Surviving ONLINE in 2023 After the Pandemic

Create E-Books and Online Courses taking your business to another level
Surviving ONLINE in 2023 After the Pandemic
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Surviving ONLINE in 2023 After the Pandemic

What you’ll learn

How to sustain your ONLINE business after the pandemic.
How to create digital and online products pertaining to your expertise.
How to market your social media content.
How to use your Canva account to market your business ONLINE.

Surviving ONLINE in 2023 After the Pandemic


Basic PC knowledge
A FREE Canva account so you can use templates that are provided.
No experience necessary.


This course is for those who want to sustain their existing businesses after the Pandemic, or start new ones.What will you learn?1. How to SURVIVE during scary times.2. How to THRIVE during scary times.3. How to build a SALES FUNNEL4. How to create UPSELLS AND DOWNSELLS for the products and services that you offer.5. How to SCALE your business. 6. How to create and E-BOOK.7. How to create and ONLINE COURSE.8. How to create a PRODUCT SUITE.9. How to find your SUPERPOWER.10. How to use the DONE FOR YOU TEMPLATES AND PLANNERS.If you want to be successful in your business then this is the course for you. You will learn the principles and strategies that have made our business successful. You will learn how to get your business out there on social media platforms and you will be able to post effortlessly with our DONE FOR YOU TEMPLATES.The optimization of your social media accounts is a required skill for all business owners. For those business owners who can no longer deal with clients one-on-one, can learn to create E-Books and Online Courses to sustain their businesses.TAKE ACTION and pivot your business to another level and get your branding out there. Someone needs what you have to offer.Learn how to rise above the economic downturn and take your business to another level with very little effort, just the right strategies.Get ready for a real hands on approach to making your business a success.This course is for:EntrepreneursBloggersBusiness OwnersFreelancersInfluencersSide HustlersHobbyistsYou will get free updates for life and more and more templates as we make them available for you to use to sustain your business and get it out there in the market place.You will learn how to use these templates to drive sales, attract new customers and master social media.There is no time like the present. During an economic downturn or a crisis people tend to hibernate. This is your time to shine, to make the most of your free time and use the advertising platforms to create brand awareness and get your business out there. More and more people are enrolling in ONLINE COURSES after the pandemic and now is your time to shine!I look forward to welcoming you to this very practical course.Mcara Goold xx


Section 1: How to survive during Scary Times

Lecture 1 Learn how to PIVOT your business and keep your ONLINE Business on track

Section 2: How to THRIVE During Scary Times

Lecture 2 Learn to Thrive during Scary Times

Section 3: Expand Online (With a Funnel)

Lecture 3 Create a SALES FUNNEL

Section 4: Upsells + Downsells

Lecture 4 Create UPSELLS and DOWNSELLS for your offers

Section 5: Scale your Business with a Product Suite

Lecture 5 SCALE your Business

Section 6: Digital Products + Your SUPERPOWER

Lecture 6 Create a Digital product and find your Superpower

Section 7: How to Easily Create an E-BOOK that Sells

Lecture 7 Create an E-Book

Section 8: How to Easily Create an Online Course that Sells

Lecture 8 Create an ONLINE COURSE

Section 9: Creating Your COURSE VIDEOS (Tools and Software)

Lecture 9 How to create your ONLINE COURSE videos

Section 10: Conclusion

Lecture 10 Software and tools needed to make your ONLINE COURSE


For business owners who want to take an existing or new business to another level.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 2m | 331.00 MB
Created by: Elite Online Academy

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