Technical SEO Audit and Fix Your Website for Success

Everything you need to find and fix any technical SEO issues that could be costing you traffic and customers.
Technical SEO Audit and Fix Your Website for Success
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Ryan Whiteside


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Technical SEO Audit and Fix Your Website for Success

What you’ll learn

Run technical SEO audits and take immediate action on the findings

Technical SEO Audit and Fix Your Website for Success


Ideally, you know the very basics of SEO, such as title tags, meta descriptions, etc. If you’re starting with zero knowledge, I do my best to explain the basics as I’m teaching, but you’ll get more out of the course if don’t have to look up what SEO means before starting. 🙂


If you are looking to take your SEO knowledge to the next level then this course if for you! I’ve worked for 7+ years at one of the largest digital agencies in the United States, and have worked with individuals as well as multi-million dollar brands.At the end of this course, you’ll be able to… Perform a technical audit using free toolsFix problems that are robbing you of traffic from Google and other search enginesSet your website up for success now and in the future, even as technology and search algorithms change In this course, I’ll be teaching you how to… Pinpoint the specific content issues that make it difficult for Google and other search engines to crawl your websiteProvide a quality user experience by linking and redirecting visitors to your most important contentSpeed up your website so you can get a ranking boost!Make your website more mobile-friendlyWe cover a lot of ground, and rest-assured, if there’s something I didn’t cover, or didn’t explain in enough depth, please reach out to me in the discussion forums. There I answer every single question the comes through. Chances are, whatever issue you’re having I’ve seen before, and happy to help in any way that I can!


Section 1: Introduction and Setup

Lecture 1 Introduction to Technical SEO

Lecture 2 What We Mean By Technical SEO

Lecture 3 SEO Tools to Use for This Course

Lecture 4 Google Search Console Introduction

Lecture 5 Track Results with Google Analytics

Lecture 6 Screaming Frog Introduction

Lecture 7 My Recommended Technical SEO Tools for This Course

Lecture 8 Technical SEO Assignment #1

Section 2: Onpage and Content Issues

Lecture 9 Onpage/Content Introduction

Lecture 10 Finding and Fixing Missing Title and Description Tags

Lecture 11 Fix Too Short and Too Long Title and Meta Descriptions

Lecture 12 Fixing Missing H1 Tags

Lecture 13 How to Find Duplicate Content

Lecture 14 Canonicals – How and Why

Lecture 15 Finding Low Word Count Pages

Lecture 16 Including Schema Code on Your Website

Lecture 17 Data Highlighter – The Less Nerdy Alternative to Schema Code

Lecture 18 Technical SEO Assignment #2

Section 3: Site Accessibility and Indexing

Lecture 19 Accessibility and Indexation Introduction

Lecture 20 Tell Search Engines What Pages You Want Indexed

Lecture 21 How to Figure Out What Web Server You Have

Lecture 22 Working With HTACCESS Files

Lecture 23 HTACCESS Supplement Code

Lecture 24 How To Find and Fix Server Errors and Broken Links

Lecture 25 Change 301s For a Clean Website

Lecture 26 What You Need To Know About Robots_txt Files

Lecture 27 Test Your Robots_Txt File

Lecture 28 404 Pages Guide

Lecture 29 Securing Your Website

Lecture 30 Accessibility and Indexation Wrapup

Lecture 31 Technical SEO Assignment #3

Section 4: Site Architecture and Linking

Lecture 32 Site Architecture and Linking Introduction

Lecture 33 Improving Site Architecture

Lecture 34 Checking and Fixing Broken Links

Lecture 35 A Few Words on Nofollow Links

Lecture 36 Advanced Strategy for Redirects

Lecture 37 Site Architecture and Linking Recap

Lecture 38 Technical SEO Assignment #4

Section 5: Site Speed

Lecture 39 Site Speed Introduction

Lecture 40 The Importance of Site Speed

Lecture 41 Measuring Site Speed for Quick Wins

Lecture 42 How to Speed Up Your Website

Lecture 43 How to Get Quality Web Hosting

Lecture 44 Bonus: Speeding Up Your Website With Siteground

Lecture 45 Site Speed Tools

Lecture 46 Speed Test Walkthrough

Lecture 47 How to Find Large Images and Reduce Their Size

Lecture 48 Site Speed Recap

Lecture 49 Technical SEO Assignment #5

Section 6: Mobile Audits and Fixes

Lecture 50 Mobile Technical SEO Intro

Lecture 51 The Important of Mobile

Lecture 52 How to Run a Mobile-Friendly Test

Lecture 53 The Different Ways to Build Mobile Websites

Lecture 54 Creating a Mobile Friendly Website

Lecture 55 Doing a Mobile Technical Audit

Lecture 56 Mobile Technical SEO Recap

Lecture 57 Technical SEO Assignment #6

Section 7: Wrapping Things Up

Lecture 58 Concluding Remarks on This Course

This course is meant for someone who really wants to take their SEO knowledge to another level. I’ve been a technical SEO strategist for 7+ years. I’ve helped a number of different websites. I get right to it and show you the specific tools and tricks you need to start fixing your website so that it maximizes organic traffic potential.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 50m | 2.56 GB
Created by: Ryan Whiteside

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