Technical English for Beginners

Grease the language wheels and get talking tech with this comprehensive beginner course for non-native English speakers.
Technical English for Beginners
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Technical English for Beginners

What you’ll learn

communicate effectively in Technical English, across various industries
check orders and equipment in a factory context and communicate with suppliers, clients or counterparts about these
describe controls, facilities, features, projects and directions in a work context
exchange personal information
say and understand letters and numbers
talk about your daily routine
understand and express mathematical terms and calculations
name common hand tools, power tools and fasteners
explain what tools and machines are used for
fill out a work order form
complete a workplace accident report form
talk about workshop supplies
explain safety features of equipment used in the workplace
describe machine elements
describe basic shapes and angles

Technical English for Beginners


You will need to print each resource attached to each lecture in order to undertake activities., as many video lectures contain exercises which have additional details on the resource sheets.


O’Connell Advanced Training Solutions – Your Partner in Professional English TrainingTogether we’ll cover the essential language you need to confidently and accurately speak, listen, read and write Technical English.This is a beginners course, so we start with refreshing the basics: alphabet and numbers, introductions and greetings. But we quickly delve into work-specific language and situations via audio, video and text lectures.Each lecture is supported by downloadable activities and exercises which you will need to complete. The course contains a wealth of information and resource sheets, and will be your go-to guide for your Technical English needs.By the end of this course you will be confident and competent in Technical English communication with your business partners, and will communicate at a CEF A2 level.


Section 1: Introduction To The Course

Lecture 1 Introduction To The Course And Your Teacher

Lecture 2 About the CEFR – What Are The English Levels and What Level Is This Course?

Lecture 3 For Your Reference – Your Complete Grammar Guide

Section 2: Let’s Learn Technical English For Beginners, Step-By-Step

Lecture 4 Survival Phrases – Your English Basics

Lecture 5 How Do You Spell That? The English Alphabet.

Lecture 6 How Many Is That? Numbers in English.

Lecture 7 Who Are You? Email Addresses and Web Addresses.

Lecture 8 English Refresher: Checking Telephone Messages

Lecture 9 Extra: All Your Technical Vocabulary Needs

Section 3: Describing and Explaining

Lecture 10 Who Are You? Introducing Yourself And Colleagues.

Lecture 11 What Is It? Tools and Equipment Basics.

Lecture 12 How Do I Say That? Pronouncing Tools and Equipment.

Lecture 13 One, Two, Three… More. Plural Forms in English.

Lecture 14 What Type Is It? Describing Tools and Equipment.

Lecture 15 What Do You Want? How To Say What You Want.

Lecture 16 Where Is It? English For Different Machines and Their Functions.

Lecture 17 Where Is It? Vocabulary For Describing Where Something Is.

Lecture 18 How Do I Get There? Describing Directions.

Lecture 19 Checking That Your Colleague Understands You… And You Understand Them!

Lecture 20 What Does It Have? Describing Facilities.

Lecture 21 How Wide Is It? What Is Its Width? Describing Dimensions.

Lecture 22 What Does It Have? Describing Features.

Lecture 23 Following Instructions In English.

Lecture 24 Let’s Talk About Tests – What Machines Do And What You Do.

Lecture 25 What Is It Doing? Talking About Events Happening At The Moment.

Lecture 26 Can We Fix It? Yes, We Can! Let’s Talk About Repairing Things.

Lecture 27 What Did You Do? Let’s Talk About Past Projects.

Lecture 28 Safety First: The Lesson You Have To Have!

Section 4: Conclusion… for the Beginner’s Course

Lecture 29 Thank You, and Goodbye

Lecture 30 Next Steps

Lecture 31 Extra: Office Skills and Technical English: Emails

Lecture 32 Extra: Downloadable Reference Sheets for Tenses and Structures

This is an ESL course, so is for non-native English speakers.,As this is a beginners course, you should have a CEF A1-A2 English level (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate)

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 23m | 1.74 GB
Created by: Jacqueline Seidel

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