The 3Hour Garden 2 Gardening in Practice

Learn gardening essentials from sowing, planting, weeds, plant protection, cultivation of 50 types of vegetables.
The 3Hour Garden 2 Gardening in Practice
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Barnabas Ory


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The 3Hour Garden 2 Gardening in Practice

What you’ll learn

Your garden is established, now learn to grow your own vegetables in 3 hours a week, no experience needed
get to know the cultivation of more than 50 types of vegetables and herbs down to the smallest details.
Learn seeding, transplanting, soil management, weeds, pests and spraying and more.
Use the provided documents and sheets to plan your garden efficiently

The 3Hour Garden 2 Gardening in Practice


No experience needed


In the 3-HOUR Garden online course #1 and #2, you can get to know Barnabás’s gardening tricks of bio-intensive vegetable cultivation in the smallest details. Thanks to the format of the courses, you can learn in an interactive interface with the help of HD quality videos, text notes and sheets.In the first half of the course, we present the work processes of the organic garden in detail, including the preparation of beds, sowing and planting, weed management, nutrient supply and plant protection. In the second half of the course, Gardening in Practice, you can get to know the cultivation of vegetables and herbs down to the smallest details. You get a complete picture and instructions for successful gardening:-Use of permanent beds-One of the pillars is the use of raised beds-Composting: The most important material of a bio-intensivee garden is high-quality compost-Crop planning-There is no well-functioning organic garden without a proper planting plan-Efficient workflows-From preparing the beds through planting to plant protection-Successful vegetable growing: Diversity, appropriate variety selection, plant care, healthy vegetables-Sustainable soil management: The most important friend of the organic gardener is the soil, and we must treat it accordingly”Our goal is to motivate and help those who would like to connect with nature through gardening at home in their free time and want a more environmentally conscious and healthy life.”Enjoy all the healthy food rich in vitamins you could cultivate with your own hands! See you in the course: )


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Bed preparation

Lecture 2 Bed preparation

Section 3: Direct Seeding and Transplanting

Lecture 3 Direct Seeding and Transplanting in practice

Lecture 4 Transplanting

Lecture 5 Direct seeding

Lecture 6 Pricking out seedlings and potting up

Section 4: Weeds

Lecture 7 Weeds

Section 5: Soil and Nutrients

Lecture 8 Soil and Nutrients

Lecture 9 Organic fertilizers

Lecture 10 Foliar feeding

Lecture 11 Cover crops

Section 6: Extending the Season

Lecture 12 Extending the Season

Section 7: Pests and Diseases

Lecture 13 Pests and Diseases

Lecture 14 Spraying

Section 8: Leafy Greens

Lecture 15 Growing in pots and containers

Lecture 16 Lettuce mix

Lecture 17 Spinach

Lecture 18 Mache or Lambs lettuce

Lecture 19 Chard

Lecture 20 Oriental salad mix and arugula

Lecture 21 Lettuce

Section 9: Brassicas

Lecture 22 Brassicas #1

Lecture 23 Brassicas #2

Section 10: Root Vegetables

Lecture 24 Carrot

Lecture 25 Beetroot

Lecture 26 Celery and celeriac

Lecture 27 Potato

Lecture 28 Sweet potato

Lecture 29 Parsnip

Lecture 30 Radish

Lecture 31 Parsley Root

Section 11: Alliums

Lecture 32 Scallion

Lecture 33 Leek

Lecture 34 Planting garlic

Lecture 35 Garlic

Lecture 36 Chives

Lecture 37 Growing onions from seed

Section 12: Summer Vegetables

Lecture 38 Tomato

Lecture 39 Pepper

Lecture 40 Eggplant

Lecture 41 Cucumber

Lecture 42 Summer squash

Lecture 43 Sweet corn and winter squash

Section 13: Legumes

Lecture 44 Pea

Lecture 45 Green bean

Lecture 46 Sugar snap pea and snow pea (mangetout)

Lecture 47 Runner bean

Section 14: Herbs

Lecture 48 Herbs

Those who would like to get into gardening,Who would like to level up and learn from a more experienced organic gardener,Who is motivated to be more self-sufficient,Who wants to live healthier

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Udemy | English | 7h 43m | 9.68 GB
Created by: Barnabas Ory

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