Tally ERP 9 Basic to Advance Training Course

Tally ERP 9 Basic to Advance Training Course Inventory, Production, Payroll, VAT, Cost Centres, Price List, Tax
Tally ERP 9 Basic to Advance Training Course
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Tally ERP 9 Basic to Advance Training Course

What you’ll learn

How to Start a new company
Learn to make books
How to create multiple type vouchers in Tally
Inventory and inventory management in Tally
VAT management and sales tax management in Tally
BOM (Bill of material) Recipe management system for production scenarios
Produce finish goods from raw material using recipe management system
Cost centers and categories management
Maintain budget
TCS on Tally
TDS in calculation
GST on the balance sheet
Bank statement Reconciliation
Statement of account (SOA) Reconciliation
price list

Tally ERP 9 Basic to Advance Training Course


For Tally ERP 9 course, students need to have any of these versions of Tally ERP 9 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 or 2016


Tally ERP 9 Basic to Advance Training CourseTally ERP 9 has advanced integration in the form of an application programming interface to make the software expandable. Tally ERP 9 is the most advanced Tally ERP advance software on the market. The course content teaches students in detail that how to manage and maintain accounts, inventory and payroll at Tally.This is a complete preparation course covering all the topics and options available at Tally. This course is designed to work independently with an account. It doesn’t matter if you are new or experienced in the field of accounting or an entrepreneur who wants to take care of the bill. You’re in the right place because Tally ERP 9 is very good and simple software that you can use to make business decisions that are complete and easy to learn and use.Here are the important things Tally can do:Accounting with every type of transaction such as payment, receipt, sale, purchaseManage your banking business with bank reconciliationinventory managementtax administrationAnalysis of work performanceCost centers and cost categories for IIA and internal controlPay and pay with employee dataYou will learn many other functions in a momentWhat People Say About Accountech Training & Solutions Courses:Sageline 50 course review“Yes, course is exactly what was looking for. I would like to see journal entries for car depreciation, purchase of cars etc… Plus after doing first year accounts, how to do roll over for next year. Learned quite a few short cuts. Thanks.” – Meera Patel“Easy to follow, feels like a Pro already” – Kath Munyua“This is a very Amazing course in Excel. In this course you learn how to use excel basic to advance program, formulas, etc. this is very helpful for beginners.” AhsanpervaizAdvance Excel Course Reviews“Thanks ,You for everything.I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. The course is great and the concepts are easy to understand” – Qudsia Ali Manzar“its just an amazing course for all the people who want to be an Excel expert in their offices. I have learnt so many new things and i will help my staff with my knowledge and I will definitely recommend this to many others. Thank you for bringing a lot of changes in my life. love this. Lock-down helped me a lot to learn this faster. Now i want the lock down to be lifted at the earliest to go to my office with this new learning experience.” Asif M PathanTally ERP Course Reviews“It’s a fantastic course for grasping the knowledge of Tally software from scratch. It helped me a lot in building my foundation knowledge as well as other blocks level. Everything is perfect. Thank you !!!!! “- Devraj Raghuwanshi“YES IT IS GOOD AND BEST TO UNDERSTAND AS THE EXPLANATION IS BEST…THANKS I ENJOYED” – Nitin P. ShahXero Cloud Accounting Course Reviews“Great teaching, learned a lot, thanks. “ – Ewa Schreiber“ i understand the course so far. very well explained “- MonicaMicrosoft Word Course Reviews“Very useful, especially for creating professional documents. Loved how each and every step was explained.” – Manisha Sharma“Great Content love the way he is explaining it.” – AmitExcel Business and Financial Modeling Course Review“ Best course to go for……..if you really want a zero to advance level course. everything was explained soo nicely that i got all the things in one go. Thank You. “- Ratnesh“This course is highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn excel from the very basics to the most advanced level. The instructor has a very strong grip and deep experience about MS excel. It was a wonderful experience and that God that I have life time access to this course. I will surely keep watching the videos again and again and practice more and more to make my learning more useful for me in my job. Thank you Sir Saad “- Ziyad Khan


Section 1: Trading Company Practical Project

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Create a New Company in Tally

Lecture 3 FAQ’s

Lecture 4 Understanding the Interface of Tally ERP

Lecture 5 Understanding Tally Masters and Single Ledger Creation Mode

Lecture 6 Entering Ledgers From Multi Ledger Creation Mode

Lecture 7 Using Alter Mode and Entering Further Ledger Balances

Lecture 8 Entering Customer and Supplier With Control Account Opening

Lecture 9 Inventory Creation and their opening balances

Lecture 10 Cash Purchases of Fixed Assets in Tally

Lecture 11 Dealing With Prepaid Rent In tally

Lecture 12 Dealing With Security Deposits in tally

Lecture 13 Dealing with Paint and Renovation Expenses

Lecture 14 Received Cash from Customer Against opening balance

Lecture 15 Entering Purchase Invoices on Credit

Lecture 16 Entering Purchase Invoice With New Vendor

Lecture 17 Handing Cash Sales In Tally

Lecture 18 Dealing With Customer Advances

Lecture 19 Handling Sales Orders

Lecture 20 Entering Direct Sales In Tally

Lecture 21 Dealing With Purchase Orders in Tally

Lecture 22 Dealing With Bad Debts

Lecture 23 Purchase of Services

Lecture 24 Partial Payments of Purchase Invoices

Lecture 25 Convert Sales Order to Sales Invoice

Lecture 26 FAQ’s Leaving a Review

Lecture 27 Dealing With Purchase Returns

Lecture 28 Dealing With Sales Returns in Tally

Lecture 29 Customer Full Account Settlement Against Cash

Lecture 30 Convert Purchase Order to Purchase Invoice

Lecture 31 Loss of Inventory Adjustments in Tally

Lecture 32 Rent Expense Adjusted Against Advance Rent Prepayment

Lecture 33 Extracting Trial Balance report

Lecture 34 Extracting Profit and Loss Account

Lecture 35 Extracting Balance Sheet Report

Lecture 36 Report Customization in Tally ERP

Section 2: Manufacturing Company Assignment

Lecture 37 Introduction to Manufacturing Company Assignment

Lecture 38 Creating a New Manufacturing Company in Tally

Lecture 39 Entering Opening Ledgers and Thier Balances

Lecture 40 Customer and Vendor Opening Balances and Control Account Linkage

Lecture 41 Inventory Opening Balances and Control Account Linkage

Lecture 42 Method of Bill of Material For Finshed Goods

Lecture 43 Acccrued Expenses Paid by Cash

Lecture 44 Purchased Order Placement to Vendor

Lecture 45 Converting Purchase Order to Purchase Invoice

Lecture 46 Direct Purchase of Multiple items in One Invoice

Lecture 47 Entering Sales Order of Finished Goods Without Stock

Lecture 48 Cash Taken out of Bank

Lecture 49 Recieving Payments from Customers

Lecture 50 Customer Partial Receipts settlement

Lecture 51 FAQ’s Leaving a Review

Lecture 52 Dealing With Service Invoices on Credit

Lecture 53 Cash Purchase Of Services in Tally

Lecture 54 Receipt of Customer Advances

Lecture 55 Dealing With Customer Sales Order Against Finished Goods

Lecture 56 Travelling Expenses Paid By Bank

Lecture 57 Dealing With Repair and Maintenance Expenses

Lecture 58 Purchasing Motor Vehicles By Cash

Lecture 59 Manufacturing Finished Goods From Raw Material

Lecture 60 Producing Ginished Goods Assemblies

Lecture 61 Entering Bad Debts in Manufacturing Company

Lecture 62 Convert Sales Order to Sales Invoice

Lecture 63 Entering Direct Sales In tally

Lecture 64 Partial Conversion of Sales Order to Invoice

Lecture 65 Receiving Money From Customers Against Pending Bills

Lecture 66 Dealing With Partial Payments for Vendors

Lecture 67 Dealing With Payments of Fixed assets and Liabilities

Lecture 68 Purchase return Debit note Treatment in Tally

Lecture 69 Sales Return Credit Note Treatment

Lecture 70 Purchase of Direct Services in Cash

Lecture 71 Dealing With Drawings for Manufacturing Company

Lecture 72 Dealing With Inventory Loss in Manufacturing Company

Lecture 73 Transfer of Utility Bills to Accrued Expenses

Lecture 74 Trial Balance Report and File to reconcile

Lecture 75 Closing Reports

Section 3: Tally Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) Advance Topics

Lecture 76 Taking Company Backup

Lecture 77 Restoring the Backup file in Tally

Lecture 78 Deleting a Company

Lecture 79 Supplier Account Reconcilliation

Lecture 80 Manage Stock at Multiple Locations by Godowns

Lecture 81 Defining Standard Rates in Tally

Lecture 82 VAT Calculation in Tally

Lecture 83 Vat Report Customization to Columnar format

Lecture 84 Managing Staff Advances with Cost Centre Feature

Lecture 85 Full Payroll System in Tally

Lecture 86 User Access Rights in Tally

Lecture 87 Dealing With Foreign Currencies and Exchange Rates in Tally

Lecture 88 Print Invoices in Tally – Complete Print Settings

Lecture 89 Use of Statistics Report

Lecture 90 Setting Reorder Level in Tally

Lecture 91 Import of Data in Tally

Lecture 92 Setting Discounts on Sales Invoices

Lecture 93 Thankyou

Lecture 94 Bonus Section

Business Owners,Accounting Professionals,Accounting Students,Anybody who wants to learn accounting software

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 55m | 2.14 GB
Created by: Accountech Training & Solutions

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