System Testing and Test Automation using CAPL

Complete course for System Testing
System Testing and Test Automation using CAPL
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System Testing and Test Automation using CAPL

What you’ll learn

Requirement Anaysis
Testcase and Procedure design
Test Automation using CAPL
Test Plan and Execution

System Testing and Test Automation using CAPL


Knowledge about Automotive
Knowledge about Embedded System
Knowledge about Electronics
C Programming Knowledge


Testing  is the critical step in software development. In modern software development process testing starts from the day1. As developer gather requirements, do high level design, detailed design, create code, do some unit testing and integrate, Tester also gather requirements, do requirement analysis, design testcase and test procedure, automate testing if needed, plan the test and execute. In principle, there are a few levels of testing that should be applied to embedded software. These are:Software unit testing checks if software separate units (such as functions, procedures and methods) perform as they should. It is usually performed in a peer-review model by an experienced developer.Integration testing verifies the interaction between different software components, as well as the interaction between the hardware domain and software components. It reduces risks and prevents errors or defects from entering the next testing levels.System testing inspects whether the created system is compliant with given requirements and builds up the trust put into the system quality as a whole, for example, verifying the quality of the data or results.Acceptance testing is the final stage of embedded software testing. As a process, it resembles system testing a lot. However, it validates whether the whole product or system complies with the customer or use requirements. Additionally, compliance with laws, standards and norms is verified. During this level, there shouldn’t be any more errors as they may collapse the whole project.During each level of testing, possible defects are found and resolved to improve the software quality. Early testing is essential, because the sooner any issues are discovered, the easier and cheaper it is to overcome them. Vector CANoe provides separate test engine. we can create automated tests using CAPL programming and associate those test scripts with CANoe and execute. it is also possible to generate test report. course aims to give introduction to system testing, test case design, test procedure preparation and test script design and execution.


Section 1: Introduction to Testing, Test Procedure Design & Test Automation with Examples

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Test Prodcedure Design Example 1

Lecture 3 Processes Involved in Test Case Design

Lecture 4 Test Procedure Design Example 2

Lecture 5 Test Procedure Design Example 3

Lecture 6 Test Procedure Design Example 4

Lecture 7 Test Procedure Design Example 5

Lecture 8 Test Procedure Design Example 6

Lecture 9 Test Procedure Design Example 7

Lecture 10 Test Procedure Design Example 8

Lecture 11 Test Procedure Design Example 9

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