SwiftUI Animations iOS 16 Animate anything with SwiftUI

A course with fun to build projects, from easy to Intermediate to advanced that look at many ways to animate in SwiftUI
SwiftUI Animations iOS 16 Animate anything with SwiftUI
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SwiftUI Animations iOS 16 Animate anything with SwiftUI

What you’ll learn

Students will be learn how to create stunning SwiftUI animations that they can incorporate into their apps right away

SwiftUI Animations iOS 16 Animate anything with SwiftUI


Some working knowledge of the Swift language is helpful, but there are tutorial lectures that teach the parts you need to know


Built for iOS 16! All downloadable projects are completely built for iOS 16 and Xcode 14!SwiftUI Animations – This is a fun to code course with many projects geared toward various skill levels. Each project is marked “Easy”, “Intermediate” or “Advanced”. Simply start coding the projects according to your skill level, and gradually move into the higher levels when ready.Create smooth and engaging animations with SwiftUI. This is a fun course with many projects for any skill level…ranging from easy, to Intermediate, to advanced, that explore and use various kinds of animation. All you need is a working knowledge of the Swift language, and you’ll be right at home here.Using Apple’s SwiftUI, you can create beautiful animations with much less code than ever before.Learn the many techniques and ways of translating your ideas for animation and motion, into animations in your apps. Animations are what really set apps apart from the crowd, because they are interactive, and make the app come alive..and, they never fall to make us smile too :)In this course we will be exploring the various ways we can use the power of SwiftUI to create and animate almost anything…SwiftUI is Apple’s new declarative framework, it’s fast, easy, and a-lot of fun to work with.This course will show you how to animate all kinds of objects and values…Things like:• Hue rotation, which are colors, we’ll animate Images.• Make Snow with the CAEmitter class• Shadows• Opacity• Frames• Coordinates• Degrees• Gradients, backgrounds• Paths, and more• In here we’ll animate objects around different axis, and create a marching ants effect that we’ll use as a fan belt to drive gears.• We’ll animate a weather graph with data, and we’ll combine animations together to create a more unique effect.• We’re going to use the Shape protocol and paths so we can make a custom wave shape, and then animate that shape along different control points.• We’ll use animatableData, a built in SwiftUI property that lets us animate data in all kinds of interesting ways.• We’re going to use timers with some animations, these will start the animation after a specified time, and stop them as well.• And we’ll add sound to make the project really interactive.• And we’re going to use SpiteKit View to create animations with physics, things like collision, gravity, and velocity.There are so many things that can be animated in SwiftUI…and when you add animation to your app, you make it come alive, and its much more engaging for the user.So theres lots of fun to build projects in this course, to help spark the creative genius in you…Let’s start creating.NOTE: This course assumes you have a working knowledge of the Swift Language


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Promotion Video

Section 2: Extra Resources to help you on your SwiftUI Journey

Lecture 2 SwiftUI Resources

Section 3: What is SwiftUI? – Declarative verse Imperative Programming

Lecture 3 Declarative verse Imperative Programming

Section 4: Stacks

Lecture 4 Stacks

Section 5: Text and Modifiers

Lecture 5 Text and Modifiers part 1

Lecture 6 Text and Modifiers part 2

Lecture 7 Text and Modifiers part 3

Section 6: TextField – State – and modifiers

Lecture 8 TextField – State – and modifiers

Section 7: Image and its modifiers

Lecture 9 Image and modifiers part 1

Lecture 10 Image and modifiers part 2

Section 8: Project 1 – Circle of Friends – Animating circles (Skill level – Easy)

Lecture 11 Introduction to project 1

Lecture 12 Animating Circles Lectures

Section 9: Project 2 – I think that’s a record – Record Player (Skill level – Easy)

Lecture 13 Introduction to project 2

Lecture 14 Part 1 – Add the Record box – Record – Arm

Lecture 15 Part 2 – Add the play button – Sound

Section 10: Project 3 – Hey You! – Hue rotation example 1 (Skill level – Easy)

Lecture 16 Introduction to project 3

Lecture 17 Hue rotation example 1

Section 11: Project 4 – Breathing Flower (Skill level – Intermediate)

Lecture 18 Breathing Flower Intro

Lecture 19 Part 1 – Add the flowers and breath

Lecture 20 Part 2 – Adding the snow

Section 12: Project 5 – Patriotic Bird – Flying Eagle (Skill level – Easy)

Lecture 21 Introduction to project 5

Lecture 22 Flying Eagle

Section 13: Project 6 – Dodgeball Anyone? – SpriteKit Fountain (Skill level – Easy)

Lecture 23 Project 6 Introduction

Lecture 24 SpriteKit Fountain

Section 14: Project 7 – Hue are so colorful – Hue Rotation ex 2 (Skill level Intermediate)

Lecture 25 Project 7 Introduction

Lecture 26 Hue Rotation example 2

Section 15: Project 8 – Grounds for dismissal – Animate Transition (Skill level – Advanced)

Lecture 27 Project 8 Introduction

Lecture 28 Part 1 – Build the Settings View

Lecture 29 Part 2 – Create the Present and Dismiss transformation functionality

Lecture 30 Part 3 – Presenting and dismissing the transition

Section 16: Project 9 – Parallax this! – Parallax Effect (Skill level – Easy)

Lecture 31 Project 9 Introduction

Lecture 32 Parallax Effect

Section 17: Project 10 – Need a Lift? – Elevator (Skill level – Intermediate)

Lecture 33 Project 10 Introduction

Lecture 34 Part 1 – Creating the Data Model

Lecture 35 Part 2 – Adding the elevator and people

Lecture 36 Part 3 – Putting the UI together

Section 18: Project 11 – Get into the Swing of it (Skill level – Easy)

Lecture 37 Project 11 Introduction

Lecture 38 Swinging Animation

Section 19: Project 12 – Starry Starry Night – Twinkling Stars (Skill level – Advanced)

Lecture 39 Project 12 Introduction

Lecture 40 Part 1 – Setting up – Fill out the path function

Lecture 41 Part 2 – Creating the stars

Section 20: Project 13 – A fair weather friend – Weather UI (Skill level – Intermediate)

Lecture 42 Project 13 Introduction

Lecture 43 Part 1 – Setting up – Add the data model – Picker

Lecture 44 Part 2 – Add the graph – Text animations

Lecture 45 Part 3 – Animating

Lecture 46 Part 4 – Adding Swift packages

Section 21: Project 14 – Gear up – X, Y, and Z Axis Rotation (Skill level – Intermediate)

Lecture 47 Introduction to the Project

Lecture 48 Part 1 – Create the Gears

Lecture 49 Part 2 – Create the Belts

Lecture 50 Part 3 – Create the Gear shaft

Lecture 51 Part 4 – Create the Fan View

Lecture 52 Part 5 – Putting it all together in the ContentView

Section 22: Project 15 – Make Some Waves (Skill level – Advanced)

Lecture 53 Project 15 Introduction

Lecture 54 Part 1 – Creating and animating the waves

Lecture 55 Part 2 – Adding the buoy and sound effects

Section 23: Project 16 – A Stroke of Insight – Animating Strokes (Skill level – Advanced)

Lecture 56 Project 16 – Introduction

Lecture 57 Create the heart shapes – Animate the strokes

Section 24: Project 17 – Be Fruitful and Multiply – Expand a View (Skill level Intermediate)

Lecture 58 Project 17 Introduction

Lecture 59 Add View

Section 25: Project 18 – Lighten Up – Light Switch (Skill level – Intermediate)

Lecture 60 Intro to project 18

Lecture 61 Light Switch

Section 26: Project 19 – Lets Connect – WiFi Loading Animation (Skill level – Advanced)

Lecture 62 Project 19 Intro

Lecture 63 Part 1 – Create the emitter and arcs

Lecture 64 Part 2 – Putting it all together in ContentView

Section 27: Project 20 – Never judge a book by its movie – Book Loader(Skill level-Advanced)

Lecture 65 Intro to project 20

Lecture 66 Part 1 – Create the spine – Create the pages

Lecture 67 Part 2 – Putting the book together

Section 28: Other animation resources and tutorials to explore by the talented Shubham Singh

Lecture 68 SwiftUI Animations and other resources from Shubham Singh

Beginner iOS / macOS / watchOS / tvOS developers through intermediate and advanced

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 39m | 5.01 GB
Created by: Stephen DeStefano

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