Swahili beginners Course

Beginners Swahili course level 1: Taught by a native speaker, speak Swahili like a native.
Swahili beginners Course
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Sam Kiemo


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Swahili beginners Course

What you’ll learn

Our Swahili beginners course will allow you to gain confidence in Swahili pronunciation and understand Swahili origins and Swahili structure.
You will be able to initiate everyday Swahili conversations by the end of our Swahili beginners course.
You will learn Swahili numbers ones, tens, hundreds and thousands, learn how to count and pay for things in Swahili
A key learning outcome of this course is that you should be able to introduce yourself, ask questions and give your answers fast and accurately in Swahili
The fun part of the course is that you will be able to construct your Swahili sentences and Say it in Swahili.
You will learn to read, write and speak over 100 common Swahili words and phrases.

Swahili beginners Course


No prior knowledge of Swahili language or other languages is required or assumed
A good attitude towards learning is key
Our Swahili course is suitable for all age groups
The course is taught in English, and we will, in the future, diversify it to other teaching languages


Are you new to the Swahili language or need a refresher? Then this course is tailored to help kick off your Swahili learning all the fundamentals of the Swahili language.This course aims to provide you with a necessary foundation to build on; whether you plan on speaking Swahili fluently or just getting by, you will be confident in basic pronunciation, reading, writing, grammar, tenses and general conversation.The Swahili beginners course is delivered with creative and interactive methods that will provide you with a wide range of vocabulary essential to everyday life and is a great foundation to get you started.Introduction to Swahili language and Swahili cultureSwahili alphabet sounds, pronunciation and language structureGreetings and simple Swahili phrases.Swahili numbers and moneyCommunicating about daily activitiesSelf Introduction in SwahiliSentence construction and using Swahili verbsAt the end of this course, students can initiate simple conversations in Kiswahili, feel confident about pronunciation and have the basic foundations of Swahili sentence construction to communicate common everyday vocabulary.My ApproachPractice, practice and more practice. Every section inside this course has a practice section at the end, reinforcing everything you will have learnt through quizzes and downloadable sheets. We aim to make learning Swahili fun, step-by-step and exciting.I will not bore you :)I take my courses very seriously, but at the same time, I try to make them fun since I know how difficult learning a language online can be. I have tailored this course to be fun, and when you need some energy to keep going, you will get it from me.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Swahili

Lecture 2 Swahili Pronunciation

Lecture 3 Unique Swahili sounds

Lecture 4 East African Culture and Swahili phrases

Section 2: Swahili numbers and counting

Lecture 5 Swahili numbers 1-19

Lecture 6 Advanced Swahili numbers 20-1000

Section 3: Swahili greetings and self introduction

Lecture 7 Swahili greetings

Lecture 8 Practice Swahili Greetings

Lecture 9 Exchange of Swahili news

Lecture 10 Simple Swahili phrases

Lecture 11 Self introduction in Swahili

Section 4: Introduction to Swahili verbs

Lecture 12 Swahili verbs

Lecture 13 Practice 25 Common Swahili verbs

Section 5: Swahili sentences

Lecture 14 Introduction to Swahili sentences

Lecture 15 The present tense – Sentences construction

Lecture 16 The Present Perfect tense (HAS/HAVE)- Sentence construction

Lecture 17 The Past tense- Sentences construction

Lecture 18 The future tense – Sentence construction

Lecture 19 Summary – Sentence construction

Section 6: Course review

Lecture 20 Course review – Lets sum up everything you have learnt

This course is targeted to anyone wanting to learn Swahili from scratch,Those who understand basic Swahili but need more Practical understanding of how to construct sentences,People travelling to East Africa or with connections to Swahili speakers,People wanting to learn an African language (Swahili is one of the most common and easiest Bantu languages)

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 15m | 2.42 GB
Created by: Sam Kiemo

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