Test Automation with Katalon Studio Selenium WebDriver

Katalon Studio – Keyword driven tool written on top of Selenium for Web Application Automation | API Testing
Test Automation with Katalon Studio Selenium WebDriver
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Test Automation with Katalon Studio Selenium WebDriver

What you’ll learn

Fair understanding to automate any web application using katalon
GIT integration with Katalon Studio
Detailed understanding of using Selenium Webdriver feature within Katalon Studio

Test Automation with Katalon Studio Selenium WebDriver


Basic computer knowledge
Understanding of Selenium WebDriver would be added benefit
Familiarity with any object oriented programming and JVM based is added benefit


Are you a QA/Manager and want to learn automation to automate your routine task? but due to limited knowledge of  programming language and basics of HTML, CSS and javascript, you never caste your focus on automation to automate your monotonous tasksThen here is the Good news for you!!!!! this course will teach you automation with Katalon Studio which is written on top of Selenium and Appium. In addition to this, Katalon Studio has been designed for pro automation engineer as well as for basic users like manual testers and proactive managers who don’t have ever written a single line of automation script. For ease of manual testers and beginners in Automation, Katalon Studio team has created Readable Keywords for almost all actions that any naive user can use with little effort. This tool has a feature to give a dose of Selenium Scripting gradually once the user gets comfortable with this tool.For pro automation engineers this is Selenium with better features along with better action mapped keywords that can be used with java and groovy with great ease.Katalon Studio has made it easy to use this tool by embedding Eclipse and all Selenium related Jar already downloaded with tool setup. So the user doesn’t need to download Selenium, TestNG jars or any other API jar separately to work with Katalon Studio because everything comes as a single package and that can use right away.Best Features of Katalon StudioIt uses Selenium at best capacity, So whatever you think can be done through Selenium, can be done with Katalon Studio as well.Provides Reports for each of the suite execution with the feature of parallel execution in different browserEvery action can be tracked through logsProvides an interface to integrate GIT, CI Tools and JIRAThe learning curve is really short, any user with prior knowledge of Selenium can start using it right away.Katalon Studio seems to be an outstanding automation tool with the shortest learning curve for test Automation of web application.So hope you will enjoy your learning on test automation with Katalon Studio and Selenium.


Section 1: Katalon Studion Introduction and Syllabus

Lecture 1 Course Introduction and Syllabus

Lecture 2 Katalon Studio V5.7 : Cucumber BDD Support Added and on app activation

Lecture 3 Complete Project In Zip Form

Section 2: Katalon Studio Installation

Lecture 4 Katalon Studio Introduction

Lecture 5 Installation of Katalon Studio

Section 3: Test Object Handling | Finding Elements on Web Page

Lecture 6 What is Test Object

Lecture 7 CSS Selector

Lecture 8 Relative Xpath

Lecture 9 Spy Web Introduction

Lecture 10 Playing with Test Object

Section 4: Creating Script by all three ways in Katalon Studio

Lecture 11 Creating first test case using Record & Replay feature of Katalon Studio

Lecture 12 Creating first test case using Manual Mode

Section 5: Handling Browser

Lecture 13 Browser handling in Manual Mode

Lecture 14 Handling browser in script mode

Section 6: Handling Textfield

Lecture 15 Handling text field in script mode

Section 7: Handling Checkbox

Lecture 16 Handling checkbox in manual mode

Lecture 17 Handling checkbox in script mode

Section 8: Handling Radio button

Lecture 18 Handling radio button in script mode

Lecture 19 Handling radio button in Manual Mode

Section 9: Handling dropdown

Lecture 20 Handling dropdown in manual mode

Lecture 21 Handling dropdown in script mode

Section 10: Handling multiple windows

Lecture 22 Handling multiple windows using index in manual mode

Lecture 23 Handling multiple windows using index and title method in script mode

Section 11: Handling alerts in Katalon Studio

Lecture 24 Definition of alert, confirm and prompt box

Lecture 25 Handling alert, prompt and confirm box

Section 12: Handling iframe in Katalon Studio

Lecture 26 Handling iFrame using Switch To Frame

Lecture 27 Handling iframe without switching to iframe

Section 13: Variables in Katalon Studio and It’s use with example

Lecture 28 Private, Public and Global Variable with Example

Section 14: Taking screenshot in Katalon Studio

Lecture 29 Taking screenshot when test case fails

Section 15: Keyboard Action in Katalon Studio

Lecture 30 Typing string in upper letters by pressing SHIFT Key and also performing CTRL+T

Lecture 31 Opening new Tab in Browser using key combination in Script Mode

Section 16: Mouse action in Katalon Studio

Lecture 32 Double Click and Focusing on Element

Lecture 33 Double Click and Focusing on Element In Script Mode

Lecture 34 Scroll to Element, Hover on Element and Focus Action with Example

Lecture 35 Drag And Drop Action in Katalon Studio

Section 17: Custom Keywords in Katalon Studio(Writing utility methods in Katalon)

Lecture 36 Introduction of Custom Keywords

Lecture 37 Creating first Custom Keyword (Open and Maximize Browser Window)

Section 18: Database testing using custom keyword in Katalon Studio

Lecture 38 Establishing database connection and executing first query

Lecture 39 Table Creation using Custom Keyword in Katalon Studio

Lecture 40 Insert data in table

Lecture 41 Deleting row from table and dropping table from database

Lecture 42 Executing custom keywords in Script Mode

Section 19: JavaScript Executor custom keyword in Katalon(Selenium implementation)

Lecture 43 JavaScript Executor Custom Keyword

Section 20: Test Suite in Katalon Studio

Lecture 44 Create first test suite and re-run failed test cases.

Lecture 45 Parallel browser execution of test suites in Katalon Studio

Section 21: Reports in Katalon Studio

Lecture 46 What is Test Execution Report

Lecture 47 Reports In Katalon Studio With Practical Example

Lecture 48 Exporting Test Execution Report

Section 22: Katalon Analytics

Lecture 49 What is Katalon Analytics

Lecture 50 Setting up Katalon Analytics in Katalon Studio

Lecture 51 Uploading Reports to Katalon Analytics Automatically

Section 23: Importing Project In Katalon Studio

Lecture 52 Importing project in Katalon Studio

Section 24: Test Listeners (Test Hooks) – Katalon Studio

Lecture 53 What is Test Listeners(Test Hooks)

Lecture 54 Creating Test Listeners in Katalon Studio – BeforeTestCase and AfterTestCase

Lecture 55 BeforeTestSuite And AfterTestSuite Annotation with Example

Lecture 56 Facts to Remember(Important)

Section 25: GIT Integration In Katalon Studio

Lecture 57 Creating One Remote Repository for Katalon Project

Lecture 58 Enabling GIT in Katalon Studio

Lecture 59 Converting existing Katalon Project in to GIT Repository

Lecture 60 Pushing your Code to GIT Using Katalon

Section 26: What is Web Service and Its Type

Lecture 61 What is Web Service, Its Example and Type of Web Services?

Lecture 62 What is REST API | 4 Principles | Benefit of Using Rest API

Lecture 63 What is REST API (Left Out)

Section 27: Setting up API on Local!

Lecture 64 Setting up API to learn various rest api manipulation methods.

Section 28: Rest API: Get Method

Lecture 65 Creating First Rest API Test Case

Lecture 66 Adding verification of Status Code, Json Property and Printing response body.

Lecture 67 Adding Dynamic Value to Get Request From Test Case Using Variable.

Lecture 68 Data Driven example in Get Request using excel

Section 29: Rest API: Delete Method

Lecture 69 Deleting Data Using Delete Method In Katalon

Section 30: Rest API: Update Method

Lecture 70 Updating existing data using Put Method In Katalon

Section 31: GIT Basics

Lecture 71 GIT Introduction

Lecture 72 Installation of GIT

Lecture 73 Configuration of GIT for the first time user

Lecture 74 GIT Help command

Lecture 75 GIT Commit – Adding files for versioning

Lecture 76 Finding GIT Status

Lecture 77 GIT Log – fetching commit history

Lecture 78 Git Checkout : Undo the changes in any file in working directory

Lecture 79 Un-staging staged files

Lecture 80 Git commit –amend : Amending commit in GIT

Lecture 81 Reverting commit

Lecture 82 Discarding untracked file and directory in working directory

Lecture 83 Creating Branch in GIT

Lecture 84 Creating and switching to branch simultaneously in GIT

Lecture 85 Merging Changes from one branch in to another branch in git

Lecture 86 Renaming and deleting branches in git

Lecture 87 Soft Reset in GIT

Lecture 88 Mixed Reset in GIT

Lecture 89 Hard Reset in GIT

Lecture 90 Deleting all unstaged file

Lecture 91 Introduction of git stash

Lecture 92 git stash apply and git stash pop command in git

Lecture 93 Deleting stash

Lecture 94 How remote repository works with local repository

Lecture 95 Setting up bitbucket account for remote repository

Lecture 96 Adding remote repository

Lecture 97 Pushing our local changes to remote repository using GIT PUSH

Lecture 98 Cloning git project

Lecture 99 Creating branch on remote

Lecture 100 Pushing changes to remote branch

Lecture 101 GIT Fetch and merge with example

1- Any professional who wants to try hands in Automation,2- All manual tester and proactive manager who wants to see fast execution of task with each passing sprint

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 10h 18m | 5.02 GB
Created by: Abode QA

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