Test Your Poker

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Test Your Poker
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Alexander Fitzgerald


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Test Your Poker

What you’ll learn

Playing with and without the HUD
Preflop Raising. Preflop Threebetting. Preflop Fourbetting.
Flop Play. Analyzing the board texture and ranges
Turn Play. Understanding the field tendencies
River Play. Using statistics
Practical Tests with Multiple Choice Style Questions
Different Play at Different Tournament Stages
Using Hand-analyzing Software
When to Bluff and When to Avoid it
Raise Sizes and Bet Percentages

Test Your Poker


Basic understanding of No Limit Holde’m
Computer, Tablet, Phone


This 9.5-hour exam was originally created as a subtle course for aspiring horses. You will be constantly offered different tournament situations and asked to make a decision within 30 seconds, because you don’t have more time in real tournaments. More than a hundred complex hands are laid out for students to answer. After each question, renowned poker coach Alexander Fitzgerald explains in detail why certain responses are right and wrong.In this video-course you will study different aspects of Tournament Poker. Different hands and different players require adjusting your strategy according to your opponents tendencies.Study of more than 20 million hands has revealed field’s tendencies and we should definitely use this information to get more folds when we don’t have a hand and get more chips when we have it! When players ask me GTO or Exploit? I always say Exploit! If you are playing a rock paper scissors game with a child who keeps choosing scissors 8 times out of 10 why to bother balancing and choosing different options different percentage of the time? Why not to choose a Rock 10 times out of 10 and pocket a win 8 times out of 10 times? I will teach you how to exploit the field and pocket a win! The brutally demanding approach has had a great effect on Alexander Fitzgerald’s 2,000+ students, and the video series is now often used in 15-minute increments as a warm-up before playing.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Webinar Recording with Practical Tests

Lecture 2 Practical Tests 1

Section 3: Additional Webinar Recording with Practical Tests

Lecture 3 Practical Tests 2

Section 4: Preflop Game

Lecture 4 Preflop

Section 5: Threebetting

Lecture 5 Threebetting

Section 6: Fourbetting

Lecture 6 Fourbetting

Section 7: Unorthodox Plays

Lecture 7 Effective Approach

Tournament Poker Beginners,Players who want to improve their game,Players who want to increase their earnings

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 54m | 3.94 GB
Created by: Alexander Fitzgerald

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