Supply Chain Demand Planning Sales Forecasting and SOP

S&OP: Generate Unconstrained Demand & Measure Sales Forecast Accuracy
Supply Chain Demand Planning Sales Forecasting and SOP
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Yasin Bin Abdul Quader


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Supply Chain Demand Planning Sales Forecasting and SOP

What you’ll learn

Reflect reality of market demand and then drive a balanced sales forecast.
Measure forecast accuracy & apply forecasting improvement steps.
Generate rolling forecast for wider horizons for business growth & capacity planning.
Apply time fence policy of forecasting to draw the line between supply & demand teams.

Supply Chain Demand Planning Sales Forecasting and SOP


Basic knowldge of excel formulas


This is a unique training course in its likelihood of implementation. Firstly, the course will teach you how to make mirror reflection of market demand by applying effective solution of developing sales forecast.There will be horizontal techniques & vertical approaches which are constraining the forecasts figures to be at equilibrium phase.Fundamental components to integrate demand with supply will be demonstrated as well in order to have high level of effective sales & operation planning (S&OP). These are; rolling forecast, time fence policy, forecast variances, etc. Forecasting accuracy methodologies will be explained as well, to drive assurance of having high level accurate sales forecasting figures and to operate at optimum cost of operation.The course is explaining each concept by an exercise and this is what differentiating this course and making it unique one.Each exercise is in a plug-and-play format, using Microsoft Excel to present information from a conceptual point of view. From this, it should be easy to compare the information presented to your current ERP system.


Section 1: Demand Management

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Building Unconstrained Demand

Lecture 3 Demand versus Forecast

Section 2: Sales Forecasting

Lecture 4 Regression Analysis

Lecture 5 Regression Analysis Exercise

Lecture 6 Exponential Smoothing

Lecture 7 Exponential Smoothing Exercise

Lecture 8 What is Sales Forecast?

Lecture 9 Forecasting Techniques- QUALITATIVE & QUANTITATIVE

Lecture 10 Forecasting Approaches-TOP-DOWN & BOTTOM-DOWN

Lecture 11 Balanced Forecast

Lecture 12 Strike the Balance-Example

Section 3: Integrating Supply & Demand Planning

Lecture 13 Integrating Supply & Demand Components

Lecture 14 Rolling Forecast

Lecture 15 Rolling Forecast & C/D Ratio Exercise

Lecture 16 Rolling Forecast & C/D Ratio- Seasonal Exercise

Lecture 17 Time Fence Policy

Lecture 18 Time Fence Policy Exercise

Lecture 19 Sales Forecast Variance Exercise

Lecture 20 Sales Forecast Accuracy Exercise

Lecture 21 Mape Denominator Exercise

Lecture 22 Forecast Accuracy Significance

Lecture 23 Forecast Improvement Process

Lecture 24 Missed Sales Forecast

Lecture 25 Excel Files

Anyone from beginners & intermediate students who loves to learn step by step Demand(Sales Forecasting) Planning.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 48m | 488.01 MB
Created by: Yasin Bin Abdul Quader

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