The Art of Successfully Managing Organizational Change

Become an Organizational Change Management Leader by learning how to effectively manage organizational change.
The Art of Successfully Managing Organizational Change
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The Art of Successfully Managing Organizational Change

What you’ll learn

Define the concept and importance of Organizational Change Management
Learn and apply an intuitive three-phased methodology to facilitate employee adoption of project outcomes
Apply provided Change Management frameworks, templates and tools on project engagements to deliver desired organizational change
Measure change outcomes against executed change activities to validate successful organizational change was achieved on organizational programs and projects

The Art of Successfully Managing Organizational Change


No prior Organizational Change Management experience is needed for this course.


This is a comprehensive course explaining Organizational Change Management frameworks, tools, and techniques to achieve successful employee change adoption within business initiatives.​You will learn how to assess the purpose, size, and scope of an organizational change initiative. You will understand how to develop, and execute an appropriate Organizational Change Management strategy. You will also learn how to measure the effectiveness of your change activities to facilitate employee change adoption.The course begins with a review of simple but effective frameworks to provide you with clarity on what organizational change is, and how organizational changes tend to continuously disrupt employee experiences. These frameworks are important foundations for you to build upon your understanding of how the change management methodology within this course minimizes this employee disruption.Within each lesson you will receive detailed explanations about the change management activities needed to effectively facilitate employee awareness, engagement, adoption and long term embrace of changes that may result from technology, process, role, location or organizational restructuring changes.Also included within this course you will find templates and assessment tools which you can immediately begin to use on your change initiatives.At the end of this course, you will have a complete understanding of how to effectively navigate your organization through organizational changes, and how to build and execute a robust change management plan to achieve your desired change outcomes.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: An Introduction to Organizational Change Management

Lecture 2 Lesson 1 – Organizational Change Management Defined

Lecture 3 Lesson 2 – Project Change Enablement Framework

Lecture 4 Lesson 3 – Key Change Management Roles

Lecture 5 Lesson 4 – The KAPS Model for Successful Employee Change Adoption

Lecture 6 An Introduction to Organizational Change Management Summary

Section 3: The Change Management Methodology for Enabling Employee Change Adoption

Lecture 7 Lesson 1 – The Change Management Methodology

Lecture 8 Lesson 2 – The Change Management Life Cycle

Lecture 9 The Change Management Methodology for Enabling Employee Change Adoption Summary

Section 4: Phase 1 – Change Discovery

Lecture 10 Lesson 1 – Change Discovery and Strategy Overview

Lecture 11 Lesson 2 – Project Alignment on Desired Future State

Lecture 12 Lesson 3 – Impacted Stakeholder Analysis

Lecture 13 Lesson 4 – Stakeholder Change Impact Assessment​

Lecture 14 Lesson 5 – Stakeholder Personas

Lecture 15 Lesson 6 – Change Impact Radius

Lecture 16 Lesson 7 – Change Magnitude Assessment

Lecture 17 Lesson 8 – Project Change Enablement Assessment​

Lecture 18 Lesson 9 – Change Storyboard

Lecture 19 Lesson 10 – Change Strategy and Plans

Lecture 20 Phase 1 – Change Discovery Summary

Section 5: Phase 2 – Change Execution

Lecture 21 Lesson 1 – Change Execution Overview

Lecture 22 Lesson 2 – Senior Leadership Engagement Plan​

Lecture 23 Lesson 3 – Communications Plan

Lecture 24 Lesson 4 – People Leader Engagement Plan​

Lecture 25 Lesson 5 – Stakeholder Training Plan​

Lecture 26 Lesson 6 – Resistance Management Plan​

Lecture 27 Lesson 7 – Change Readiness Assessments​

Lecture 28 Lesson 8 – Change Agent Network​

Lecture 29 Lesson 9 – Change Management Scorecard​

Lecture 30 Phase 2 – Change Execution Summary

Section 6: Phase 3 – Change Sustainment

Lecture 31 Lesson 1 – Change Sustainment Overview​

Lecture 32 Lesson 2 – Post Go-Live Survey

Lecture 33 Lesson 3 – Change Management Retrospective​

Lecture 34 Phase 3 – Change Sustainment Summary

Section 7: The Change Management Execution Matrix

Lecture 35 The Change Management Execution Matrix

Section 8: Course Conclusion

Lecture 36 Course Conclusion

Executive Leaders,Program Managers,Project Managers,Management Consultants

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Created by: Dion Charles

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