SwiftUI 4 and Swift 57 iOS App Development for iOS 16

Build complete apps from scratch using SwiftUI 4, Apple’s powerful new design framework
SwiftUI 4 and Swift 57 iOS App Development for iOS 16
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SwiftUI 4 and Swift 57 iOS App Development for iOS 16

What you’ll learn

iOS 16 App Development
SwiftUI 4
Swift 5.7
Xcode 14
Swift Types (String, Double, Int, and more)
Essential SwiftUI layout tools (Grids, Stacks, Lists, and more)
Object-Oriented Programming
Classes, Structs, Enums
Functions and Methods
Home Screen Widgets
In-App Purchases
App Icons and Image Assets
Project-Based Approach
Build complete apps from scratch
Navigation, Scrolling, Sorting, Filtering

SwiftUI 4 and Swift 57 iOS App Development for iOS 16


No programming experience required
Xcode 14 (I’ll show you how to download and install)


WelcomeWelcome to my course on building apps for iOS 16 using SwiftUI 4 and Swift 5.7. I’m so excited to show you Apple’s latest and greatest development technologies to build complete iOS apps from scratch with SwiftUI, and give you the capabilities to launch a career worth over $100,000 a year, according to Glassdoor.”Easy to follow and good explanations!” – 5-star student review.”Easy to understand and get started.” – 5-star student review.What is SwiftUI?SwiftUI is Apple’s design tool of choice. And for the past few years, Apple has been putting their full efforts behind the development of new and better SwiftUI features, so for anyone who is serious about developing iOS apps, SwiftUI is definitely one of the best things you can learn to make sure you’re up to speed with the most relevant mobile development practices.With SwiftUI 4, Apple added tons of amazing new features, and I can’t wait to show them to you throughout the course!Why choose a career in iOS development?Developing iOS apps with SwiftUI is something that many employers are looking for in the developers they hire, so not only are you learning an awesome technology to build your own personal projects, but you’re also gaining a valuable skill that can help you get a top-paying development job from companies all around the world.According to Glassdoor, as of November 2022, here are the average U.S. salaries for common developer positions:iOS developer – $105,603Android developer – $88,002React developer – $93,174Java developer – $99,860Mobile developer – $98,886Web developer – $82,658Who should take this course?This course is for people at all levels of programming experience. If you’re an absolute beginner with no prior experience, this course will teach you everything you need to know, starting from scratch. If you’ve already been in the industry for a while, this course will introduce you to the latest additions to Apple’s most popular tools and frameworks.Many students have already gone through the course, and here’s what they’re saying so far:”The way instructor explained it, it’s really clear and easy to understand.””Easy to understand , good for beginner and instructure very organized””Early into the course at the moment. I get bored easy and have tried a few different courses which simply haven’t engaged me or have had massive gaps. Instructor has clear and steady pace and has so far kept my interest.””Very good course.””Awesome course. explains everything very nicely and you could start with 0 knowledge.””This is the best course for learning SwiftUI3.0 and iOS 15.3, I really recommond this course, if you are a new to iOS.””The teacher is very good and knowledgeable about Swift and SwiftUI.””Great course.””Great explanation for beginners about Swfit UI.Learning Alot Thanks for your explanation.””Yes, great instruction. I am learning a lot about SwiftUI.”Apps We BuildThe first app we’ll develop together is a fun little currency converter app from everyone’s favorite mythical land, Middle Earth. All ye Hobbits, Elves, Wizards, Dwarves, and any other creature in the land are welcome to come to the Prancing Pony to exchange your currencies.We’ll learn all about essential SwiftUI layout tools like stacks and grids, as well as the most common Swift types, like String, Int, Double, and more.We’ll also delve into some object-oriented programming concepts with models and functions.And if you don’t know what any of those things are, then this is the perfect course for you! Because I explain everything in simple, easy-to-understand way that previous students have loved.The 2nd app we build is an awesome Jurassic Park list app to showcase the most feared Apex Predators from prehistoric earth. I’ll add on to the teachings in the first app as I teach you new ways to build your views and layout your screens.We’ll also dive into a couple of intermediate topics like filtering and sorting a list, but don’t worry, I explain everything in a simple, understandable way.After that we start getting into some crucial topics that every iOS developer needs to have with our 3rd app, a Breaking Bad quotes generator.This app can go online and get data from a real online database to display in the app, and we’ll learn how Swift makes it simple to do normally complex topics like concurrency and asynchronous programming.And that’s not all! After that, we build a Pokedex app where I teach you how to use Core Data, which is Apple’s powerful database framework. I also teach you how to build a Home Screen Widget. After that, I’ll teach you how to add animations to your apps, how to add in-app purchases, how to play audio… and so much more!You Can Shape the Future of this CourseMy goal is to make this course the best iOS course available, and one that really teaches iOS app development, so I welcome all comments, questions, and feedback of any kind so I can make sure I’m serving my students well.”Super explained, learning material is perfectly prepared, it is a pleasure to complete this course. I hope more will follow soon and I’m already looking forward to it. Thanks for the great course experience, keep up the good work.” – 5-star review”Good pace and structure for beginning programmers. Easy to follow with clear instructions. Well done!” – 5-star reviewLet’s Get Started!If you’ve read this far, you’re almost there. Don’t skip another opportunity to finally gain a valuable, fun, and monetizable skillset. You can do this! And I can help you.Let’s get started!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Course Outline

Lecture 3 Download and Install Xcode

Section 2: LOTR Converter – Currrency Converter App

Lecture 4 LOTR Converter Intro

Lecture 5 Lesson 1 – Create and Set Up New Xcode Project

Lecture 6 Lesson 2 – Laying Out Our Main Screen With Stacks

Lecture 7 Lesson 3 – Adding Basic Views To Our Design

Lecture 8 Lesson 4 – Text Field and @State Properties

Lecture 9 Lesson 5 – Laying Out Our Exchange Info Screen

Lecture 10 Lesson 6 – Duplicating Our Exchange Rate View

Lecture 11 Lesson 7 – Dismiss Screen With @Environment Property

Lecture 12 Lesson 8 – Set Up Select Currency Screen

Lecture 13 Lesson 9 – Grids and Loops

Lecture 14 Lesson 10 – Models, Enums, & Arrays

Lecture 15 Lesson 11 – Bind Our Currency Properties Together

Lecture 16 Lesson 12 – Adding Tap Detection

Lecture 17 Lesson 13 – Convert The Currencies!

Lecture 18 Coding Challenge – LOTR Converter

Section 3: JP Apex Predators – Master Detail App

Lecture 19 JP Apex Predators Intro

Lecture 20 Lesson 1 – Create JP Apex Predators Project

Lecture 21 Lesson 2 – Create ApexPredator Model

Lecture 22 Lesson 3 – Create ApexPredator Controller

Lecture 23 Lesson 4 – Lists & Navigation

Lecture 24 Lesson 5 – PredatorRow

Lecture 25 Lesson 6 – Filter, Import, & Switch

Lecture 26 Lesson 7 – PredatorDetail – Part 1

Lecture 27 Lesson 8 – PredatorDetail – Part 2

Lecture 28 Lesson 9 – Sorting Our Dinosaurs

Lecture 29 Lesson 10 – Filter Functions

Lecture 30 Lesson 11 – Menus, Pickers, & Animations

Lecture 31 Coding Challenge – JP Apex Predators

Section 4: BB Quotes – Say My Name – Networking App

Lecture 32 BB Quotes Intro

Lecture 33 Lesson 0 – iOS App Architectures – MVC vs MVVM

Lecture 34 Lesson 1 – Project Setup & TabView

Lecture 35 Lesson 2 – Understand & Decode Breaking Bad API

Lecture 36 Lesson 3 – Build Character Model

Lecture 37 Lesson 4 – Fetch Online Data

Lecture 38 Lesson 5 – Fetch Character Data

Lecture 39 Lesson 6 – Build ViewModel

Lecture 40 Lesson 7 – QuoteView

Lecture 41 Lesson 8 – StateObject, Task, & AsyncImage

Lecture 42 Lesson 9 – CharacterView

Lecture 43 Lesson 10 – Finish the App!

Lecture 44 Coding Challenge – BB Quotes

Section 5: Dex3 – Core Data App

Lecture 45 Lesson 1 – Set Up Core Data App

Lecture 46 Lesson 2 – Pokemon API

Lecture 47 Lesson 3 – Pokemon Core Data Model

Lecture 48 Lesson 4 – Replacing Item Code With Pokemon Code

Lecture 49 Lesson 5 – TempPokemon Model

Lecture 50 Lesson 6 – Fetching 386 Pokemon

Lecture 51 Lesson 7 – PokemonViewModel

Lecture 52 Lesson 8 – Design Pokedex Row

Lecture 53 Lesson 9 – SamplePokemon

Lecture 54 Lesson 10 – Design Pokemon Detail Screen

Lecture 55 Lesson 11 – Extend Our Pokemon Model

Lecture 56 Lesson 12 – SwiftCharts

Lecture 57 Lesson 13 – Add PokemonViewModel and Fetch Some Data!

Lecture 58 Lesson 14 – Fetch With Core Data

Lecture 59 Lesson 15 – Favorites and Filtering

Lecture 60 Lesson 16 – Designing the Home Screen Widget

Lecture 61 Lesson 17 – WidgetKit Extension

Lecture 62 Lesson 18 – Build Pokemon Widget!

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Udemy | English | 13h 37m | 6.49 GB
Created by: Kenneth Jones

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