Tarot for SelfDiscovery

Unlocking Your Inner Truths Through Tarot Readings
Tarot for SelfDiscovery
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Krystal Sherman


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Tarot for SelfDiscovery

What you’ll learn

Improved intuitionReading tarot cards can enhance your intuition and help you tune into your inner voice. As you practice reading the cards, you may become more
Spiritual growth
Improved communication skills
Enhanced creativity
Insight into the future

Tarot for SelfDiscovery


No experience needed. This is designed for the very beginning stages of learning to read Tarot.


“Tarot for Self-Discovery” is a comprehensive course designed to help individuals uncover their inner truths and gain a deeper understanding of themselves through the practice of tarot. This course is ideal for anyone interested in exploring their personal journey of self-discovery, whether they are new to tarot or have some experience with the cards.Throughout the course, students will learn the basics of tarot, including the meanings and symbolism behind each card, as well as how to read and interpret the cards for personal insight. The course will also cover techniques for developing intuition and connecting with the deeper meanings of the cards.With the help of guided meditations, journaling exercises, and interactive tarot readings, students will be encouraged to explore their own unique experiences, emotions, and beliefs. By learning to use tarot as a tool for self-reflection and personal growth, students will gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the world.Whether you are looking to gain clarity on a specific issue, deepen your spiritual practice, or simply explore your own inner world, “Tarot for Self Discovery” offers a transformative learning experience that will empower you to connect with your inner wisdom and live a more fulfilling life.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 How to tap into your Intuition

Lecture 2 About me

Lecture 3 How to Clear and Recharge your Decks, Crystals and More…

Lecture 4 Rules for Your Deck

Section 2: Major Arcana

Lecture 5 Major Arcana

Lecture 6 The Fool

Lecture 7 The Magician

Lecture 8 High Priestess

Lecture 9 Empress

Lecture 10 Emporer

Lecture 11 The Hierophant

Lecture 12 The Lovers

Lecture 13 The Chariot

Lecture 14 Strength

Lecture 15 The Hermit

Lecture 16 The Wheel of Fortune

Lecture 17 Justice

Lecture 18 The Hanged Man

Lecture 19 Death

Lecture 20 Temperance

Lecture 21 The Devil

Lecture 22 The Tower

Lecture 23 The Star

Lecture 24 The Moon

Lecture 25 The Sun

Lecture 26 Judgement

Lecture 27 The World

Section 3: Minor Arcana

Lecture 28 Minor Arcana

Lecture 29 Ace of Wands

Lecture 30 Two of Wands

Lecture 31 Three of Wands

Lecture 32 Four of Wands

Lecture 33 Five of Wands

Lecture 34 Six of Wands

Lecture 35 Seven of Wands

Lecture 36 Eight of Wands

Lecture 37 Nine of Wands

Lecture 38 Ten of Wands

Lecture 39 Page of Wands

Lecture 40 Knight of Wands

Lecture 41 Queen of Wands

Lecture 42 King of Wands

Lecture 43 Ace of Swords

Lecture 44 Two of Swords

Lecture 45 Three of Swords

Lecture 46 Four of Swords

Lecture 47 Five of Swords

Lecture 48 Six of Swords

Lecture 49 Seven of Swords

Lecture 50 Eight of Swords

Lecture 51 Nine of Swords

Lecture 52 Ten of Swords

Lecture 53 Page of Swords

Lecture 54 Knight of Swords

Lecture 55 Queen of Swords

Lecture 56 King of Swords

Lecture 57 Ace of Cups

Lecture 58 Two of Cups

Lecture 59 Three of Cups

Lecture 60 Four of Cups

Lecture 61 Five of Cups

Lecture 62 Six of Cups

Lecture 63 Seven of Cups

Lecture 64 Eight of Cups

Lecture 65 Nine of Cups

Lecture 66 Ten of Cups

Lecture 67 Page of Cups

Lecture 68 Knight of Cups

Lecture 69 Queen of Cups

Lecture 70 King of Cups

Lecture 71 Ace of Pentacles

Lecture 72 Two of Pentacles

Lecture 73 Three of Pentacles

Lecture 74 Four of Pentacles

Lecture 75 Five of Pentacles

Lecture 76 Six of Pentacles

Lecture 77 Seven of Pentacles

Lecture 78 Eight of Pentacles

Lecture 79 Nine of Pentacles

Lecture 80 Ten of Pentacles

Lecture 81 Page of Pentacles

Lecture 82 Knight of Pentacles

Lecture 83 Queen of Pentacles

Lecture 84 King of Pentacles

Section 4: Congratulations!

Lecture 85 Congratulations!

Section 5: Extra Additional Content!

Lecture 86 Coloring Book

Spiritual seekers,Creative individuals,Counselors and therapists,Those interested in divination,Anyone interested in personal growth

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Udemy | English | 3h 38m | 2.30 GB
Created by: Krystal Sherman

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