The best Operational Risk Management Masterclassfrom A to Z

All what you need to know and best practices to better Understand, Identify, Assess, Respond and Report on key risks
The best Operational Risk Management Masterclassfrom A to Z
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The best Operational Risk Management Masterclassfrom A to Z

What you’ll learn

Understand the origin of Operational Risk and why it is important for organizations’ survival and how it evolved over time to serve changing environment.
Understanding key terms and definitions: including Risk Taxonomy, Risk Appetite, Risk/Reward, Risk Tolerance and many other terms essential in your risk vocab.
Understanding the key types of risk including: Credit risk, Market risk, operational risk, liquidity risk and Reputational risk
Breakdown the Risk management process from: Risk Identification, Risk Evaluation and Assessment, Risk Response, Risk Monitoring and Reporting
Gain in-depth understanding of how to assess the effectiveness of existing controls and how to design effective ones (detective, preventive & reactive controls)
Gain in-depth understanding of the operational risk framework and how to apply that to your organization
Understanding what Risk Culture Means and how a robust risk culture should look like to nurture an effective risk practices in the organization
Deep dive in what an effective Risk Management Program should include key practices and how to effectively establish those practices in your organization
Understanding the Three Lines of Defense model in effective risk management and how the roles and responsibilities of each line of defense look like and why?
Gain in-depth understanding of best practices in Risk management including: BASEL, ISO and COSO framework accords
Understanding what Inherent risk VS Residual risk means and how effective controls contribute to the residual risk severity
in-depth analysis of the key Risk Mitigation strategies like: Risk acceptance, Risk reduction, Risk sharing, Risk transfer and Risk Avoidance
Deep-dive into key risk management strategic reports including: RCSA report, Loss event report, KRI metric and Risk Heatmap
Understanding Why Risk Management fails and the most 7 Common Risk Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Understanding How to establish a robust risk management function in your organization
What Makes a Good Operational Risk Manager? and the 8 most respected personal and professional skills that will get you to be a Highly Effective Risk Manager

The best Operational Risk Management Masterclassfrom A to Z


No previous Risk Management experience needed, this course will start from level 0 to the skill level of a Chief Risk Officer in the ORM field
No financial or accounting experience needed.


Hello fellow colleagues, since you made it to this page, I’m sure you are seeking to master the operational risk management process and help your organization avoid or navigate through many of the incidents that could be avoidable too.This masterclass will take you from the very beginning and introductory level to the risk management concept all the way to mastering the risk assessment, evaluation, response, and monitoring and reporting procedures.This is a comprehensive program and I have split it into 7 modules.Module 1: introductory levelIn this module, you will learn the following:History of operational risk.Actual cases of how the drastic impact of reckless risk management practices or risk management failure can bring down a used-to-be successful organization and in no time.Important terminologies and definitions commonly used in risk management (Risk, Reward, Probability, Risk Event, Risk Appetite, Risk Management, Risk Culture, Control environment, and many other key concepts you must know in the Risk Management world.Is Risk a good or a bad thing? and why do we need to manage it?I’ll also give you some practical tips on how to get the best out of any learning experience that you can apply in any learning process to increase information absorption and retention on the long run.Module 2.1: Risk Management FrameworkIn this module, you will learn the following:Most common types of risk: Market RiskCredit Risk, Operational RiskLiquidity RiskStrategic RiskESG Risk The Risk Management framework:Risk CultureRisk AppetiteRisk Identification and assessmentControl environmentGovernance policies and proceduresMonitoring and reporting Module 2.2: The Enterprise Risk Management Program (Breaking down ISO 31000)In this module, you will learn the following:Introduction to the holistic approach to a robust Risk management program and the key components of it.Risk Identification: how to identify existing and potential risksRisk Analysis: how to analyze and understand how certain risks can represent different levels of threat to your organization.Risk Evaluation: the practical and scientific approach to objectively assess the severity of a risk using Impact and Likelihood matrix of a certain risk on your organizationControls: What is control and how do they impact your inherent and residual risk assessment? Control Assessment: Hoe to determine the types of control (Preventive, Detective, Directive) and How to assess the control effectiveness?Risk Response: how to prioritize risks and what are the different approaches to respond to each of the identified risks according to their residual impact and the organization’s Risk Tolerance and Appetite?Risk Response strategies: understanding various risk mitigation strategies and how and when to implement them including: Risk sharing, Risk reduction/control, Risk avoidance and Risk TransferRisk Monitoring and Reporting: How Risk Monitoring is critical to the risk management process and the importance of risk reporting and what are the key risk management reports Executive Management and the Board need to see to better understand the organization’s risk profile.Understanding the Risk Governance frameworkModule 2.3: Key Risk Management Monitoring and Reporting programsIn this module, you will learn the following:How to establish the Risk And Control Self-Assessment -RCSA monitoring reportHow to establish the Operational Risk Loss Event -ORLE reportHow to establish the Key Risk Indicators -KRIs dashboardHow to establish an enterprise-wide Risk profile metric -Risk Heatmap profile Module 3: International Risk Governance standardsIn this module, you will briefly learn about the following standards:Basel: What is Basel Committee? How it was initiated and why? and what are the Basel risk categories? The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations-COSO: What is COSO? Why is exist? and what is COSO Framework?ISO 31000 and other risk management related standards.Module 4: Performance BoostersThis module I call the Performance Booster Module, this module will help you stand out in the risk management world by providing you with a lot of helpful tips and resourceful guidance to master managing the risk management program.The resourceful information in this module is coming from my 18 years of practical experience leading and navigating through many crises and disasters which you’ll find helpful in your Risk management career and in your day-to-day decision-making process.In this module, you will learn the following:Why does Risk Management fail? and an actual case study on what has gone wrong, how and lessons learnedHow to establish a robust risk management function in your organization?How to become a GREAT Risk Manager and what are the personal and professional traits you need to excel and how to acquire those skills to stand out in you career.


Section 1: Module 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Tips for best learning experience

Lecture 3 Course outline and agenda

Section 2: Risk Management 101

Lecture 4 warm-up and definitions

Lecture 5 Most common types of Risk

Section 3: Module 2: The Operational Risk Management Framework

Lecture 6 Risk culture role in the Risk Management Framework

Lecture 7 How to establish a robust ORM program in your organization?

Lecture 8 Risk Identification (Part 1)

Lecture 9 Risk Identification (Part 2)

Lecture 10 Risk Assessment (Part 1) – Risk Analysis

Lecture 11 Risk Assessment (Part 2) – Risk Evaluation 1/2

Lecture 12 Risk Assessment (Part 3) – Risk Evaluation 2/2

Lecture 13 Inherent VS Residual Risk

Lecture 14 Control, control assessment and residual risk (Part 1)

Lecture 15 Control, control assessment and residual risk (Part 2)

Lecture 16 Risk Mitigation Strategies (Part 1)

Lecture 17 Risk Mitigation Strategies (Part 2)

Lecture 18 Risk monitoring and reporting – Introduction

Lecture 19 Risk monitoring and reporting: RCSA P1

Lecture 20 Risk monitoring and reporting: RCSA P2

Lecture 21 Risk monitoring and reporting: RCSA P3

Lecture 22 Risk monitoring and reporting: ORLE report

Lecture 23 Risk monitoring and reporting: KRI Dashboard

Lecture 24 Risk monitoring and reporting: Risk Heatmap

Lecture 25 Risk Governance

Lecture 26 Module 2 Recap: Risk Framework

Section 4: Managing risk in your organization

Lecture 27 What are the Three Lines of Defense in my organization?

Lecture 28 What is the Risk Management Taxonomy?

Section 5: Module 4: Risk Management Standards

Lecture 29 COSO Framework (P1)

Lecture 30 COSO Framework (P2)

Lecture 31 Basel

Lecture 32 ISO 31000

Section 6: Module 5: Performance boosters (bonus materials):

Lecture 33 Why Risk Management fails? P1

Lecture 34 Why Risk Management fails? P2

Lecture 35 How to establish a robust risk management function in your organization?

Lecture 36 What Makes a Good Operational Risk Manager? – P1

Lecture 37 What Makes a Good Operational Risk Manager? – P2

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Created by: Eslam Eldakrory

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