Supercharge Scala Future FPTower

Master IO, a functional programming technique used to create simple, asynchronous and concurrent workflows.
Supercharge Scala Future FPTower
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Julien Truffaut


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Supercharge Scala Future FPTower

What you’ll learn

Understand the difference between IO (cats-effect, Monix, ZIO) and Future
Learn to use lazy evaluation to repeat actions and execute code concurrently
Write property-based tests for real-world examples
Understand the dangers of blocking code in a concurrent environment
Gains the skills to join one of the many companies using functional Scala
Learn to think functionally

Supercharge Scala Future FPTower


Moderate programming experience with Scala
A computer with an Internet connection. I’ll walk you through downloading and installing SBT, Scala, and an IDE


Modern applications often need to describe complex workflows involving multiple external systems. These are notoriously difficult to get right as it requires handling errors, various retry strategies and non-determinism because of concurrent executions. In this course, you will learn how to solve this problem using both imperative and functional programming.By the end of the course, you will be able to read and write code using popular Scala libraries such as cats-effect, Monix and ZIO. This skill is in high demand.Several companies use this curriculum to on-board and train engineers. Here is a non-exhaustive list:LunatechKaluza / OVO EnergyAutoscout24Pirum SystemsCleverbaseThese companies are constantly hiring new Scala developers! Don’t hesitate to reach out to them and mention that you took this course.I designed this content for backend developers. It is extremely practical and hands-on. Specifically, this means that you will:Write lots of Scala codeTest it using both example-based and property-based testsExperience issues caused by blocking logic and concurrent executionWork your way to efficient solutions in small and incremental stepsI will guide you through all the exercises and provide a complete set of solutions. My goal is to unlock your full potential as a functional Scala developer by demystifying complex concepts using explanations that are free of confusing jargon.For those familiar with FP-Tower courses, this course corresponds to chapter 5 of Foundations of Functional Programming in Scala.Enroll now, and enjoy the course!


Section 1: Getting Started

Lecture 1 Setup the Scala project

Lecture 2 SBT 101

Lecture 3 Property-Based Testing tutorial

Section 2: Actions with Imperative Programming

Lecture 4 Introduction

Lecture 5 Console exercises – Testing

Lecture 6 Console exercises – Error handling

Lecture 7 Evaluation

Lecture 8 Console exercises – retry & onError

Lecture 9 Console exercises – Code organisation

Section 3: Build your own IO

Lecture 10 What is an IO?

Lecture 11 IO Composition

Lecture 12 For comprehension

Lecture 13 Error handling with IO

Lecture 14 Refactoring

Section 4: Project: Search Flight Aggregator

Lecture 15 First implemenetation

Lecture 16 Traverse & Sequence

Lecture 17 Concurrent IO

Lecture 18 Non-Blocking IO

Section 5: Congratulation, You made it!

Lecture 19 Conclusion

Lecture 20 Bonus: What’s next?

Developers interested in concurrency and functional programming,Scala developers more familiar with Akka, Play and Future

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 1m | 4.45 GB
Created by: Julien Truffaut

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