Succesful Presentations

Giving good presentations.
Succesful Presentations
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Succesful Presentations

What you’ll learn

Students will learn how to create and give great presentations.
Brainstorming your presentation ideas.
How to write your first draft.
How to structure your presentation
How to use body language skillfully.
How to create great visual aids.
Memorize your presentation smoothly and easily.
Connect and inspire your audience.
Choose your words skillfully.
Use your voice effectively to transmit your message.

Succesful Presentations


Be able to understand English at an intermediate or higher level.


Have You Giving Impressive Presentations in the Shortest Amount of time While Enjoying the ProcessLogical Step-by Step Method to Prepare Your Presentation: Brainstorming Ideas, Identifying Key Ideas, Writing Your Script, Memorising your Script anywhere at anytime, Making Memorable Visual Aids.Giving your Presentation: Keys to Communication, Effective Body Language, Know your Topic, Interacting with Your Audience, Leave a positive, lasting impression.Why should you bother taking this presentation skills course?Do you have an “emergency” reason, such as you have to give a presentation soon and you don’t want to fail? Or perhaps you realise presentation skills will be useful for your career. Or your teacher told you to take this course in order to pass their class. These are good reasons to take this course and improve your communication skills. Now step back and consider your success throughout your life. Consider the fact that presentation skills are really communication skills and in most situations the person who can communicate the best wins. The student who can communicate well gets a good grade. The job hunter who makes a strong argument for themselves gets the job. The skillful speaker not only captures the attention of others but can also capture their hearts and minds. Being a great communicator can improve your career, your grade, your bank account and even your love life. If you want to convince someone of your ideas you have to be able to explain these ideas skillfully. It is clear then: The way to success is through good communication and presentation skills are the most powerful skills you can learn to improve your life!But the world has lots of crappy communicators, poor presenters and painfully boring presentations. These presentations fall into a black hole never to be remembered. What are the consequences of being a bad presenter? The consequences of being a bad presenter is more than just a poor presentation; it means you are a weak communicator. And what is the worst outcome for a weak communicator? A lower grade, losing a job opportunity, suffering a lower salary and failing to communicate what is important! The worst outcome for a bad presenter or communicator is a bad life!So how can we avoid this outcome and instead move towards success? With 20 years experience teaching presentation skills, as your instructor I will take you through the presentation process step by step. My name is Ben Backwell and I have taught presentation skills to business people, high school and University students. I have given more than 30 professional presentations on three different continents. We will start at the beginning and learn how to plan and prepare a great presentation. We learn the skills that all high-level presenters use to memorise their presentation and engage their audience because the aim is to give a great presentation and leave a positive, memorable impact on your audience.Skills you will learn:Brainstorming presentation topics – from vague to specific pointsChoosing a powerful topicWriting the Outline to your presentationBuild the structure of your presentation (Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion)Memorising the key pointsMemorise the whole presentation anytime, anywhereDesign Effective Visual aids to help memorizationThe Three Secrets to Communication and a big surpriseBody language – The most important factor in communicationVoice – How to highlight your presentation’s key points so your audience will remember what you said.Use your words skillfully – memorable word choice,Hooks – Engage your audience from your first sentenceAudience skills – 3 useful techniques to get the most out of a presentation as an audience memberThe most common presentations mistakes to avoid for beginners, intermediate and advanced levelsTechniques to know your audienceGetting valuable feedback from your audience.Interviews with the experts – In depth Interviews with 2 presentation masters.In this course you will benefit from 2 types of video5 minute short videos that capture the essence of each of the important presentation skills. These videos tell you what the skill is, why the skill is important and how to do the skill. This is the main section of the course and is specifically designed to give you quick useful information to practice and immediately improve each aspect of your presentation so that you are ready to impress your audience.The second video format is longer, in depth conversations with presentation experts. These videos are designed to help you step back and understand the deeper long-term skills available to you. Most presenters and presentation teachers believe that what you learn are techniques to be used specifically for your presentation. So if a presentation is 5 minutes then when those 5 minutes are finished so are the presentation skills. We believe this is wrong. The truth is we are always “presenting ourselves.” Whether it is our body language sitting on a train or the words we choose in a conversation with a friend or what we know about the people interacting with us. We truly believe these presentation skills are life skills and can be used every single day in multiple situations. With this mindset there are many opportunities to use the skills and therefore we can improve our presentation skills much quicker thanks to regular use. This is a powerful mindset. Ultimately you can aim to effortlessly and smoothly use presentation skills in multiple ways therefore making them a natural part of your communication style so when it comes to your presentation you use these skills naturally.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction:- Introducing the course and the teacher.

Section 2: Section 2

Lecture 2 Vid 3 Speed Writing 2

Section 3: Section 3 Speed writing

Lecture 3 Video 2 speed writing

Section 4: Section 4 Mindmaps 1

Lecture 4 Vid 4 Mind Maps 1

Section 5: Section 5 Mind Maps part 2

Lecture 5 Vid 5 mind maps 2

Section 6: Mind maps part 3

Lecture 6 Vid 6 MInd maps 3

Section 7: Section 7 about the 4 zones.

Lecture 7 Vid 7 4 zones

Section 8: Section 8 Body Language

Lecture 8 Video 8 body language

Section 9: Speed writing part 1

Lecture 9 Video 9 – Voice.

Lecture 10 Video 10 Using words skillfully.

Lecture 11 Video 11 Memorising your presentation.

Lecture 12 Video 12 Audience skills.

Lecture 13 Video 13 Ben & Tam’s Coffee Table Chat

Lecture 14 Video 14 Interview with Dr. Richard Miles.

Students, presenters, teachers and business people.

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