Symbol Healing New Homeopathy

How to heal using simple symbols
Symbol Healing New Homeopathy
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Symbol Healing New Homeopathy

What you’ll learn

Symbol Healing
How to apply symbols to the body to initiate healing
New Homeopathy

Symbol Healing New Homeopathy


How to use a Pendulum or other dowsing tool


Course – Symbol HealingI am Founder of the World Divination Association and Master Teacher. I Teach students around the world the art of card reading and personally teach the healing arts.  SYMBOL HEALING COURSE DETAILS: 5 Simple LessonsSymbols and “New Homeopathy” is a fresh way to produce great effects, whether you have a problem that you would like to treat or your would like to help others with distance healing – Symbols are the perfect method – and so easily applicable!We by no means replace the need for a doctor, but this is a good format for aiding the healing process on many levels.This Introduction to Symbol Healing includes:Which Symbols are of use?DiagnosisApplicationColour FrequenciesDimensional healing And more!Within 5 lessons you will be applying symbols and starting the healing process!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: The Lessons 1 – 5

Lecture 2 Symbol Healing Lesson 1 – What are the dimensions and how do we determine which

Lecture 3 Symbol Healing Lesson 2 Dimension 1 – Physical symptoms, physical ailments etc

Lecture 4 Symbol Healing Lesson 3 Healing auric problems with symbols.

Lecture 5 Symbol Healing Lesson 4 Audit and application.

Lecture 6 Symbol Healing Lesson 5 Creating a treatment plan.

Healers, Intuitives, Reiki,

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Udemy | English | 1h 2m | 1.28 GB
Created by: Toni Puhle

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