Tally Beginner to Advance GST Accounting using Tally Prime

Maintain Accounts of Any Business with Confidence and Conviction. A Step by Step Guide to help you understand Tally.
Tally Beginner to Advance GST Accounting using Tally Prime
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Tally Beginner to Advance GST Accounting using Tally Prime

What you’ll learn

Use Tally Prime Like a Professional.
Accurate GST Accounting
Maintain Accounts with Confidence and Clear Understanding.
Tally Payroll
GST Set – Off
RCM – Reverse Charge Mechanism
Price List
Filing Return

Tally Beginner to Advance GST Accounting using Tally Prime


Be able to operate a PC. That’s all.
No accounting background necessary.
Requisite Accounting Concepts are Covered in the Course.


What can you expect from this course:This course is created keeping in mind about day to day tasks that an accountant has to perform.This course will show you how to use Tally like a professional, meeting all your bookkeeping requirements.You will gain solid foundation of Tally. You will comfortably be able to maintain accounts of your business.==================================By enrolling in this course you will learn :Accounting basics like debits and credits that will help you understand and post entries with confidence.How to use Tally in middle of the financial year and transfer accounts data from physical Trial Balance to Tally.Set up details of stock, and filter reports like availability of certain stock with particular feature.For example: How many laptops with i5 processor are available in your store. Bank Reconciliation – Match bank statement entries with your records of bank entries.Learn about implementing absolutely necessary and advanced GST topics like GST Set-Off, Reverse Charge, Goods Transport Agency and how to enter its related multiple journal entries in Tally.Learn complete Corporate Payroll(Employee attendance) set up that complies with Govt. prescribed deduction rates.Learn Manufacturing Process where you can arrive at cost of item you manufacture, from cost of various parts/components involved in making up of product.And in between, learn to customize sales invoice number format that looks like – BN/001/19-20 and much more.File GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B with tax payment from Bank and record those entries in Tally.Learn above topics with completeness unlike short courses that teaches at basic level or long courses that takes more time than required. Learn not just to use Tally but also think of maintaining compliant bookkeeping practices.==================================What some students feel about this course:It is very good course. I was able to learn all the aspects of accountancy, inventory, cost center analysis and TDS. It will be very beneficial for my official life.- Krishnan JaishankarExactlly What I was Looking for with regards to Tally Learning. Nice Course Cheeeeers!!! – Chandra ShekarThe course was very simplified for a beginner like me which helped me to better understand the process. Also, the repetation of processes helped to retain them. The doubt solving mechanism was beyond expectation as for such quick replies that helped me to maintain the pace of learning as well.- Abhinav GarkhailGREAT TO LEARN BASIC THINGS AND EXPLAINED IN VERY EASY WAY WITH GOODS INDUSTRIAL EXAMPLES COMPLETING ALL DEPARTMENT- Nirmal BalayarTeaching is clear. Easy to understand.- Durga Devi MuruganNote:This course is meant for learning purpose and don’t serve as an advise with regard to accounting/corporate compliance.I hope you benefit from the knowledge which you gain from this course. Happy Learning.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 READ ME: Some basics about course taking

Section 2: Basics Of Accounting

Lecture 3 Basics Of Accounting

Lecture 4 Recording Transactions

Section 3: Download and Install Tally Prime

Lecture 5 Downloading Tally Prime

Lecture 6 Installing Tally Prime

Section 4: Switch from Manual to Computerized Accounting using Tally Prime

Lecture 7 Working on Tally for the First Time

Lecture 8 Creating Ledgers

Lecture 9 Transferring Account Details in Middle of Financial Year

Lecture 10 Adding Stock Information in Tally

Section 5: Recording Day to Day Transactions in Tally Prime

Lecture 11 Record a Capital Investment Entry

Lecture 12 Entry for Purchase of Fixed Asset and Purchase of Goods.

Lecture 13 Cash Sales Entry

Lecture 14 Credit Purchase Entry

Lecture 15 Credit Sales Entry

Lecture 16 Bank Deposit Entry – The Contra Voucher

Lecture 17 Sales Returns Entry

Lecture 18 Purchase Return

Lecture 19 Payment Towards an Invoice

Lecture 20 Recording Receipt of payment from Sale

Lecture 21 Record an Advance Receipt Entry

Section 6: Inventory Management

Lecture 22 Introduction

Lecture 23 Creating a New Company to Work

Lecture 24 Creating Unit(s) to Count Products

Lecture 25 Compound Unit

Lecture 26 Stock Groups

Lecture 27 Sub – Group

Lecture 28 Stock Category

Lecture 29 Creating Stock Item with Stock Group and Categories

Lecture 30 Advanced Units of Measurement

Lecture 31 Compound Unit Usage

Lecture 32 Alternate Unit Usage

Section 7: Recording GST Transactions

Lecture 33 Getting Started with GST

Lecture 34 Ledgers Required for GST Compliance

Lecture 35 Recording GST Purchase Transaction

Lecture 36 Recording GST Sales Transaction

Lecture 37 Recording Purchase of Capital Goods(Fixed Asset)

Lecture 38 GST Entry with Additional Expense Ledgers

Lecture 39 Customizing Sales Invoice Number

Lecture 40 Defining Simple Series

Lecture 41 Advanced Invoice No Series

Lecture 42 GST Inter-State Entry

Lecture 43 Credit Note in GST – Sales Return

Lecture 44 Debit Note in GST – Purchase Return

Lecture 45 GST Reports – GSTR – 1,2 and 3B

Lecture 46 Filing GSTR3B Return

Lecture 47 GST Set – Off in Tally

Lecture 48 Filing GSTR1

Lecture 49 Filing GSTR 3B using JSON

Lecture 50 Imports Intro

Lecture 51 Import Entry

Section 8: Reverse Charge Mechanism

Lecture 52 RCM Introduction

Lecture 53 Purchase from an Unregistered Dealer

Lecture 54 GTA – Introduction & Entry Explanation

Lecture 55 GTA Entry Under Reverse Charge in Tally

Lecture 56 RCM Adjustment Entry

Section 9: Banking

Lecture 57 Setting Up Cheque Information and Cheque Printing

Lecture 58 Intro to Bank Reconciliation

Lecture 59 Bank Reconciliation – Manual Reconciliation

Lecture 60 Bank Reconciliation – Auto – Reconciliation

Section 10: Working with Payroll In Tally

Lecture 61 Payroll – Introduction & Compliance

Lecture 62 Enabling Payroll In Tally

Lecture 63 Payroll Case Study – Introduction

Lecture 64 Defining Attendance Types

Lecture 65 Basic Pay Head

Lecture 66 HRA Pay Head

Lecture 67 Conveyance Pay Head

Lecture 68 Overtime Pay Head

Lecture 69 Employees’ PF Deduction

Lecture 70 Employees’ ESI Deduction

Lecture 71 Professional Tax Pay Head

Lecture 72 Employer’s EPS Contribution

Lecture 73 Employer’s PF Contribution

Lecture 74 Employer’s ESI Contribution

Lecture 75 PF Admin Charge & EDLI Pay head

Lecture 76 Employee Group And Salary Structure

Lecture 77 Creating Employee Details and Defining Salary Structure

Lecture 78 Record Employee Attendance

Lecture 79 Processing Salary

Lecture 80 Salary Payment

Lecture 81 Pay Slip

Lecture 82 Processing Employer Contributions

Lecture 83 Simple Payroll for Small Offices or Traders

Lecture 84 Record Advance Paid and Process Salary Of an Employee

Section 11: Voucher Classes

Lecture 85 Auto Calculation of GST while recording Sales And Purchases

Section 12: Price List

Lecture 86 Create and Maintain Price List in Tally

Section 13: Cost Centre And Cost Categories

Lecture 87 Introduction to Cost Centres

Lecture 88 Cost Centre in Tally – Example 1

Lecture 89 Cost Centre in Tally – Example 2

Section 14: Manufacturing Process

Lecture 90 Introduction and Example

Lecture 91 Bill Of Material – Continued

Section 15: TDS – Tax Deducted At Source

Lecture 92 TDS in Tally

Beginner Tally User,Business Individuals Willing to Learn Computerized Accounting to Save Time,Anyone looking for Accounting Job.,Anyone Looking for Easy GST Compliance

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 13h 18m | 3.79 GB
Created by: Chirag Mehta

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