SwiftUI Cookbook Over 100 Recipes for Building iOS Apps

A problem focused approach for learning SwiftUI to build iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS apps
SwiftUI Cookbook Over 100 Recipes for Building iOS Apps
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SwiftUI Cookbook Over 100 Recipes for Building iOS Apps

What you’ll learn

Students will learn different features of SwiftUI framework
Students will educate themselves using a problem/solution approach
Students will learn how to write modern iOS apps using SwiftUI
Students will learn SwiftUI architecture and how to implement platform independent apps

SwiftUI Cookbook Over 100 Recipes for Building iOS Apps


Familiarity with iOS app architecture
Knowledge of Swift language is recommended
Basic understanding of SwiftUI framework is required
Xcode 14 or above
macOS Catalina or above


SwiftUI is Apple’s new framework for building next generation iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS applications. If you have been developing apps using UIKit then you will find SwiftUI to be quite different. This course is designed to teach you SwiftUI in the form of small tasks called recipes. Each section will cover different aspects of SwiftUI framework and by the end of the course, you will be familiar with all the different features of SwiftUI framework. Let’s take a closer look at the contents of the course.Why should I learn SwiftUI?SwiftUI is Apple’s new declarative framework for building iOS applications. Apple has made it clear that SwiftUI will be the future framework for building user interfaces for all devices. By learning SwiftUI, you are making an investment in your future. Few years from now, most of the companies will be using SwiftUI for building their modern applications. In order for you to stay relevant as an iOS developer, you must invest time to learn SwiftUI.What’s inside this course?- Lists- Grids and stacks- Gestures- Data flow- Graphics, shapes and paths- Navigation and navigation bar- Xcode previews- Sheets- Pickers- Maps 11- UIKit and SwiftUI interoperability- SwiftUI and Core Data- SwiftUI and Firebase- TestingOne of the benefits of taking this course is that I will be adding new recipes frequently. This means you will get all the new videos, free of charge. Each lecture is accompanied with a downloadable resource, which allows you to quickly test your code.In this course we’ll find answers to questions like:“How to rotate a view in SwiftUI?”“How to connect a SwiftUI app with Core Data?”“How to perform paging in a List view?”“How to draw graphs in SwiftUI?”“How to implement a ratings view in SwiftUI?”Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?macOSXcode 12 or aboveKnowledge of Swift language is requiredFamiliarly with SwiftUI framework is recommendedWho is this course for?Anyone who wants to learn Apple’s new user interface framework called SwiftUI.iOS developers who want to transition from UIKit based apps to SwiftUI apps.Anybody looking for a problem solution approach for developing iOS applications.This course is for all developers who want to learn the SwiftUI framework. The course will help you to understand different aspects of SwiftUI development in the form of recipes.Don’t take my word for it, take a look at some of the amazing reviews for my other courses.Great course, Azam skips the basic stuff yet does CLEARLY explain the important concepts that most courses miss or fail to provide clear details about. It looks like he keeps the course up to date as well, either by adding updated lessons or notes explaining changes in the swift framework in the notes.This course was above my expectations indeed. Very valuable, and thank you Azam.As every course by Azam is awesome, full of information and Great explanations and examples, simply amazing. Azam is such a Great Teacher. If you really want to learn and make good use of your money, he is the right Choice.Thank you for your continuous support and I really hope you enjoy the course!Azam


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Prerequisites

Lecture 3 What are recipes?

Lecture 4 Exercise Files

Lecture 5 Free Book: UIKit with SwiftUI Recipes

Lecture 6 Free Book: Navigation API in SwiftUI

Section 2: Lists

Lecture 7 Display Items in List (Numbers, Custom Objects and Indices)

Lecture 8 How to display alternate row styles in a list?

Lecture 9 Adding, Removing and Moving Items in the List

Lecture 10 How to remove separate style from the list? (iOS 15 & Xcode 13 and above)

Lecture 11 How to group items in a List?

Lecture 12 Changing background color of the List

Lecture 13 How to implement pull to refresh in List? (iOS 15 & Xcode 13 and above)

Lecture 14 Filtering results in a List (iOS 15 & Xcode 13 and above)

Lecture 15 How to make the complete row clickable inside a List?

Lecture 16 How to auto scroll the List to a particular section?

Lecture 17 How to add swipe actions to a list? (iOS 15 & Xcode 13 and above)

Lecture 18 How to select multiple items in a List?

Lecture 19 How to make collapsible headers in a List?

Lecture 20 How to create infinite scrolling list? (Integrated with JSON API)

Lecture 21 How to create checkboxes in List?

Lecture 22 How to create radio buttons in SwiftUI?

Section 3: Grid & Stacks

Lecture 23 How to display items in a Grid?

Lecture 24 How to create pinned views in Grid?

Lecture 25 How to perform hero animation using matchedGeometryEffect?

Lecture 26 How to wrap HStack in multiple lines using SwiftUI?

Section 4: SwiftUI Formatting Modifiers

Lecture 27 Date formatting in SwiftUI

Lecture 28 List formatting in SwiftUI

Section 5: Gestures

Lecture 29 How to magnify a view?

Lecture 30 How to rotate a view?

Lecture 31 How to drag a view?

Lecture 32 How to perform 3D rotation effect for a view?

Section 6: Data Flow

Lecture 33 How to pass data from child to parent view using @Binding?

Lecture 34 How to implement global state using @EnvironmentObject?

Lecture 35 How to deal with optional bindings?

Lecture 36 How to listen for state changes using onChange modifier?

Lecture 37 How to listen for notifications changes using onReceive modifier?

Lecture 38 How to download and display images in SwiftUI?

Lecture 39 How to use @AppStorage in SwiftUI?

Section 7: Graphics, Shapes, Paths and Effects

Lecture 40 How to create gradients?

Lecture 41 How to draw rounded corners?

Lecture 42 How to create shapes and paths?

Lecture 43 How to draw a line graph in SwiftUI?

Lecture 44 How to draw a bar chart in SwiftUI?

Lecture 45 How to build a rating view in SwiftUI?

Lecture 46 How to create blur effects?

Section 8: Navigation and NavigationBar

Lecture 47 How to perform navigation based on Button click?

Lecture 48 How to pass data to a detail view from a List?

Lecture 49 How to programmatically perform a navigation?

Lecture 50 How to perform unwind navigation in SwiftUI?

Lecture 51 How to add bar item buttons to the navigation bar?

Lecture 52 How to add an image to the navigation title?

Lecture 53 How to color NavigationBar?

Lecture 54 How to perform pagination in SwiftUI?

Lecture 55 How to use NavigationStack?

Lecture 56 How to do programmatic navigation in NavigationStack?

Section 9: Xcode Previews

Lecture 57 How to create a device specific preview?

Lecture 58 How to view dynamic fonts in Xcode previews?

Lecture 59 How to view app in dark mode?

Lecture 60 How to populate Xcode previews using JSON resource?

Lecture 61 How to create previews for view controllers?

Section 10: Sheets

Lecture 62 How to open and close a sheet?

Lecture 63 How to open multiple sheets?

Lecture 64 How do I display quarter, half and full screen sheet in SwiftUI?

Section 11: Pickers

Lecture 65 How to create a single column picker view?

Lecture 66 How to create a multi-column picker view?

Lecture 67 How to create a segmented control?

Lecture 68 How to create a segmented control based on enum?

Lecture 69 How to integrate camera with SwiftUI app?

Section 12: Maps

Lecture 70 How to display a map in SwiftUI?

Lecture 71 How to add annotations on a map?

Lecture 72 How to make custom annotations in SwiftUI?

Lecture 73 How to display user’s location?

Lecture 74 How to change the map type in SwiftUI?

Section 13: UIKit and SwiftUI Interoperability

Lecture 75 UIActivityIndicatorView: Loading UIKit Control into SwiftUI App

Lecture 76 MKMapView – Loading UIKit Maps in SwiftUI App and Changing Map Type

Lecture 77 Loading SwiftUI View in UIKit App

Lecture 78 Passing Data from SwiftUI View to UIKit View

Section 14: Testing

Lecture 79 What is TDD?

Lecture 80 Why should you use TDD?

Lecture 81 What you should test and what you should not?

Lecture 82 When should you use TDD?

Lecture 83 Common misconceptions about TDD

Lecture 84 Rules of writing good test

Lecture 85 How to write a unit test for SwiftUI views?

Section 15: SwiftUI and MVVM

Lecture 86 What are design patterns?

Lecture 87 What is MVVM?

Lecture 88 Why MVVM?

Lecture 89 MVVM Architecture and Web APIs

Lecture 90 Difference Between View Model and Model

Lecture 91 Implementing MVVM in SwiftUI

Section 16: SwiftUI and Core Data

Lecture 92 What is Core Data?

Lecture 93 How to create Core Data model?

Lecture 94 How to initialize Core Data manager?

Lecture 95 How to save a movie?

Lecture 96 How to fetch all movies?

Lecture 97 How to delete a movie?

Lecture 98 How to update a movie?

Lecture 99 How to refresh list?

Section 17: SwiftUI and Firebase

Lecture 100 How to setup Firebase project?

Lecture 101 How to install Firebase using Cocoapods?

Lecture 102 How to fix Firebase issues with Xcode 12?

Lecture 103 Resources: Fixing Firebase Issues with Xcode 12

Lecture 104 Finishing Firebase Setup

Lecture 105 How to install Firestore CocoaPods and initialize Firebase?

Lecture 106 Resources: Documentation for Firestore Database

Lecture 107 How to save a task?

Lecture 108 How to fetch all tasks?

Lecture 109 How to delete a task?

Lecture 110 How to update a task?

Section 18: Whats New in SwiftUI for iOS 15

Lecture 111 How to use AsyncImage?

Lecture 112 How to perform pull to refresh?

Lecture 113 How to use the Timeline view?

Lecture 114 How to use searchable views?

Lecture 115 How to create swift actions?

Lecture 116 How to blur views using materials?

Section 19: More Recipes

Lecture 117 How to build a drawing app in SwiftUI?

Section 20: Conclusion

Lecture 118 Next Steps

Lecture 119 Bonus Lecture

Students who wants to learn SwiftUI development,Students who wants to get a wide overview of SwiftUI frameworks,Students who are interested in a problem solution approach

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 11h 27m | 4.44 GB
Created by: Mohammad Azam

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