Team workflows in JIRA

A practical guide to building a workflow for teams to use in JIRA
Team workflows in JIRA
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Dan LeFebvre


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Team workflows in JIRA

What you’ll learn

Customize JIRA’s agile features.
Understand workflows in JIRA better.
Be able to customize JIRA’s agile boards.

Team workflows in JIRA


It’s recommended you understand the basics of JIRA (such as the topics covered in my Understanding JIRA course) before watching this


This Team workflows in JIRA course is intended to give you some tips, tricks and techniques you can use right away to work better in JIRA. We’ll use a project-based approach to build a workflow that allows a dev team to send issues to a QA team and then have the QA team send them back through JIRA’s agile boards.
Along the way, we’ll learn about many of JIRA’s features including agile boards, filters, permissions, workflows, schemes, and many more.This course is perfect for JIRA administrators and anyone who’s familiar with JIRA but wants to learn some new tips and tricks for building team workflows in JIRA.


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Course introduction

Lecture 2 Our first step to updating Jira

Lecture 3 Our real-world scenario

Lecture 4 Overview of our solution

Section 2: Team Workflows in JIRA

Lecture 5 Creating a new agile board

Lecture 6 Adjusting our board’s filter

Lecture 7 Adding new columns

Lecture 8 Working without a simplified workflow

Lecture 9 Building the QA team board

Lecture 10 Creating a new status

Lecture 11 Adding statuses to our QA board

Lecture 12 Adjusting the ‘Done’ statuses

Lecture 13 Understanding our team setup

Lecture 14 Auto-assigning issues to our QA team

Lecture 15 Auto-assigning issues back to our dev team

Lecture 16 Optional: Adding color cards

Section 3: Course Conclusion

Lecture 17 Course conclusion

Anyone who is familiar with JIRA basics and wants to learn ways to build a practical workflow for teams,This is targeted at JIRA administrators, not JIRA end users

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 29m | 287.83 MB
Created by: Dan LeFebvre

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