The Art of Communications Become A Master Communicator

Communication skills training. Confidence. Public Speaking. Promotion. Body Language. Pay raise. Job interview. Speech.
The Art of Communications Become A Master Communicator
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Dr. Roy Naraine


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The Art of Communications Become A Master Communicator

What you’ll learn

This course will allow you to massively improve your communications skills.
The ultimate goal is to become a master communicator.

The Art of Communications Become A Master Communicator


1. Relax
2. Open your mind
3. We will take care of the rest


This course is written and presented by a medical doctor with 20 years’ experience in self-improvement training, coaching and counseling.It has been recorded and produced on a studio quality level.By enrolling in this course, you will get a lifetime access to the current content, as well as, BONUS MATERIAL .  No risk involved! Watch our PREVIEW VIDEOSOver 140,000 happy students enrolled in our courses!Over 28,000 TOP reviews!This course will allow you to massively improve your communication skills. You will learn how to interact with people in the world of business and ultimately achieve success. You will be able to draw and keep people’s attention, both verbally and non-verbally. Your body will become a powerful weapon, enabling you to captivate and enthrall the audience and your interlocutors.  Remember, in my productions I always provide a number of free, preview videos. Watch them and confirm that this is exactly the course you need.  Situations where you can apply your new set of skills:  Win a job interviewGet a pay raiseClose a profitable dealPass an oral exam  Get a promotionGive a memorable speech Deliver a compelling presentationExceed at social and business interactions  Conquer the corporate jungleAnd more communication skills


Section 1: Getting started

Lecture 1 Introduction – “So, what is communication?”

Lecture 2 The Power of Perceptiveness

Section 2: The Handshake

Lecture 3 The Manly Handshake – Show CONFIDENCE when dealing with managers and directors

Lecture 4 The Palm Down Handshake – How to avoid BEING DOMINATED during interactions

Lecture 5 The Palm Up Handshake – Use it as a powerful weapon to GET WHAT YOU WANT

Lecture 6 The Deadfish Handshake – THE WORST type of handshake that will ruin your meeting

Lecture 7 The Hand Clamminess – Eliminate hand clamminess and BECOME MORE COMPELLING

Lecture 8 The HIP Theory

Section 3: Non-verbal Communication

Lecture 9 The Genuine Smile – One easy technique for performing a TRUST-BUILDING SMILE

Lecture 10 Eye Contact – Gain strength, confidence, intelligence and respect

Lecture 11 Ear Contact 1 – How to WIN FRIENDSHIP by listening attentively

Lecture 12 Ear Contact 2 – How to make people FEEL PROUD and important

Lecture 13 Non-verbal Communication – LOOK LIKE A WINNER and be perceived as a winner

Section 4: The Compatibility Mode

Lecture 14 Compatibility Mode 1 – A very simple way to BE IN TUNE with your interlocutors

Lecture 15 Compatibility Mode 2 – REAL LIFE examples of tuning in with your interlocutor

Lecture 16 Mundanity 1 – Use SMALL TALK to pave the way to meaningful topics

Lecture 17 Mundanity 2 – One very simple technique to AROUSE PEOPLE’S INTRESTS

Lecture 18 Take a look!

Section 5: The Communication Zone

Lecture 19 The Security Zone 1 – Learn and understand the SPATIAL NEEDS of other people

Lecture 20 The Security Zone 2 – Deal with the invasion of your PERSONAL SPACE

Lecture 21 Replicating Behavior – They like you if you BEHAVE like them

Lecture 22 The Communication Angle – Determine their interest by observing the BODY ANGLE

Lecture 23 The X Position – Things to AVOID during meetings, conferences and interviews

Lecture 24 The Seating Configuration – How to foster TRUST and FRIENDLINESS

Section 6: NEW Section! Presentation Skills, Stage Confidence & Charisma by Jimmy Naraine

Lecture 25 Introduction to Presentation Skills Section & What You Will Learn

Lecture 26 The “F Word” and Public Speaking by Jimmy Naraine

Lecture 27 How To Turn Anxiety Into Excitement by Jimmy Naraine

Lecture 28 How To Create a GREAT First Impression in front of any Audience by Jimmy Naraine

Lecture 29 How To WOW Your Audience with the Power of Engagement by Jimmy Naraine

Lecture 30 What is “Stage Effect” and How YOU Can Benefit from it by Jimmy Naraine

Lecture 31 The Art of Presentation 1 – Foster your confidence and SEIZE THE AUDIENCE

Lecture 32 The Art of Presentation 2 – The most important attributes of a GREAT PRESENTER

Section 7: The Final Section with EXTRAS

Lecture 33 [eBook] The Art of Communication – Communication Skills & Body Language Secrets

Lecture 34 [EXTRAS] How I Beat Diabetes Using Self-Improvement Techniques


Lecture 35 Section 1 & 2 AUDIO

Lecture 36 Section 3 AUDIO

Lecture 37 Section 4 AUDIO

Lecture 38 Section 5 & 6 AUDIO

Lecture 39 *BONUS*

The course orbits around business interactions. However, it is suitable for anyone who wants to learn about communications.

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Udemy | English | 4h 3m | 2.77 GB
Created by: Dr. Roy Naraine

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