Supply Chain Planning of Resources Detailed Scheduling

Master the essentials of the Manufacturing, Planning and Control Hierarchy and become a recognized Supply Chain Leader
Supply Chain Planning of Resources Detailed Scheduling
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Supply Chain Planning of Resources Detailed Scheduling

What you’ll learn

Manufacturing, Planning and Control (MPC) Hierarchy.
Role of Strategic & Business Planning.
Role of Demand Management.
Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) and Resource Planning.
Master Scheduling and Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP).
Understanding Load Profiles and dealing with Overload & Underload situations.
Understanding forecasts, forecast horizon and forecast interval.
Review of forecasting techniques.
Types of Inventory, classifications and sub-classifications.
Valuating inventory.
Supplier Relationship Management (SRM).
Types of Buyer relationships.
Supply Chain Best Practices: Managing Risk, Social Responsibility, Accreditations & Certifications,

Supply Chain Planning of Resources Detailed Scheduling


Course: Supply Chain Fundamentals Understanding the Basics.
A computer with an internet connection.
The willingness to learn.


If you’re looking to take your supply chain skills to the next level, this video course is your starting point.  You will learn beyond the basics of supply chain management, gain in depth knowledge to become a Master of Supply Chain.  Achieving supply chain excellence is essential for businesses to be successful in today’s global economy.  Having knowledgeable supply chain professionals are key and with this course you can continue your journey to becoming a sought after Supply Chain professional.This course is a continuation of Supply Chain Fundamentals Understanding the Basics.  It’s not mandatory that you take this course beforehand as it is not a prerequisite but I do recommend it especially if you’re new to Supply Chain.  There’s a lot of terminology and concepts that are covered in the course and it carry’s on into this course.     If your goal is certification, this course covers Master Planning of Resources and Detailed Scheduling and Planning which can assist your exam preparation for ASCM CPIM Part 2.You will gain an in depth understanding of the Manufacturing, Planning and Control (MPC) Hierarchy.  MPC deals with planning and controlling manufacturing, managing the materials, scheduling the machines, organizing the workers, dealing with your suppliers and coordinating with your customers.  Having an effective MPC system is key for any manufacturing company to be successful.It’s never too late to begin learning and with this course learning has never been so easy.  I look forward to seeing you in the classroom.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 The Instructor Profile

Lecture 2 Course Overview & Download Course Slides

Section 2: MPC Hierarchy

Lecture 3 Review of the MPC Hierarchy

Lecture 4 Objectives of an MPC System – The Customer Perspective

Lecture 5 Objectives of an MPC System – The Supplier Perspective

Section 3: Master Planning of Resources

Lecture 6 Strategic Planning

Lecture 7 Business Planning

Lecture 8 Demand Management

Lecture 9 Distribution Planning

Lecture 10 Sales & Operations Planning

Lecture 11 Resource Planning

Lecture 12 Balancing Supply & Demand

Lecture 13 Master Scheduling

Lecture 14 Rough Cut Capacity Planning

Lecture 15 Load Profile

Lecture 16 Practical Example

Lecture 17 Strategies for Overloads

Lecture 18 Strategies for Underloads

Section 4: Understanding Forecasts

Lecture 19 Forecast Horizon

Lecture 20 Forecast Interval

Lecture 21 Factors Affecting Forecasts

Lecture 22 Types of Forecasting Techniques

Section 5: Forecasting Demand

Lecture 23 Forecasting Framework

Lecture 24 Forecasting for Strategic and Business Planning

Lecture 25 Forecasting for Sales & Operations Planning

Lecture 26 Forecasting for Master Production Scheduling

Section 6: Detailed Scheduling and Planning

Lecture 27 Introduction to DSP

Lecture 28 Classifications of Inventory

Lecture 29 Sub-classifications of Inventory

Lecture 30 Inventory Valuation

Lecture 31 Inventory Metrics

Lecture 32 Lot Sizing

Lecture 33 Lot Sizing Techniques

Lecture 34 Practical Example

Section 7: Material Planning

Lecture 35 Understanding the Data Inputs

Lecture 36 Planning Factors

Lecture 37 Inventory Status

Lecture 38 Usage Data

Section 8: Material Requirements Planning

Lecture 39 The role of MRP

Lecture 40 The MRP Model

Lecture 41 MRP Regeneration

Lecture 42 MRP Example

Lecture 43 Capacity Requirements Planning

Lecture 44 CRP Model

Section 9: Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Lecture 45 What is SRM?

Lecture 46 Make vs. Buy

Lecture 47 Financial Health

Lecture 48 Types of Suppliers

Lecture 49 Types of Buyer Relationships

Section 10: Supply Chain Best Practices

Lecture 50 Manage Risk

Lecture 51 Social Responsibility

Lecture 52 Accreditations & Certifications

Lecture 53 Supply Chain Metrics

Lecture 54 Continuous Improvement

Lecture 55 Order Winner Strategy

Section 11: Course Wrap-up

Lecture 56 MRP Exam #1

Lecture 57 MRP Exam #2

Lecture 58 Course Summary

Lecture 59 Congratulations

Lecture 60 Acknowledgements

Anyone already in Supply Chain and looking for further knowledge.,Any business professional with a desire to expand their knowledge in Supply Chain.,Senior management and leaders from all business functions seeking to understand Supply Chain.

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Created by: John Mandic

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