Sustainable Supply Chains 2 Operational Strategies

Learn about sustainability strategies for manufacturing, logistics, warehousing operations, as well as product design
Sustainable Supply Chains 2 Operational Strategies
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Sustainable Supply Chains 2 Operational Strategies

What you’ll learn

Learn a supply chain sustainability approach to improve your business practices and your company’s sustainability goals.
Understand how supply chains practices have a real impact on sustainability: environment, social and economic
Learn how companies can benefit from sustainable supply chain management
Learn multiple sustainable strategies and initiatives to implement in operations (manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing) and product management
Have a glimpse of how some of these strategies are applied in the real world through examples and case studies
Understand the trade-offs between the different sustainable strategies in the supply chain

Sustainable Supply Chains 2 Operational Strategies


The willingness to learn about sustainability, supply chains, and the challenges facing businesses today.


This course is part of a course series on Sustainable Supply Chains: Fundamentals & Reporting, Operational Strategies, and Procurement Strategies. These courses will give you a complete and detailed view of sustainability and supply chains.With this knowledge, you will be prepared to make a real difference in the world. Why is that? Because supply chains are central enablers for the sustainability goals and commitments of organizations.We will go from the most basic knowledge to actionable strategies to have an impact and improve your business operations and sustainability goals, through better sustainable supply chain management.This course is about operational strategies, there are 3 main supply chain management processes: manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, and additionally product design. In the first section, we present a 5-step continuous improvement approach to apply in any supply chain management process. This will give you a structure for implementing strategies in an organized way, to align with your company’s goals.In the second section, we start with an integral view of the impact of manufacturing operations in terms of environment environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Then, some strategies, case studies, examples, and sustainability KPIs are presented. These elements will be shown for every supply chain management process covered in the course, within its corresponding chapter.In the logistics section, the strategies are presented in 3-time horizons, aligned with the typical level of decisions in supply chain management: strategic, tactical, and operational. In the next section, to complement the information on sustainable manufacturing and logistics (that are both related to warehousing), we present a view of the construction and operational use of facilities, with a focus on the environment.In the end, we give some guidance and recommendations on the Eco-design of products, with an example of their application, step-by-step.


Section 1: Supply Chain Sustainability Approach

Lecture 1 Combined Course Overview

Lecture 2 Course Content & Objectives

Lecture 3 Introduction to Supply Chain Sustainability Approach

Lecture 4 Step 1: Set Priorities

Lecture 5 Step 2: Select indicators

Lecture 6 Step 3: Assess Performance

Lecture 7 Step 4: Define Actions

Lecture 8 Step 5: Advanced Steps

Lecture 9 Summary Section 1

Section 2: Sustainable Manufacturing

Lecture 10 Sustainable Manufacturing Impact

Lecture 11 Sustainable Manufacturing Strategies

Lecture 12 Additional Benefits

Lecture 13 Sustainability Impact KPIs

Lecture 14 Summary Section 2

Section 3: Sustainable Logistics

Lecture 15 Environmental Impact of Logistics

Lecture 16 Sustainable Logistics Strategies – Part 1

Lecture 17 Sustainable Logistics Strategies – Part 2

Lecture 18 Sustainable Logistics Strategies – Part 3

Lecture 19 Strategies & Trade-offs

Lecture 20 Additional Benefits

Lecture 21 Sustainability Impact KPIs

Lecture 22 Summary Section 3

Section 4: Sustainable Warehousing

Lecture 23 Environmental Impact of Warehousing

Lecture 24 Embedded Emissions

Lecture 25 Operational Emissions

Lecture 26 Sustainable Warehousing Strategies

Lecture 27 Summary Section 4

Section 5: Sustainable Products

Lecture 28 Environmental Impact of Products

Lecture 29 Principles of Eco-design

Lecture 30 Additional Benefits

Lecture 31 Sustainability Impact KPIs

Lecture 32 Summary Section 5

Section 6: Course Conclusions & References

Lecture 33 Course conclusions

Anyone wanting to learn about Sustainability.,Anyone wanting to learn about Supply Chain.,Anyone working in a company who wants to understand more about their sustainability performance.,Anyone looking for a career in the Supply Chain field or anyone already in the field and wants to increase their knowledge of one of the most important topics globally.

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