Terraform for Google Cloud Learn Infrastructure as Code

Discover the power of Terraform to launch infrastructure from a script of code!
Terraform for Google Cloud Learn Infrastructure as Code
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Jose Portilla


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Terraform for Google Cloud Learn Infrastructure as Code

What you’ll learn

Understand infrastructure as code (IAC)
Create Google cloud infrastructure with Terraform
Learn how to use Terraform State Commands
Discover how to use repeatable Terraform Modules
Learn to write Terraform scripts to provision Cloud Resources
Understand Terraform best practices

Terraform for Google Cloud Learn Infrastructure as Code


Previous Cloud Experience Recommended
Experience with general programming ideas (such as creating YAML files)
Course includes a Google Cloud Primer for users familiar with other Cloud Platforms


Welcome to the best online resource to learn how to leverage the power of Terraform  to create infrastructure using scripts of code!This course will guide you into discovering how to automate Google cloud infrastructure  by simply creating files using HashiCorp’s Terraform, which will then create a set of instructions to automatically launch your Google Cloud infrastructure services.Cloud Architects often need to spend time setting up and configuring infrastructure services for teams, including repetitive tasks for duplicate infrastructure designs. Terraform allows for cloud users to save time by leveraging infrastructure as code, allowing developers to create scripts that automatically create cloud resources and infrastructure.This course is taught by the CloudMeta LLC, a company that expertise in cloud technology including AWS, GCP,  DevOps and Terraform.  In this course you will learn how to use Terraform in real world situations, with plenty of examples drawn from their experiences. This course will teach you everything you need to understand the motivations behind using Terraform and how its used in the real world. In this course, you’ll learn about:Installing and Setting up TerraformTerraform StateTerraform VariablesTerraform OutputsTerraform ProvisionersTerraform State Commands and StorageBuilt-in FunctionsType ConstraintsDynamic BlocksDebug LoggingTerraform Best Practicesand much more!This course also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try out the course completely risk-free. Our courses also come with access to our Discord Chat Channel so you can connect with other students to share ideas or projects.Enroll today and we’ll see you inside the course!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course FAQs and Important Links

Lecture 2 Course Overview

Section 2: OPTIONAL: Google Cloud Basics

Lecture 3 Optional Overview

Lecture 4 Account Setup and Console Tour

Lecture 5 IAM

Lecture 6 Resource Hierarchy

Lecture 7 Service Accounts

Lecture 8 Compute Engine Overview

Lecture 9 Compute Engine Demo

Lecture 10 Virtual Private Cloud Network VPC

Lecture 11 Networks and Subnetworks

Lecture 12 Cloud Storage

Lecture 13 Storage Demo

Lecture 14 Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Lecture 15 Google Kubernetes Engine Architecture

Lecture 16 GKE Demo

Section 3: Infrastructure as Code

Lecture 17 Understanding Infrastructure as Code

Lecture 18 IAC Tools

Section 4: Terraform Basics

Lecture 19 Introduction to Terraform

Lecture 20 Installing Terraform

Lecture 21 Introduction to Terraform Demo

Lecture 22 Demo Part One

Lecture 23 Demo Part Two: Authentication

Lecture 24 Demo Part Three: Terraform Configuration File

Section 5: Terraform Blocks

Lecture 25 Terraform Language Syntax

Lecture 26 Provider Type Block

Lecture 27 Resource Type Block

Lecture 28 Input Variable

Lecture 29 Output Values

Lecture 30 Local Values

Section 6: Terraform Commands

Lecture 31 Initialize Command

Lecture 32 Plan Command

Lecture 33 Apply Command

Lecture 34 Help Command

Section 7: Terraform State

Lecture 35 Terraform State

Lecture 36 Remote Backend

Section 8: Terraform Modules

Lecture 37 Introduction to Terraform Modules

Lecture 38 Module Example

Lecture 39 Network

Lecture 40 Kubernetes Resource

Lecture 41 Memorystore Resource

Lecture 42 Blob Storage Resource

Lecture 43 Why Modules?

Lecture 44 Refactor to Modules – Part One

Lecture 45 Refactor to Modules – Part Two

Lecture 46 Modules in a Source Repository

Lecture 47 Modules Versioning

Section 9: Terraform Advanced Topics

Lecture 48 Terraform for_each with resource

Lecture 49 Terraform for_each with module

Lecture 50 Terraform Dynamic

Section 10: Terraform Labs

Lecture 51 Lab One: Introduction

Lecture 52 Lab One: Solution – Part One

Lecture 53 Lab One: Solution – Part Two

Lecture 54 Lab Two

Lecture 55 Lab Three

Lecture 56 Lab Four

Section 11: Terraform Best Practices

Lecture 57 Best Practices

Section 12: Terraform Final Project

Lecture 58 Terraform Project

Lecture 59 Terraform Project – Solution Walkthrough

Lecture 60 Terraform Project – Best Practices

Lecture 61 Final Infrastructure Project Walkthrough

Cloud Architects who want to learn who to use Terraform

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 8h 50m | 3.12 GB
Created by: Jose Portilla

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