The Art of Marketing Management 101 Part 1

Marketing Fundamentals
The Art of Marketing Management 101 Part 1
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The Art of Marketing Management 101 Part 1

What you’ll learn

Explain the Marketing Concept, Exchange, Marketing Activities, Four Main Marketing orientations and the Marketing process
Explain the components of the micro-environment, the variables in the market environment and the impacrt of business in the macro-environment.
Explain a SWOT and PESTLE analysis, nature of culture, lifestyle personality, attitudes and elements of learning, and the four P principles.
Illustrate the use of Market Segmentation, Target Market, Product Positioning, Aggregate Markets and Geographic Segmentation

The Art of Marketing Management 101 Part 1


Entry level marketing personnel or beginners’ course for marketing students. No equipment needed. Only access to internet and PowerPoint compulsary


This short course will equip you with the fundamental knowledge, tools, strategies, and techniques necessary to enhance and grow your skills in the marketing and sales industry. The following key marketing concepts will be discussed during the presentations:Chapter 1The Marketing worldNature of marketing, Relationship Marketing, Different marketing gaps, Exchanges of information and goods, The Marketing process, the new and old 4 P’s principles, and Marketing functions in the Marketing department.Chapter 2The Marketing EnvironmentComponents of the marketing environment, Micro / Macro, and Market environment, PESTLE analysis, SWOT Analysis, Mission and Vision Statement in line with company objectives, Short term objectives, Marketing Mix, Political, Legal, Environmental, Socio-Cultural Environment, and Environmental scanning.Chapter 3Consumer behaviorDefinition of Consumer Behavior, Stimuli, Marketing factors, Group factors, Individual Factors, Perception, Interpretation, Attention, Learning ability, Value of personality, Lifestyle, Types of decision-making, and the FIVE stages in arriving at a decision to adopt or reject a new product.Chapter 4Market segmentation, targeting, and positioningThe Aggregate Market, Market Segmentation, Target Marketing, Product Positioning, Market Segmentation process, Advantages of Market Segmentation, Disadvantages of Market Segmentation, Geographic Segmentation, Demographic Segmentation, Behaviour Segmentation, and Psychographic Segmentation. Chapter 5Market Research and Information ManagementMarket Research, Market Research process, Types and designs of Research, Data collection methods, Data collection instruments, and Sampling.After the completion of Part 1, an additional Part 2 of the program will address Product decisions, Branding decisions, Pricing decisions, Marketing communication, Customer value and retention, Cyber marketing, International marketing, and Marketing Matrix.


Section 1: Chapter 1 – The Marketing World

Lecture 1 The Marketing World

Section 2: Chapter 2 – The Marketing Environment

Lecture 2 The Marketing Environment

Section 3: Chapter 3 – Consumer Behaviour

Lecture 3 Consumer Behaviour

Section 4: Chapter 4 – Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Lecture 4 Market Segmentation

Section 5: Chapter 5 – Market Research and Information Management

Lecture 5 Market Research

Entry / Beginner level marketing employees / Students , curious about Marketing and Sales

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