The 10 Habits Learning Development Programme

The 10 Habits Learning Development Programme
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The 10 Habits Learning Development Programme

What you’ll learn

ENJOY WHAT YOU LEARN. This is the first and most typical skill of all successful learners
LEARN FASTER and remember MORE for LONGER once you have mastered the 10 necessary and sufficient learning skills
IMPROVE INSIGHT into complex systems
ENHANCE RECALLING of content stored in the brain
IMPROVE BRAIN CAPACITY by means of enhanced neural coding
Be a smarter and more successful LEARNER
Excel and enjoy greater success in YOUR DREAM JOB

The 10 Habits Learning Development Programme


A keen desire TO UP INTELLECTUAL PERFORMANCE to meet future challenges
An unwavering belief in ‘I’M POSSIBLE’ and not ‘ImPossible’
The STRENGTH to bite the bullet


Below are the 10 Habits, the necessary and sufficient skills for successful learning.  These skills are necessary because without them you will not succeed and they are sufficient, because you do not need more than these skills to succeed.How to identify keywordsHow to manage your timeStorytelling* (Narrative)Grouping*Visualization*Questioning words*Memorization*Association*How to design a creative summary The art of writing exams*Skills combination unique to the 10 Habits with practical exercises to masterBy completion of this course, you will have developed your own personal approach to study and learning that meets your individual needs. You will discover what combination of skills works best for you and how to apply it.  It is therefore not a case of ‘one size fits all’.You also should have mastered the 10 Habits to such an extent that they become fine-tuned skills automatically applied when you are challenged to learn something.The skills are applicable to learners across disciplines and all walks of life; learning skills are highly transferable life skills and are not just for students.  You will take them with you beyond your education into new contexts, for example, organizational skills, time management, prioritizing, critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical challenges of various kinds, all central and closely related to the characteristics employers look for.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Who will benefit

Lecture 2 How you will benefit

Lecture 3 The team

Lecture 4 Course outline

Lecture 5 Start here

Section 2: Habit 1: Time Management & Workplace

Lecture 6 Introduction

Lecture 7 Procrastination

Lecture 8 The Pomodoro Technique

Lecture 9 Spaced Learning

Lecture 10 Your Timetable

Lecture 11 Your Workplace

Section 3: Habit 2: Keywords

Lecture 12 Keywords

Section 4: Habit 3: Narrative

Lecture 13 Narrative / Story Telling

Section 5: Habit 4: Grouping

Lecture 14 Grouping

Section 6: Habit 5: Visualization

Lecture 15 Visualization

Section 7: Habit 6: Questioning Words

Lecture 16 Questioning Words

Section 8: Habit 7 : Memorization

Lecture 17 Memorization

Section 9: Habit 8: Association

Lecture 18 Association

Section 10: Habit 9: Summaries

Lecture 19 Introduction

Lecture 20 Flowcharts

Lecture 21 Spider Graphs or Mindmaps

Lecture 22 Conclusion

Section 11: Habit 10: Exam Skills

Lecture 23 Introduction

Lecture 24 Exam Stress

Lecture 25 Revision timetable

Lecture 26 The last 24 hours

Section 12: A Positive Attitude

Lecture 27 A Positive Attitude

SENIOR LEARNERS that want to improve their performance either to obtain a qualification, meet entry criteria for a dream course or pass with distinction,AMBITIOUS EMPLOYEES AND BUSINESS PEOPLE that realize they need to distinguish themselves as knowledgeable, skilled in brainstorming new ideas, and understanding complex systems,PARENTS keen and wise enough to raise children that will make the most of their brainpower to surf the tsunami of future changes and not be swamped by it. Accelerated change, due to new pandemics, climate change, and IT, will result in a world completely different from what we know today

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Created by: Deon van Wyk

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