Technical SEO Audit Masterclass Semrush Advanced SEO 2023

Master every aspect of a technical SEO audit as we work together to implement and fix every single issue using Semrush
Technical SEO Audit Masterclass Semrush Advanced SEO 2023
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Ricky Wallace


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Technical SEO Audit Masterclass Semrush Advanced SEO 2023

What you’ll learn

Master every single aspect of technical SEO and how to execute a success technical SEO audit
Work with Ricky ‘over the shoulder’ as you resolve, rectify and fix every single aspect of a technical SEO together
Use a 30-day free trial of the industry-leading SEO software, Semrush, to conduct an SEO audit and set it to run weekly on autopilot
Identify site crawlability issues such as redirect errors, 4xx and 5xx error codes, canonicals, ‘no-index’, duplicate content, and redirect loops and chains
Fix and resolve site performance errors such as poor page loading times, image optimisations, website caching, user experience and much more
Get to the root cause of HTTPS issues as we drill down into security protocols, SSL’s, and secure connections
identify and resolve every single internal and external linking error with redirects and header banners
Grasp Google’s ‘Core Web Vitals’ and tips and recommendations on how you can improve them
Identify and prevent keyword cannibalisation which could be preventing your webpages from ranking on the first page of the search engines
Review and implement an optimal permalink structure for your website an how you can do this safety
Implement and set up Google Search Console and learn how to audit your website and identify pages with poor user experience

Technical SEO Audit Masterclass Semrush Advanced SEO 2023


No prior experience needed
30-day free trial of Semrush


Fed up with poor-performing SEO and lacklustre results on the search engines? Then it’s time to deep dive into your Technical SEO.So you have completed your keyword research, on-page optimisations, and link building…yet you’re still not seeing any results on the search engine results pages.In this comprehensive Technical SEO Audit course, Ricky takes you by the hand and explains every single detail of a technical SEO audit…and then goes one step further and shows you exactly how to resolve the issues for your own website.Watch as Ricky completes an SEO audit with you, as you’re watching over his shoulder, implementing and resolving every possible cause that could be holding back the SEO performance of your website and preventing it from ranking on the first page of the SERPs.In this Technical SEO Audit course, recorded in Spring 2023, you will learn;The fundamentals of an SEO campaignHow to set up and use Semrush to run weekly audits on your website on autopilot How to fix and resolve crawlability issues preventing your website from ranking on the first pageHow to fix and resolve website performance issues such as user experience, caching, code optimisations and page loading speedsWhat HTTPS issues are and how to fix and resolve every aspect of security on your websiteHow to fix and resolve internal and external linking errorsDeep dive into Googles ‘Core Web Vitals’ to see what metrics might be holding back the performance of your websiteRicky has been building and ranking blogs and e-commerce businesses for himself for over 12 years, and managing his own successful SEO agency in London for the past 7 years.If you are ready to take your SEO knowledge one step further and master the technical side of an SEO campaign, then this is the perfect course for you deep dive into to grow and scale your website.See you on the inside!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What you will learn from this course

Lecture 2 Who is this course is for?

Lecture 3 Important

Lecture 4 Semrush 30-day free trial

Section 2: SEO Basics

Lecture 5 What is SEO?

Lecture 6 The SEO workflow

Lecture 7 What is technical SEO?

Section 3: Getting Things Ready

Lecture 8 Setting up a Semrush Project

Lecture 9 Running your first SEO audit

Lecture 10 Setting up an SEO plugin

Lecture 11 Note on the next lesson

Lecture 12 Setting up Google Search Console

Section 4: Fixing Crawlability Errors

Lecture 13 Understanding crawlability errors

Lecture 14 Auditing your redirect errors

Lecture 15 Possible redirections outside of Rank Math

Lecture 16 Resolving duplicate content issues

Lecture 17 Canonical vs no index

Lecture 18 Auditing noindex pages

Lecture 19 Resolving 4xx errors

Lecture 20 Resolving 5xx errors

Lecture 21 Resolve redirect chains and loops

Section 5: Fixing Site Performance Issues

Lecture 22 Improving webpage load times with WP Rocket

Lecture 23 Optimise images using Imagify

Section 6: HTTPS Implementation

Lecture 24 HTTP vs HTTPS

Lecture 25 SSL and forced HTTPS

Lecture 26 Resolving mixed content issues

Lecture 27 Robots.txt and sitemaps

Lecture 28 Adding your sitemap to Google Search Console

Section 7: Resolving Internal Linking Errors

Lecture 29 Fixing broken internal links

Lecture 30 Resolving External link errors

Section 8: Core Web Vitals

Lecture 31 What are the core web vitals and how to fix

Lecture 32 Reviewing page experience

Section 9: Google Search Console

Lecture 33 How to audit errors from the search console

Section 10: Final Bits

Lecture 34 Reviewing your permalink structure

Lecture 35 Keyword cannibalization

Website owners wanting to extend their knowledge of technical SEO and learn to dominate the search engines,E-commerce business owners who want to drive more traffic, sales and profits through increased visibility on the search engines,Bloggers who want to increase ad revenue and affiliate sales through implementing effect technical SEO for increased exposure on the SERPs,Service-based website owners looking to grow their volume of leads through improved rankings and technical SEO performance,Any experienced SEO who wants to learn how to use Semrush’s SEO audit and to run regular SEO audits on autopilot,Beginners without any websites who are keen to master technical SEO ready for when they begin to develop their own website/business

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 54m | 2.77 GB
Created by: Ricky Wallace

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