Car Wash Exercise.

Lecture 32 Mixer Exercise.

Electrical and instrumentation technicians and engineers, Control systems specialists. Anyone currently using a different PLC and is in the process of changing to RSlogix/Studio5000. This is not for computer programmers or web designers.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 9m | 1.02 GB
Created by: Jeff Sharman

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