Tableau Visualization From Beginner to Master in 3 Hours

Transforming Data into Actionable Insights with Tableau’s Techniques and Best Practices
Tableau Visualization From Beginner to Master in 3 Hours
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Mohit Jain


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Tableau Visualization From Beginner to Master in 3 Hours

What you’ll learn

Create Interactive Dashboards
Install Tableau Desktop 2022
Create Various Types of Charts Pie chart, Bar Chart, Scatter Plot, Maps, Donuts, Time Series etc.
Learn Different Types of Joins
Create Parameters and Calculated Fields
Interactivity Between Dashboards using Action Filter
Learn Story Telling
Connect Datasets to Tableau
Live vs Extract Connections
Learn Via Real Case Business Problem
Datatype Conversion and Geographical Roles
Groups and Sets
Become Expert in One Sitting of 3 Hours

Tableau Visualization From Beginner to Master in 3 Hours


There are no Pre Requirements


Tableau Data Visualization: From Beginner to Master is an intensive course designed to equip learners with the skills needed to effectively create, present, and interpret data using Tableau. This course takes learners through a comprehensive journey that starts from the basics and gradually progresses to advanced data visualization techniques.The course begins with an introduction to Tableau, teaching learners how to connect to data sources, create visualizations, and build dashboards. Learners will be taken through the process of transforming raw data into meaningful insights, and will learn how to design and present their findings effectively.As the course progresses, learners will delve deeper into Tableau’s more advanced features, learning how to use calculations, parameters, and table calculations to enhance their visualizations. They will also explore advanced chart types, such as donuts, word cloud, maps and scatter plots, bar graphs etc. and learn how to create interactive dashboards that allow users to drill down and explore data in detail.Throughout the course, learners will have access to hands-on exercises and projects that will help them reinforce their understanding of the concepts covered. They will be guided by expert instructors who will share their knowledge and experience, and provide personalized feedback and support.By the end of this course, learners will have a solid understanding of how to use Tableau to create effective data visualizations that drive business decisions. They will have the skills and confidence needed to present their findings in a compelling and engaging manner, and to leverage the full potential of Tableau to unlock insights from complex data sets.


Section 1: Introduction and Installation

Lecture 1 Course Introduction and Structure

Lecture 2 What is Tableau?

Lecture 3 Tableau Installation

Lecture 4 Download Datasets and Workbook

Section 2: Business Problem and Dataset

Lecture 5 Business Problem

Lecture 6 Course Dataset Walkthrough

Lecture 7 Data Sources to Tableau

Section 3: Design our First Dashboard

Lecture 8 Bar Chart

Lecture 9 Pie Chart

Lecture 10 Tableau Table

Lecture 11 Tooltip and Calculated Fields

Lecture 12 Stacked Bar Chart

Lecture 13 First Dashboard

Section 4: Design our 2nd Dashboard

Lecture 14 Line Chart (Quantity)

Lecture 15 Line Chart (Revenue) and Calculated Field

Lecture 16 Scatter Plot

Lecture 17 2nd Dashboard

Lecture 18 2nd Dashboard and Relationship with Multiple Filters

Section 5: Design our 3rd Dashboard

Lecture 19 Word Cloud

Lecture 20 Joins in Tableau

Lecture 21 World Map

Lecture 22 Finding Top N Categories

Lecture 23 3rd Dashboard

Lecture 24 Action Filters

Section 6: Design our 4th Dashboard

Lecture 25 Histograms

Lecture 26 Parameters

Lecture 27 Donut Chart

Lecture 28 Groups in Tableau

Lecture 29 Sets and Parameters

Lecture 30 Dual Axis in Line Chart

Lecture 31 4th Dashboard

Section 7: Live Extract Connection and Story Telling

Lecture 32 Live vs Extract

Lecture 33 Create our Story Telling

This Course is designed for Beginners and wants to learn from scratch via Hands-on,Anyone who loves to visualize data and turn insights into business value

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 51m | 1.95 GB
Created by: Mohit Jain

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