SwiftUI 20 Apps on iPhone iPad Mac Watch TV

Make Apps and Widgets for iOS 14, macOS 11, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14 using Xcode 12, Swift 5, WidgetKit and Apple Watch
SwiftUI 20 Apps on iPhone iPad Mac Watch TV
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SwiftUI 20 Apps on iPhone iPad Mac Watch TV

What you’ll learn

Fundamentals of SwiftUI Views
Data Flow in SwiftUI
Creating Widgets with SwiftUI
SwiftUI for iPhones
SwiftUI for iPads
SwiftUI for Apple Watches
SwiftUI for Macs
SwiftUI for Apple TVs

SwiftUI 20 Apps on iPhone iPad Mac Watch TV


A Mac Computer
Some Knowledge of Swift (I have a refresher if you need it)


This one is SO much fun. We’re gonna start by learning the basics of SwiftUI and then using it to the fullest extent! We’re creating an app called HypedList first for the iPhone, and then for the iPad, Apple Watch, Mac Computer, and finally the Apple TV. Yes! ALL THE APPLE PLATFORMS. We’ll even be creating widgets that run on iOS and macOS.You’ll get to learn the true magic of SwiftUI as we get to reuse a size-able chunk of our codebase across each platform. And, you’ll see how to craft your apps for each platform to truly take advantage of each device to thrill your users.Get an idea of what the course is all about by watching the promo video and using the free previews.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Swift Refresher

Section 2: SwiftUI Fundamentals – Views, Modifiers, and Controls

Lecture 3 Xcode Tour

Lecture 4 Views

Lecture 5 Modifiers

Lecture 6 HStacks and VStacks

Lecture 7 Subviews

Lecture 8 Previews

Lecture 9 Controls

Lecture 10 Source Code

Section 3: HypedList iPhone and iOS Foundations

Lecture 11 HypedList Walkthrough

Lecture 12 TabViews

Lecture 13 SF Symbols and NavigationView

Lecture 14 Displaying Views in a Sheet

Lecture 15 HypedEvent Class

Lecture 16 Forms and Controls

Lecture 17 Form Design

Lecture 18 UIKit ViewControllers in SwiftUI

Lecture 19 Button Styles

Section 4: iPhone Deeper Dive

Lecture 20 Test Data

Lecture 21 ScrollViews

Lecture 22 HypedEvent Tile Design

Lecture 23 Dates and Swift Packges

Lecture 24 Data Controller

Lecture 25 Codable

Lecture 26 UserDefaults

Lecture 27 PastEvents

Lecture 28 Setting Up an API

Lecture 29 Processing the API

Lecture 30 Downloading Images

Lecture 31 HypedEvent Detail View

Lecture 32 Buttons

Lecture 33 NavigationLinks

Lecture 34 Edit and Delete

Section 5: Widgets! WidgetKit for iOS (and macOS really…)

Lecture 35 Intro to WidgetKit

Lecture 36 Target Membership

Lecture 37 Widget Previews

Lecture 38 Widget Design

Lecture 39 Placeholders Snapshots and Timelines

Section 6: HypedList on an iPad – Designing for Large Screens

Lecture 40 Size Classes

Lecture 41 Sidebar

Lecture 42 Detail View

Section 7: HypedList for the Watch – SwiftUI WatchOS

Lecture 43 WatchOS

Lecture 44 List Design and Extensions

Lecture 45 Sending Data from Phone to Watch

Lecture 46 Watch to Phone

Lecture 47 Messages

Section 8: HypedList on MacOS – Merging Two Separate Worlds

Lecture 48 MacOS and Big Sur

Lecture 49 Working Through Mac Errors

Lecture 50 Data and Buttons

Lecture 51 Create View

Lecture 52 Color Issues

Lecture 53 Mac Widgets

Section 9: HypedList on the TV – Making a Smooth tvOS App

Lecture 54 tvOS

Lecture 55 TV Tabs

Lecture 56 Tile Design

Lecture 57 Big Sur Bug

Section 10: So Long!

Lecture 58 Goodbye

Lecture 59 Bonus

iOS Developers wanting to make apps for other platforms,Beginner SwiftUI learners

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 10h 13m | 8.01 GB
Created by: Nick Walter

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