Tabular Editor 3 Mastered for Microsoft Power BI

Enhance Microsoft Power BI by mastering Tabular Editor 3 functions for data modeling and DAX calculations
Tabular Editor 3 Mastered for Microsoft Power BI
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Tabular Editor 3 Mastered for Microsoft Power BI

What you’ll learn

Master Tabular Editor 3 to efficiently develop and manage Power BI solutions.
Create advanced DAX measures and calculations for robust data analysis.
Optimize Power BI reports for improved performance and user experience.
Implement security measures like Row-Level Security (RLS) and Object-Level Security (OLS) in Power BI.
Automate DAX coding and formatting tasks for increased productivity.
Develop visually appealing and interactive data visualizations in Power BI.

Tabular Editor 3 Mastered for Microsoft Power BI


Basic familiarity with Microsoft Power BI: It is recommended for learners to have a basic understanding of Power BI and its features, such as creating visualizations and working with datasets.
Fundamental knowledge of DAX (Data Analysis Expressions): Familiarity with DAX formulas and functions will be beneficial, as the course focuses on advanced DAX measures and calculations.
Access to Power BI and Tabular Editor 3: Students should have access to Microsoft Power BI, either through a personal or work subscription, as well as the latest version of Tabular Editor 3 installed on their machines.
Basic data modeling concepts: Prior exposure to data modeling concepts, such as tables, relationships, and measures, will aid in understanding the advanced topics covered in the course.


Are you ready to take your Power BI skills to the next level? In this comprehensive course, “Tabular Editor 3 Mastered for Microsoft Power BI,” you will gain in-depth knowledge and practical expertise in effectively utilizing Tabular Editor 3, the most powerful Power BI tool ever developed.Tabular Editor 3 (TE3) is a game-changer, replacing the previously limited native DAX editor with a cutting-edge DAX Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Mastering this tool will revolutionize your DAX development process, allowing you to visualize your DAX measures in a whole new way and dramatically speeding up your development workflow.Throughout this course, you will learn the essential techniques and strategies to harness the full potential of Tabular Editor 3. Starting with the fundamentals, you’ll learn how to install and configure Tabular Editor, enabling you to dive into writing better DAX measures and leveraging DAX queries for visualization. You’ll explore advanced topics such as creating DAX calculations, KPIs, and enhancing the security of your DAX reports with Row-Level Security (RLS) and Object-Level Security (OLS).Additionally, you’ll discover how to optimize your reports using the integrated Best Practices Analyzer and Vertipaq Analyzer, ensuring high performance and efficiency. Streamline your DAX coding and formatting tasks through automation with scripting, saving you valuable time and effort.This course provides over 3 hours of intensive training videos, guiding you through each step with practical examples and real-world scenarios. You’ll also receive a resource pack containing datasets and data models for hands-on application.By the end of this course, you will have mastered Tabular Editor 3 for Microsoft Power BI, equipped with the skills to create advanced DAX measures, optimize your reports, and automate your DAX coding and formatting processes. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Power BI user, this course will elevate your abilities and empower you to take your data analysis and visualization to new heights.Enroll now and unlock the full potential of Tabular Editor 3 in Microsoft Power BI!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Resource Pack

Lecture 2 Course Introduction

Lecture 3 Pricing

Lecture 4 Discovering the Power of TE3

Lecture 5 TE2 vs TE3 Comparison

Lecture 6 Introduction – Review

Section 2: Setup

Lecture 7 Installing Tabular Editor 3

Lecture 8 Installing Tabular Editor 2

Lecture 9 Sales Data Demo

Lecture 10 Setup – Review

Section 3: Getting Started w/ TE3

Lecture 11 Exploring Tabular Editor Interface

Lecture 12 Understanding Panes in Tabular Editor

Lecture 13 Customizing Themes

Lecture 14 Working with Workspaces

Lecture 15 Managing Tabs and Tab Groups

Lecture 16 Customizing toolbars

Lecture 17 Troubleshooting and Raising Issues

Lecture 18 Getting Started w/ TE3 – Review

Section 4: DAX and Data Model

Lecture 19 Previewing Data in Tabular Editor

Lecture 20 Navigating the Diagram View

Lecture 21 Creating Powerful Measures

Lecture 22 Handling Unsupported Features

Lecture 23 Working with Calculated Columns

Lecture 24 Utilizing Calculated Tables

Lecture 25 Deleting tables and columns

Lecture 26 Establishing Relationships

Lecture 27 Organizing with Folders and Subfolders

Lecture 28 Moving Measures and Folders

Lecture 29 Managing Measure Dependencies

Lecture 30 Formatting DAX Expressions

Lecture 31 Exploring Right-Click Options

Lecture 32 Querying Data with Tabular Editor

Lecture 33 Scripting DAX Part 1

Lecture 34 Scripting DAX Part 2

Lecture 35 DAX and Data Model – Review

Section 5: Security

Lecture 36 Implementing Object-Level Security (OLS)

Lecture 37 Implementing Row-Level Security (RLS)

Lecture 38 Publishing Reports to the Web

Section 6: Calculation Groups

Lecture 39 Enabling Measures Based on Slicer Selection

Lecture 40 Reducing Measures with Calculation Groups

Lecture 41 Calculation Groups – Review

Section 7: KPI

Lecture 42 Creating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Section 8: Best Practices Analyzer (BPA)

Lecture 43 Exploring BPA Rules with Examples

Lecture 44 Advanced Usage of BPA

Lecture 45 Importing BPA Rules from a File

Lecture 46 Importing BPA Rules from the Web

Lecture 47 Fixing Issues with Generate Fix in BPA

Lecture 48 Best Practices Analyzer (BPA) – Review

Section 9: C# Scripting

Lecture 49 Getting Started with C# Scripts

Lecture 50 Time Intelligence Measures in C#

Lecture 51 Advanced Time Intelligence Measures in C#

Lecture 52 Format DAX and disable default summarization

Lecture 53 Custom DAX Formatting

Lecture 54 Saving Macros and Reusable Scripts

Lecture 55 Exploring C# Scripting Resources

Lecture 56 C# Scripting – Review

Section 10: Vertipaq Analyzer

Lecture 57 Collecting Performance Information

Lecture 58 Exporting Details with Vertipaq Analyzer

Lecture 59 Vertipaq Analyzer – Review

Lecture 60 Congratulations and Next Steps

Power BI professionals seeking to enhance their skills and master the advanced capabilities of Tabular Editor 3.,Data analysts and business intelligence professionals looking to deepen their understanding of DAX measures and optimizations in Power BI.,Power BI developers who want to streamline their development process and automate tasks using Tabular Editor 3 scripting.,Power BI users interested in creating visually appealing and interactive data visualizations to effectively communicate insights.,Individuals with basic Power BI knowledge who want to expand their expertise and improve the performance of their Power BI reports.,Beginner learners interested in learning Power BI and Tabular Editor 3 from scratch, with a focus on advanced techniques and best practices.

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Udemy | English | 3h 55m | 1.95 GB
Created by: Enterprise DNA

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