Taking Charge Of Meetings

This course will give you expert training in how to take charge of meetings, and increase your team’s engagement
Taking Charge Of Meetings
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Professor James Smith, PhD


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Taking Charge Of Meetings

What you’ll learn

Gain an understanding of how to lead any type of meeting effectively
How to keep control of the meeting and facilitate interaction
How to set outcomes and structure the meeting to achieve these
How to recognise disruptive behaviour, and deal with conflict
How to establish an agenda and timings to ensure your meeting is focused and effective
Have an understanding of your responsibilities before, during and after the meeting

Taking Charge Of Meetings


This course is designed to cover all relevant information for individuals who will be chairing or leading meetings.
No prior experience or learning is necessary.


Taking Charge of Meetings is a rapid and effective way for you to learn how to effectively lead or chair different types of meeting. The course offers key techniques and approaches to effectively lead a meeting that runs to time, achieves all of its objectives and engages participants in the discussion. In the course, we cover how to lead a discussion based meeting, a “for information only” meeting and a decision panel-style meeting.A unique aspect of this course is you will learn about how to lead meetings from an instructor (Professor James Smith) who leads and chairs different types of meetings daily, including interview panels, faculty meetings, grant funding decision panels, Fellowship panels, advisory board meetings, employment disputes and mediation meetings, seminars, as well as meetings with industry partners and government officials. He has chaired meetings in Europe, in the United States, South America and also in Asia and India.In this course, we establish effective approaches that you can use for establishing your leadership in chairing meetings, and you will learn· How to run any type of meeting effectively· How to structure your meeting to achieve tangible outcomes· What your responsibilities are before, during and after the meeting· How to ensure you control the meeting from start to finish, and promote engagement with the meeting participants· How to deal with conflict and disruptive behaviourThis course is focused upon the really key information that you need to learn, and can be completed in just one hour, meaning that you will be well prepared to lead or chair your first meeting in less time than it takes to hold the meeting itself!Your instructor, Professor James Smith, PhD, is an established and popular instructor on the Udemy platform. Feedback that he has received from Udemy students includes;”Very easy to understand and the instructor spoke slowly enough that I could let the information sink in” – KW”Very informative and thorough. Getting ready to take the next course. The assignments with the instructor’s example following were very helpful” – KRThis course is ideal for you if you are· Anyone who intends to chair or provide leadership meetings· An experienced individual who chairs meetings, decision panels, or advisory boards and wants to develop their skills further· Anyone who regularly meets with colleagues from their own company, or external industry, government, public sector representatives· Business leaders who meet with international contacts, collaborators or co-workers· Consultants who meet with clients from different sectorsCourse StructureModule 1 “Getting Ready for the meeting” covers everything you need to know about your role as the Chair or Leader of a meeting, how to set an agenda and appropriate timings, and how to ensure that you can effectively manage introductions and setting expectations.Module 2 “Running the meeting” covers all aspects of chairing the meeting itself. This module covers how you go about establishing the purpose of a meeting together with the decision points and effective time management. It also covers best practice for how you manage and interact with the people in your meeting, from techniques that encourage them to contribute, as well as providing tangible examples of disruptive behaviour and excellent approaches for how to deal with these effectively and quickly.Module 3 “Wrap up and post meeting” covers post meeting actions and responsibilities, as well as how Any other business or AOB can be dealt with at the close of a meeting. This module also talks about reviewing the effectiveness of a meeting to ensure your continued personal development.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction and Learning Outcomes

Section 2: Module 1 – Getting Ready For A Meeting

Lecture 2 Your Role As “The Chair”

Lecture 3 The Agenda And Timings

Lecture 4 Introductions And Responsibilities

Section 3: Running The Meeting

Lecture 5 Establishing The Meeting Purpose And Decision Points

Lecture 6 Ensuring All Views Are Heard

Lecture 7 Dealing With Conflict Or Disruptive Individuals

Lecture 8 Keeping To Time

Section 4: Wrapping Up The Meeting

Lecture 9 Post Meeting Actions And Follow-Up

Lecture 10 Review Of Effectiveness

Anyone who intends to chair or lead meetings,Experienced individuals who chair meetings, decision panels, or advisory boards and are looking to improve their skills,Anyone who meets with colleagues from their own company, or external industry, government, public sector representatives,Business leaders who meet with international contacts, collaborators or co-workers,Consultants who meet with clients from different sectors

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Created by: Professor James Smith, PhD

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