Technology for Nonprofits

Learn the tools and techniques nonprofits need to make better use of technology.
Technology for Nonprofits
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Technology for Nonprofits

What you’ll learn

Fundraising techniques and tools. This will help you find and organize fundraising efforts.
Digital advertising for nonprofits. You need to have a presence!
Social media and email marketing for nonprofits including email and social media calendars
Databases and CRM systems for nonprofits and how to implement them
Learn about data collection, analysis, and how to use it for your nonprofit organization

Technology for Nonprofits


This is not a programming course! You’ll learn about the practical tools and techniques that will help your organization run more efficiently, find new funding opportunities, tell your story, and communicate with your stakeholders.


This six-part series is designed to help nonprofits understand and effectively use digital tools and techniques for fundraising and marketing. The series covers a broad range of topics, including social media, email, digital advertising, fundraising, data, and customer relationship management (CRM). The goal is to equip nonprofits with the knowledge and tools to maximize their digital marketing efforts and increase their fundraising success. The series provides practical advice and best practices from experienced nonprofit professionals, as well as case studies and resources to help nonprofits stay ahead of the curve.In addition to course videos you’ll receive over 120 pages of notes and activities! Each section is designed to help guide your implementation process.In this course, we’ll cover a wide range of topics related to technology for nonprofits. At the end of this course you will have a technology and communications plan as well as the tools and knowledge to implement them.This course is designed for nonprofit professionals who want to learn how to use technology to better reach their goals, work more efficiently, and attract new funding.We’ll provide hands-on exercises and real-world examples to help you get the most out of the course. If you’re interested in learning more, please check out the course on Udemy today. I look forward to helping you reach your nonprofit goals.Social Media:In this class we will discuss why social media is important to your mission. You’ll learn about choosing platforms, tools to create your posts, how to create a social media plan, and about social media analytics- so you’ll know if it’s working! Don’t forget to check out the Notes and Activity download and the included social media content calendar.Email Marketing:In this interview with Dr. Brittany McDonald, Executive Director of Uptown Partners of Pittsburgh we discuss why email marketing is important for nonprofits. We also discuss email marketing platforms, who you should be emailing, how to build a list, content and frequency, and analytics for email marketing. Don’t forget to check out the Notes and Activity download and the included email marketing calendar.Digital Advertising :In this interview with Brendon Schenecker, Founder and CEO of SB Marketing we discuss why digital advertising is important for nonprofits, what options exist (including FREE options), and how to get started. You’ll learn about the most effective forms of digital marketing, how to choose demographics and target audiences, retargeting, and digital advertising metrics. We will give you an introduction to Google AdWords and discuss how to get started with Facebook ads.Don’t forget to check out the Notes and Activity download, it’s full of tools and resources for further learning.Fundraising Tools and Techniques:In this interview with Melanie Marie Boyer, Executive Director of the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce we discuss fundraising strategies and tools including grant research, donor communications and donor management systems, introduce you to crowdfunding, and give tips on how to attract new donors.Don’t forget to check out the Notes and Activity download, it’s full of tools and resources for further learning.Data Collection and Analysis:In this class we discuss what data is, what terminology you need to know, and where to find data. We also discuss metrics that are important for your organization, how to tell your story with data, and get started with databases and data collection. The discussion is rounded out with suggestions on how to use data to foster effective teams and engagement within your organization.Don’t forget to check out the Notes and Activity download, it’s full of tools and resources for further learning.CRM Systems:In this class we discuss what a CRM is and why you need it. You’ll learn how to choose a platform, define how you will use it, and identify what information you will collect. You’ll also learn implementation best practices to make the transition smoother and more productive for your team.Don’t forget to check out the Notes and Activity download, it’s full of tools and resources for further learning.


Section 1: Introduction to Technology for Nonprofits

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Social Media for Nonprofits

Lecture 2 Social Media For Nonprofits Video

Section 3: Email Communications and Systems

Lecture 3 Email Communications and Systems for Nonprofits

Section 4: Digital Advertising for Nonprofits

Lecture 4 Digital Advertising for Nonprofits

Section 5: Fundraising Tools and Techniques

Lecture 5 Fundraising Tools and Techniques for Nonprofits

Section 6: Data for Nonprofits- How to make information actionable.

Lecture 6 Data for Nonprofits- How to make information actionable.

Section 7: CRM Systems for Nonprofits

Lecture 7 CRM Systems for Nonprofits

Section 8: Complete our closing questions!

Great for nonprofit employees and leaders who are looking for ways to better manage their communications, their internal and external information, and fundraising strategies.

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Udemy | English | 2h 46m | 3.54 GB
Created by: Connie Capiotis

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