Symfony Messenger with RabbitMQ and Kubernetes

If you want to move into Microservice Architecture, this course can help you with a practical examples.
Symfony Messenger with RabbitMQ and Kubernetes
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Symfony Messenger with RabbitMQ and Kubernetes

What you’ll learn

How to use RabbitMQ with Symfony
Be confident with Symfony Messenger compononent
How a simple Microservice works with a message broker
How to work with Kubernetes in Microservice environement

Symfony Messenger with RabbitMQ and Kubernetes


Basic knowledge of Symfony framework and general idea about message brokers.


Microservice architecture helps you to scale your product and make it more meaningful to add new features. Also your teams can be divided into smaller squads with ownership of respective domain. So its not only scaling your product but also teams around. Another important point is you will be able to easily bring new technologies with the help of message broker. We will see RabbitMQ mainly as an example but possible to pick and apply other solutions. Here are some other benefits you can get from this course to apply your project.* Easier to scale when high traffic hits your product, since you re removing the single point of failure from your architecture and using message broker with persistent storage feature. When your service is back, can start consuming the messages from where it left.* Use Golang when you need and php in another, as long as you communicate with the same json structure, it won’t be problem. * With help of Kubernetes, deployment and tracking the app health will be more robust and will reduce the down time. * Symfony messenger bundle comes with all needed features out of the box, that will help you to start building your service without too much hassle


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Creating all services with help of Symfony CLI

Section 2: Game Service Setup and Implementation

Lecture 2 Basic setup for games service and start using an external AMQP service

Lecture 3 Installing AMQP drivers and command/event bus definitions

Lecture 4 Add first Command to CommandBus and Dispatch the message

Lecture 5 Let’s install xebug and setup with docker

Lecture 6 Dispatching first event and reading it from RabbitMQ

Lecture 7 Installing Sqlite and creating first entity and migration

Lecture 8 Implementing GameEnded command and the event

Lecture 9 Improve game setup

Section 3: Guesses Service Setup and Implementation

Lecture 10 Guess service setup

Lecture 11 Guesses entity and command creation

Lecture 12 Dispatching GameGuessed event and transport config

Lecture 13 Handling GameEnded event on Guess service

Lecture 14 GuessCheckedEvent implementation

Lecture 15 Running consumers with supervisor

Section 4: Stats Service Setup and Implementation

Lecture 16 Package setup for stats service

Lecture 17 Bundle installation for stats service

Lecture 18 Messenger config and handler implementations

Section 5: Query Service Setup and Implementation

Lecture 19 Setup query service

Lecture 20 Creating entities and events of query service

Lecture 21 First handler and full test of the services

Lecture 22 StadsUpdatedHandler and final test

Section 6: Kubernetes Configuration

Lecture 23 K8s Development and Service Config

Symfony Developers who wants to move into Microservice Architecture

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Udemy | English | 1h 44m | 812.61 MB
Created by: Mustafa Özyurt

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