Tableau Data Analyst Certification Prep

Ace the Tableau Data Analyst certification exam on your first attempt with in-depth videos, 45+ quizzes, & 1:1 chat
Tableau Data Analyst Certification Prep
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Amandeep Sawhney | Tableau Expert & Instructor


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Tableau Data Analyst Certification Prep

What you’ll learn

Pass the Tableau Certified Data Analyst Exam on your first attempt with in-depth video lessons!
Tips and Tricks to save time on the Tableau DA exam, and answer questions quickly!
Quizzes to test your knowledge after every section!
Fundamentals – Dimensions vs Measures & Discrete vs Continuous
Preparing Data for Analysis using: Pivot, Automatic & Custom Split, and the Data Interpreter
Navigate maps, including: Pan & Zoom, Filtering, Map Layers, Lasso and Radial Selection!
Using a background image map!
Creating String, Date, LOD, and Conditional calculations!
Designing dashboards for viewing on devices
Utilizing visual best practices for viewing on devices
Creating Reference Lines & Bands, Trend Lines, Trend Models, Forecasting and even Clustering!
Creating charts – Bar Charts, Stacked Bar Charts, Line Charts, Dual Axis Chart, Combined Axis Chart, Heat Maps, Cross Tabs, Maps, and Scatter Plots!
Creating groups – Data Pane, Visually, and using Labels!
Much much more!

Tableau Data Analyst Certification Prep


Some experience with Tableau is preferred.
Willingness to learn and pass the exam with an amazing score!
Tableau Public or Tableau Desktop installed on a personal computer!


Looking for an in-depth preparation guide for the Tableau Data Analyst (DA) certification Exam? Well you’re in the absolutely right place! With this brand new course created in 2022, you get video lectures covering the entire exam syllabus, 45+ quizzes, FAQ PDFs and quick instructor support to assist you in this journey!Having trained over 3000 students to pass the exam, I know EXACTLY what to teach you, the current exam trends, and some amazing tricks to help you save loads of time on the exam.I believe in establishing strong fundamentals, and keeping that in mind I will cover everything from scratch, and make sure by the end of the course – you are super comfortable with Tableau! I’ll go ahead and say that if you pay attention closely and follow all my tips, recommendations on what to study more, and practice – You will clear the exam on your first attempt with an amazing score.Don’t take my word for it, check out few of my students’ reviews who have already passed the exam :”Amandeep is fully involved in helping the students prep properly for the exam. Lots of test questions covering everything – soup to nuts. Got a 92 on my exam.””Highly recommended for anyone preparing for  Exam! I was able to pass Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam with 95%. The practice tests included are challenging, however there are detailed explanations available and Mr. Amandeep is always ready to answer any further questions.””I cleared my Tableau exam yesterday and this course was very helpful in preparing me for the theory questions. I highly recommend taking this course a few weeks prior to your exam.””I just took the exam and passed with 87%. I was not so confident as I don’t work with Tableau and didn’t have much time to study lately. This was the last class I bought in order to prepare to the exam and I truly think it helped me a lot! Thank you Amandeep for your class!””I passed my exam yesterday .Thanks for this course which was helpful in my preparation.Course is updated with new questions,also it has a break up of theory & practical.I was confident to appear for exam after attempting course questions.Discord platform is available for sailing through the exam preparation phase with others while sharing experiences & lessons learnt.””This course is amazing! I took this course after failing the exam (67%) on the first attempt and passed with 95%. I definitely recommend this course as it prepares you for the exam really well. The detailed explanations for each question with links are very helpful. Also, Amandeep is an awesome instructor. He responded to all my messages and helped me with all my questions.”Features of the course:1) 10 hours of Detailed videos – The course contains 720p/1080p video lessons covering the entire Tableau Certified Data Analyst exam syllabus IN DEPTH. If you’re a beginner, or someone who has worked with Tableau – there is something for you to learn for sure! Unlike a lot of online resources, I won’t just scratch the surface of each topic but cover everything in depth to make sure you understand every single point.2) Current Exam trends and Discord community – Having helped over 3000 students pass the exam, I know EXACTLY what the current exam trends are (August 2021), which concepts to focus on most, how to save time, and how to score high on your exam! You will also get free access to our discord community where other students share their exam experiences, tips, and you can even speak to other fellow test takers who have passed the exam!3) Tips and Tricks PDF – An exclusive PDF not available anywhere else to give you some amazing tips which will really help you pass the exam on your first attempt!4) Multiple ways of solving a problem – In many of the lessons, we’ll discuss multiple ways of solving a problem, and you can decide which one suits you best!5) Quiz after each Section – After each section, a quiz will help you quickly recap the most important points! This way, you are more likely to remember everything better.6) FULLY UPDATED – Most courses out there claim to be up-to-date, but in reality they’re not! This course was created in 2021 and based on the most recent update from Tableau, so you don’t have to worry about using outdated content EVER.7) 30 day Money back guarantee – I’m confident that you’ll love this course, but if you don’t – you can apply for a 100% refund within 30 days – no questions asked :)8) Guaranteed response within 24 hours – Have any queries or doubts? Drop them in the instructor inbox or the Q/A forum, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!9) Mobile support – You can access this course on any mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop – anytime & anwhere!10) Full lifetime access – You maintain a full lifetime access to these courses, so even if you buy today, you can use them anytime at a later date!11) Test reports – At the end of each practice test, you will have the option to view an auto-generated report showing you which areas need improvement so you can study those topics a little more!** Videos on Tableau Server and Tableau Prep are under recording and will be uploaded soon!Want to pass the Tableau Certified Data Analyst (DA) exam on the first go? Lets dive in! Give your career a push, ENROLL TODAY!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Downloading Tableau

Lecture 2 Download the Course material

Lecture 3 V. Important – Udemy Reviews

Lecture 4 Introduction to the Tableau interface (2020.1)

Lecture 5 DO NOT SKIP – Plan of Action & Expectations

Section 2: Customize Fields

Lecture 6 Explain the difference between Dimensions and Measures

Lecture 7 NEW Tableau Interface (2021.1)

Lecture 8 [NEW] Group by Folders

Lecture 9 Continuous and Discrete Fields

Lecture 10 Rename Columns

Lecture 11 Create Aliases

Lecture 12 [NEW] Default Properties

Section 3: Create Charts

Lecture 13 Imp. Update!

Lecture 14 Recommended – Join the Discord Server

Lecture 15 Aggregations in Tableau

Lecture 16 Bar Charts

Lecture 17 Stacked Bar Charts

Lecture 18 Bar in Bar Charts

Lecture 19 Scatter Plot

Lecture 20 Dual Axis + Combo Charts

Lecture 21 Dual Axis Charts – Trick

Lecture 22 Combined Axis Chart

Lecture 23 Combined Axis Charts – Trick

Lecture 24 Explain how to utilize Tableau Generated Fields

Lecture 25 Symbol Maps

Lecture 26 Don’t make this mistake when using Maps!

Lecture 27 Filled Maps

Lecture 28 Cross Tabs

Lecture 29 Highlight Tables and Heat Maps

Lecture 30 Histograms

Lecture 31 Tree Maps

Lecture 32 Bullet Charts

Lecture 33 Use Mark Labels and Annotations

Lecture 34 Edit Axes – Numeric

Lecture 35 Edit Axes – Dates

Lecture 36 Using Titles, Captions, and Tooltips

Section 4: Organising and Simplifying data

Lecture 37 Creating Groups from the Data Pane

Lecture 38 Creating Groups from the Data Pane – Continued

Lecture 39 Creating Groups using Labels vs using Marks

Lecture 40 Sets

Lecture 41 Sorting

Lecture 42 Hierarchies

Lecture 43 Filters – View

Lecture 44 Filters – Date

Lecture 45 Filters – Now Filter Directly from the view!

Lecture 46 Tableau’s Order of Operations

Lecture 47 Context Filters

Section 5: Analytics

Lecture 48 Drag and Drop Analytics

Lecture 49 Reference Lines and Bands

Lecture 50 Reference Distributions

Lecture 51 Imp. Note for Reference Lines, Bands, and Distributions

Lecture 52 Trend Lines

Lecture 53 Trend Models

Lecture 54 Imp. Notes – Trend Lines & Models

Lecture 55 Forecasting

Lecture 56 Data Highlighter

Lecture 57 Instant Analytics

Lecture 58 Statistical Summary Card

Section 6: Calculations

Lecture 59 Introduction to Calculations

Lecture 60 String Functions – Part 1

Lecture 61 String Functions – Part 2

Lecture 62 Date Functions

Lecture 63 Type Conversion

Lecture 64 Build logic statements – IF ELSE

Lecture 65 Build logic statements – CASE WHEN

Lecture 66 Ad-hoc Calculations

Lecture 67 Adding Totals to the View

Lecture 68 Quick Table Calculations

Lecture 69 Viz Level of Detail (LOD) and granularity

Lecture 70 FIXED LOD Expressions

Lecture 71 FIXED LOD Example – 1

Lecture 72 FIXED LOD Example – 2

Lecture 73 INCLUDE LOD Expressions

Lecture 74 EXCLUDE LOD Expressions

Section 7: Advanced Mapping

Lecture 75 Navigate Maps – Pan & Zoom, Filtering, Map Layers

Lecture 76 Navigate Maps – Custom Territories, Lasso & Radial Selection, Geographic Search

Lecture 77 Modify Locations within Tableau

Lecture 78 Use a background image map

Section 8: Dashboards

Lecture 79 Imp note.

Lecture 80 Introduction to Dashboards and Layouts

Lecture 81 Dashboard Actions

Lecture 82 Creating Stories

Lecture 83 Design dashboards for viewing on devices

Lecture 84 Utilize visual best practices for viewing on devices

Lecture 85 Describe Publishing Options

Lecture 86 Describe Sharing Options

Section 9: Data Connections

Lecture 87 Tableau Server

Lecture 88 Connect to Different Data Sources

Lecture 89 Metadata Grid

Lecture 90 Automatic and Custom Split

Lecture 91 Data Interpreter & Pivot

Lecture 92 Joins – Theory

Lecture 93 Joins – Practical

Lecture 94 Join tables from multiple databases

Lecture 95 Connect to spatial files & Joining Spatial Data

Lecture 96 Using Calculations to create Joins

Lecture 97 Relationships Intro. and Tableau Data Model

Lecture 98 Relationships Practical

Lecture 99 Unions

Lecture 100 Blending

Lecture 101 Explain data extract formats and capabilities

Lecture 102 Create Extracts with multiple tables

Lecture 103 Explain performance considerations between blends, joins, and cross-DB joins

Section 10: Conclusion


ANYONE (Students, Professionals, Executives) looking to learn Tableau and pass the Certified Associate (CA) Exam!,People looking to give their career a push, or just learn a new skill!

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 10h 43m | 4.41 GB
Created by: Amandeep Sawhney | Tableau Expert & Instructor

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