Stylised Character Sculpting in Zbrush

Learn how professional artists model stylised characters for games and films.
Stylised Character Sculpting in Zbrush
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Stylised Character Sculpting in Zbrush

What you’ll learn

Sculpt stylized female anatomy
Sculpt stylised costumes with folds and wrinkles
Sculpt armour and props
Sculpt female face and hair

Stylised Character Sculpting in Zbrush


I expect you to have some sort of basic zbrush experience.


Do you want to learn how to sculpt beautiful stylised characters in Zbrush?Then I welcome you to Nexttut education’s stylized character sculpting in zbrush course.About Me:My name is Daniel da Costa and I have been a 3D character artist for about 11 years now. I have worked for tv commercials, movie agencies and 3D animation studios, currently I’m working as a freelance character artist and 3D tutor.By the End Of This Course, You Will Be Able To:You’ll be able to sculpt stylized high poly female characters using zbrush and you’ll get a great sense of the stylized anatomy and high poly character construction from start to finish.You will be able to sculpt stylized high poly characters with better accuracy than before.What You Will Learn:Sculpt stylized female anatomySculpt stylised costumes with folds and wrinklesSculpt armour and propsSculpt female face and hairCreate high poly characters stylizedInterpret concepts and turn it in stylized 3d modelsCourse Project Overview:We will start with a sphere using our sculpt system. Then we will create the general blocking of the body. I will explain what you should watch for in an initial sculpting. Then we will make the torso and legs, starting the body from the bottom to the top. Then we will make the overall armour and props blocking. After that we will work on the overall sculpt and we are gonna finish the body details and volumes. Then all of it, we’re gonna sculpt the head,hair and look for the sword workflow.Who is This Course For?I have designed this course for intermediate Zbrush user who wants to model stylised characters for games and films.Who is Not The Ideal Student For This Course?This course is not designed for absolute zbrush beginners.What Are The Requirements Or Prerequisites For Taking This Course?I expect you to have some sort of basic zbrush experience.You should have zbrush installed on your computer.Join Me Now:So if you want to model stylized characters in zbrush, then join me now, and take your skills to the next level. Don’t forget that investing in yourself will pay for the rest of your life. Hope to see you in the course.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Download Project Files

Section 2: Chapter 2 Stylized Anatomy

Lecture 3 Starting Base Anatomy

Lecture 4 Addind Basic Legs

Lecture 5 Working On Arms

Lecture 6 Refining The Basemesh

Lecture 7 Torso Redesign

Lecture 8 Blocking The Hand

Lecture 9 Defining Fingers

Lecture 10 Merging Elements

Lecture 11 Adding Other Fingers

Lecture 12 Using ZRemesher

Lecture 13 Hand Reference

Lecture 14 Posing The Fingers

Lecture 15 Final Fingers

Lecture 16 Polishing Mesh

Lecture 17 Finishing Hand

Lecture 18 Finding Torso Stylized

Lecture 19 Refining Elements

Lecture 20 Working On The Legs

Lecture 21 Sketching The Arms

Lecture 22 Using Orb Brush

Lecture 23 Starting The Arm

Lecture 24 Continuing The Arms

Lecture 25 Finished Base Mesh

Section 3: Chapter 3 Blocking The Armor And Props

Lecture 26 Blocking Superior Clothes

Lecture 27 Blocking The Pants

Lecture 28 Continuing The Blockage

Lecture 29 The Feet Amor

Lecture 30 Working On Pieces

Lecture 31 Conituing Armor Feet

Lecture 32 Adding Knee Armor

Lecture 33 Working With ZModeler

Lecture 34 Little Tweaks

Lecture 35 Blocking Belts

Lecture 36 Adding The Skirts

Lecture 37 Continuing The Skirt

Lecture 38 Chaging Leg Position

Lecture 39 Adding The Bracelet

Lecture 40 Resize The Skirts

Lecture 41 Working On Top

Lecture 42 Adding Arm Armor

Lecture 43 Changing Arm Design

Lecture 44 Continuing The Armor

Lecture 45 Design Ornaments

Lecture 46 Little Tweaks

Lecture 47 Contiuing The Adjustments

Lecture 48 Making The Scrolls

Lecture 49 Cotinuing The Scrolls

Lecture 50 Little Pieces Take Time

Section 4: Chapter 4 Continuing The Armor And Props

Lecture 51 Making Little Details

Lecture 52 Finishing Main Scroll

Lecture 53 Secundary Scrolls

Lecture 54 Blocking The Cross

Lecture 55 Continuing The Cross

Lecture 56 Adding The Support

Lecture 57 Finishing The Cross

Lecture 58 Creating Little Crystal

Lecture 59 Starting Belt Elements

Lecture 60 Continuing Belt Elements

Lecture 61 Starting The Chains

Lecture 62 Continuing The Chains

Lecture 63 Finishing Neck Chains

Lecture 64 Little Adjustments

Lecture 65 First Belt

Lecture 66 Second Belt

Lecture 67 Little Pieces

Lecture 68 Continuing The Metals

Lecture 69 Testing Other Style

Lecture 70 Continuing The Belt

Lecture 71 The Hair Silhouette

Lecture 72 Elvolving The Scrolls

Lecture 73 Starting The Shield

Lecture 74 Adding Shield

Lecture 75 Continuing The Shield

Section 5: Chapter 5 Structure And Redesign

Lecture 76 Belt Redesign

Lecture 77 Continuing The Redesign

Lecture 78 Little Tweaks

Lecture 79 Remeshing Feet Armor

Lecture 80 Finishing Feet Armor

Lecture 81 Remaking Short Elements

Lecture 82 Continuing Short Details

Lecture 83 Working On Folds

Lecture 84 Finding The Shapes

Lecture 85 Testing Shapes

Lecture 86 Continuing The Folds

Lecture 87 Pants Connections

Lecture 88 Finishing Pant Connection

Lecture 89 Sculpting Clothing Sleeves

Lecture 90 FinishingThe Sleeves

Lecture 91 Working With Zremesher

Lecture 92 Cleanup Meshes

Lecture 93 Adding Clock Hands

Lecture 94 Working On Cap

Lecture 95 Workflows For Details

Lecture 96 Adding Dynamesh

Lecture 97 Starting The Head

Lecture 98 Blocking The Eyelids

Lecture 99 Adding Eyebrowns

Lecture 100 Continuing The Head

Section 6: Finishing The Highpoly

Lecture 101 Little Tweaks

Lecture 102 Sculpting The Ear

Lecture 103 Fixing Eyes

Lecture 104 Making The Eyeleshes

Lecture 105 Painting Eyes

Lecture 106 Attaching Head To Body

Lecture 107 Head And Polypaint

Lecture 108 Sarting The Hair

Lecture 109 Blocking First Meshes

Lecture 110 Finding The Flow

Lecture 111 Second Haird Mesh

Lecture 112 Working Low Resolution

Lecture 113 Playing With Styles

Lecture 114 Breaking The Curves

Lecture 115 Working On Sketch

Lecture 116 Back Hair Part

Lecture 117 Hair Workflow

Lecture 118 The Sword Workflow

Lecture 119 Conclusion

This course is not designed for absolute zbrush beginners.,I have designed this course for intermediate Zbrush user who wants to model stylised characters for games and films.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 42h 52m | 30.53 GB
Created by: Nexttut Education Pvt.Ltd.

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