TeluguCryptoWhale Course For Top AltCoins

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TeluguCryptoWhale Course For Top AltCoins
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Telugu Crypto Whale


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TeluguCryptoWhale Course For Top AltCoins

What you’ll learn

Top Rated Crypto AltCoins
You will know next Bitcoin
Gold and Silver

TeluguCryptoWhale Course For Top AltCoins


You need basic understanding on cryptocurrency
Smartphone or Computer


This Course is designed to give you deeper analysis of various Crypto projects.In this Course I will be discussing aboutTop Rated AltcoinsNext Bitcoin (This coin have potential to beat BTC price)Bullrun WarningsBear Market Buying OpportunitiesMy PortfolioExist StrategyCrypto NewsIn this course,  you will learn about Top Rated Altcoins, reviews, partnerships and ratings. “Millionaires will be made in bear market” So I will teach you exactly about bear market opportunities and also, I will give bullrun warnings and my exist strategy. Complete dedicated video will explain about top rated altcoins, at the end of the each video I will give altcoin rating based on their utility. In this course I will address my next Bitcoin(price wise) and why that altcoin have so much potential to grow. You will access this course for life time once you buy it.Who this course is for:Crypto enthusiastAnyone who is interested in altcoin investmentAnyone who is looking for an effective strategy to invest in AltcoinsAnyone who needs time to time updates about crypto newsAnyone who is willing to change their investing perspectivesDisclaimer:  I am not a financial adviser, please do not buy or sell anything based on my comments. Please do your own research for your investments.Note: This course is in Telugu language only


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Crypto Wallets

Lecture 2 Crypto Wallets

Lecture 3 Ledger Stax

Section 3: CBDCs

Lecture 4 CBDC Surveillance

Lecture 5 China Surveillance with CBDCs

Lecture 6 Future Wallets

Lecture 7 WEF Carbon Footprint Technology

Lecture 8 Alternates to CBDCs

Section 4: Top Rated Altcoins

Lecture 9 QNT(Next Bitcoin)

Lecture 10 QNT 2(Next Bitcoin)

Lecture 11 XDC

Section 5: Gold and Silver

Lecture 12 Central Banks Stockpiling Gold and Silver

Any one who is interested in Crypto,Anyone who is interested in potential Alt coins,Any one who is interested Blockchain Technology

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Udemy | English | 0h 39m | 519.99 MB
Created by: Telugu Crypto Whale

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