Tableau Financial Reporting Financial Analysis Masterclass

The Ultimate Hands-On Tableau Financial Statements, Reporting, Financial Analytics, Visualization, & BI Course.
Tableau Financial Reporting Financial Analysis Masterclass
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Irfan Sharif ACA ACCA


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Tableau Financial Reporting Financial Analysis Masterclass

What you’ll learn

A comprehensive introduction to Tableau
Preparing Profit & Loss Statement
Preparing Balance Sheet
Preparing Cash Flow Statement
Preparing Statement of Changes in Equity
Calculating Financial Ratios
Analyzing Financial data
Preparing Financial Dashboards

Tableau Financial Reporting Financial Analysis Masterclass


Basic knowledge of Financial Statements
Basic knowledge of Financial Ratios
No Tableau knowledge is required


Accountants and Finance professionals have to prepare and analyze financial statements and finance data almost every single day. But modern data analysis requires sophisticated computer programs to handle large volumes of data and to unlock the hidden information in this data.This is exactly what is course is all about! You will learn to use the most powerful data analysis and business intelligence program, prepare financial statements, and perform analytics to unlock the hidden patterns in the data. What is Tableau:Tableau is one of the top Business Intelligence tools. If you need to analyze data, Tableau is one of the the easiest, most comprehensive, and most recognized software program.Who should learn Tableau:Anyone who should analyze data!Who should take this course:Finance ManagersFinancial ControllersAccountants and BookkeepersAccounting, Bookkeeping, & Finance StudentsTopics Covered:Basic introduction to database structureIntroduction to TableauPreparing basic analytics and visualizations in TableauPreparing Profit & Loss StatementPreparing Balance SheetPreparing Cash Flow StatementPreparing Statement of Changes in EquityCalculating key Financial RatiosPreparing Financial DashboardsPrerequisite:Basic knowledge of financial statements and financial ratios is required for this course.No Tableau knowledge is required.Money-Back Guarantee:Nothing to lose! If you will not be satisfied with the course, Udemy offers 30 days money-back guarantee!Introduction to the teacher:Chartered Accountant | 12 years of work experience | 12 years of teaching experience as visiting faculty | 4,000 students in class and 40,000+ students on Udemy!I have implemented Accounting Software, ERP, and Data Analysis software at various organizations and have expertise in financial transformation. I have established an outsourcings hub for US and UK Accounting firms and now I am working on bookkeeping automation startup.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Downloading Tableau

Lecture 2 Course data files

Lecture 3 Understanding data

Lecture 4 Why use General Ledger | Why use Positive & Negative values

Lecture 5 Getting data into Tableau & Data Modelling

Lecture 6 Getting started with Tableau – Calculating Sales

Lecture 7 Saving Tableau Public file

Section 2: Preparing Profit & Loss Statement

Lecture 8 Preparing Profit & Loss Statement

Lecture 9 Slicing P&L for Countries

Lecture 10 Calculating Gross Profit & Net Profit

Lecture 11 Calculating Operating Profit & EBITDA

Lecture 12 Calculating PBIT

Lecture 13 Compiling values on dashboard

Section 3: Tableau Calculations – Calculating P&L Values

Lecture 14 Calculating Sales

Lecture 15 Calculating Gross Profit

Lecture 16 Calculating Net Profit

Lecture 17 Calculating Operating Profit

Lecture 18 Calculating EBITDA

Lecture 19 Calculating PBIT

Lecture 20 Calculating Gross Profit Margin

Lecture 21 Calculating Net Profit Margin

Lecture 22 Calculating Marketing Expense

Lecture 23 Calculating more ratios – Understanding the limitation

Section 4: Preparing P&L Analytics Dashboard

Lecture 24 Intro and title

Lecture 25 Bar Chart – Sales | Gross Profit | Net Profit

Lecture 26 Area Chart – GP | EBITDA | OP

Lecture 27 Area Chart – Sales | Marketing expense

Lecture 28 Combo Chart – Sales | GP Margin | NP Margin

Lecture 29 Formatting Dashboard

Lecture 30 Adding filters (slicers) on Dashboard

Section 5: Preparing Balance Sheet

Lecture 31 Introduction

Lecture 32 Preparing Balance Sheet

Lecture 33 Balance Sheet – Writing Measure for TTD value calculation

Lecture 34 Calculating Total Assets

Lecture 35 Calculating Current Assets

Lecture 36 Calculating Non-Current Assets

Lecture 37 Calculating Inventory

Lecture 38 Calculating Receivables

Lecture 39 Calculating Cash

Lecture 40 Total Debt

Lecture 41 Current Liabilities

Lecture 42 Non-Current Liabilities

Lecture 43 Total Equity

Section 6: Key Financial Ratios

Lecture 44 Financial Management Ratios | Asset turnover | ROCE | ROE

Lecture 45 Risk Management Ratios | Gearing | Interest Cover | Financial Leverage

Lecture 46 Liquidity Management Ratios | Current Ratio | Quick Ratio | Cash to Sales Ratio

Lecture 47 Operating Efficiency Ratios | Receivable days | Payable days | Inventory days

Section 7: Balance Sheet & Related Financial Dashboard

Lecture 48 Setting up Dashboard

Lecture 49 Chart – Debt | Equity | Gearing

Lecture 50 Chart – Total Assets | Asset turnover

Lecture 51 Chart – Working Capital | Sales

Lecture 52 Chart – Receivables | Inventory | WC to Sales

Lecture 53 Finalizing dashboard – adding slicers

Section 8: Cash Flow Statement

Lecture 54 Section introduction

Lecture 55 Revising the Cash Flow Statement Structure

Lecture 56 Understanding Cash Flow Statement Calculations

Lecture 57 Understanding the CF_ST sheet in data

Lecture 58 Loading and Modelling Cashflow_St

Lecture 59 Calculating “Cash & Cash Equivalents at the end of the period”

Lecture 60 Calculating “Cash & Cash Equivalents at the beginning of the period”

Lecture 61 Calculating Cash Flow Statement Values

Lecture 62 Preparing Cash Flow Statement

Lecture 63 Preparing Cash Flow Statement with a single Calculated Field

Section 9: Statement of Changes in Equity

Lecture 64 Revising Statement of Changes in Equity

Lecture 65 Defining report structure in Excel

Lecture 66 Importing SOCE Structure and modelling

Lecture 67 Calculating ‘Balance at the end’

Lecture 68 Calculating ‘Balance at the beginning’

Lecture 69 Calculating Values for the period

Lecture 70 Preparing Statement of Changes in Equity

Section 10: Other Miscellaneous & Bonus

Lecture 71 Dealing with Non-Calendar Financial Year

Lecture 72 Converting Dr & Cr GL to Positive & Negative

Finance Managers,Financial Controllers,Finance Directors,Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Financial Analysts,Accounting, Bookkeeping, & Finance students,Data Analysts,Business Analysts,Investors and stock market analysts

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 24m | 3.66 GB
Created by: Irfan Sharif ACA ACCA

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