TCPIP Nginx Linux Web Performance Optimization Tuning

DevOps – TCP/IP + Nginx + Linux Performance Tuning for Improved Application Web Performance
TCPIP Nginx Linux Web Performance Optimization Tuning
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TCPIP Nginx Linux Web Performance Optimization Tuning

What you’ll learn

What are primers of Speed & Optimization
How TCP/IP Works and how to optimize it
Understanding BDP (Bandwidth Delay Product) with live demo and optimizing it
Understanding HTTP1.X and HTTP2
HTTP2 Demo
Optimizing Nginx Webserver – Hands-on
Tools which can help in optimization

TCPIP Nginx Linux Web Performance Optimization Tuning


Learners must have basic understanding of linux, nginx and a web application works in terms of request and response


Welcome to the course “Application Performance Optimization”. This course is designed to help you get started to understand the primers of performance affecting your application and how you can tune these primers.There could be a lot of factors that might affect the performance of your application. For example, the TCP connection parameters, webserver related optimization, tools that will help for performance debugging and tuning. We will be covering these topics in this course.The application code itself can affect the performance of the application single handedly but the application code optimization is beyond the scope of this course.We will be continuously improving the course by adding more topics around performance optimization.However, we are open to your feedback. If you think some more topics around optimization should be included in the course then feel free to suggest us and we will try to create more videos on it and will append to this course.What you will learn:What is performance/speed, its components and why is it important to address itWhat are the primers of OptimizationWhat is TCP/IP and how it worksWhat all factors affects TCP connections and how you can optimize itUnderstanding Bandwidth Delay Product and optimizing using BDP with a Demo and actual calculationWhat is HTTP1.X and its limitation. How HTTP2 overcomes the limitations of HTTP1.X and added improvement?TCP Optimization DemoVarious Optimization for a Webserver (Nginx) including fastcgi cache, http2, compression etc.Various Tools to help you optimize for example: ethtool, tunedHow to start optimizing and when to stopEvergreen performance best practicesIntended Learners:DevOps EngineersSystem AdministratorIT EngineersDevOps AspirantsCloudOps EngineersCloud EngineersPlatform EngineersSRE (Site Reliability Engineers)Prerequisites:Basic Understanding of LinuxKnowledge about Nginx & how it worksBasic Understanding of TCP/IPHow a web application works


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 About Instructor

Lecture 2 About Course

Lecture 3 Udemy Tips

Section 2: Important Concepts

Lecture 4 Performance/Speed – Why its important? Understanding Bandwidth & Latency

Lecture 5 Components of Latency

Lecture 6 Last Mile latency

Section 3: TCP/IP

Lecture 7 What is TCP/IP?

Lecture 8 Understanding 3-Way handshake

Lecture 9 TFO – TCP Fast Open

Lecture 10 Congestion Flow Control & Window Scaling

Lecture 11 Window Scaling Demo

Lecture 12 Slow Start (Cwnd)

Lecture 13 Slow Start Example

Lecture 14 Connection Reuse

Lecture 15 Congestion Avoidance

Lecture 16 Understanding BDP – Bandwidth Delay Product

Section 4: HTTP1.X

Lecture 17 HTTP0.9 & HTTP1.1 Introduction (Capabilities & Limitations)

Lecture 18 KeepAlive Connections

Lecture 19 HTTP Pipelining

Lecture 20 Multiple TCP Connections

Lecture 21 Domain Sharding

Lecture 22 Concatenation & Spiriting

Section 5: HTTP2

Lecture 23 HTTP2 Introduction

Lecture 24 HTTP2 Binary Framing Layer

Lecture 25 Streams, Messages & Frame

Section 6: TCP Optimization

Lecture 26 TCP Optimization

Lecture 27 Sockets Introduction

Lecture 28 TCP Tuneable & Demo

Lecture 29 BDP Demo With Calculation & Tuning (Bandwidth Delay Product)

Lecture 30 Head of Line Blocking

Section 7: Webserver Optimization (Nginx)

Lecture 31 Nginx Installation – AWS EC2

Lecture 32 Expires headers

Lecture 33 Compression

Lecture 34 Implementing HTTP2 in Nginx

Lecture 35 Nginx FastCGI Cache

Lecture 36 Server Push & Nghttp2 Tool

Section 8: Optimization Methodology

Lecture 37 How To Start Tuning – Guideline

Lecture 38 Ethtool Introduction

Lecture 39 Ethtool Demo

Lecture 40 Tuned Introduction & Demo

Lecture 41 Tuned Custom Profile Demo

Lecture 42 Tuned Deep Dive

Section 9: Conclusion

Lecture 43 Evergreen Optimization Best Practices – Part 1

Lecture 44 Evergreen Optimization Best Practices – Part 2

Lecture 45 Ending Note

Section 10: Performance Optimization Quiz

DevOps Engineers,System Administrator,IT Engineers,Web Developers,Application Developer,DevOps Aspirants

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Created by: Ajeet Khan

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