The Bible Its Land and Culture

Understanding the Land and the Culture of the Bible Through Integrated Context
The Bible Its Land and Culture
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The Bible Its Land and Culture

What you’ll learn

Gain an introduction to Biblical context.
Become familiar with the geography of Israel.
Come to know first century Jewish culture.
Receive an overview of Paul’s Roman world.
Become more proficient in “correctly handling the word of truth” (Tim. 2:15).
Become equipped to read the Bible like those we meet in the Bible.
Become more confident in discerning the original meaning of a passage.
Become familiar with proven resources for understanding the Bible in its context.
Personal and corporate revival through falling in love with God and His Word again.

The Bible Its Land and Culture


No previous understanding of the Bible and its context is required.


A series of five seminar teachings, The Bible: Its Land & Culture was originally presented by Doug Greenwold on June 23rd and 24th, 2015 at the Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Wichita, Kansas. Each session combines narrated aerial videos of the Holy Land with revealing insights into the cultural context of biblical events at various locations in Israel. The visuals, interlaced with geographical and historical information, make this series invaluable for both individual Bible study and small group leadership. Sessions include unique, narrated helicopter overflight of Israel integrates the sweeping story of Scripture with the land where it happened. Included are important Old and New Testament sites and regions. Ideal for use as a teaching tool for small groups and Bible classes.Session 1 includes:Biblical ContextIntroductionPursuit of Original MeaningGeography ThemesPhysical GeographyThe Land of Milk & HoneySession 2 includes:Coastal Plain Aerial VideoMidnight Visitor ParableCultural Context ThemesJudean Wilderness VideoSession 3 includes:Why Context MattersJohn 14:2 & 15:2 DevotionalsJudean Wilderness AerialsGeography IICourse Introduction: Why Context Always Matters: One of Doug Greenwold’s fundamental teaching sessions, this video was originally recorded at the IBC 2017 Conference in Zeeland, Michigan and later distributed as a complimentary DVD to selected supporters of Preserving Bible Times. Now available to all in streaming format, this session will explain what all the hubbub is about regarding biblical context and precisely why it should become a priority for any serious student of the Scriptures. You’ll find this video to be a helpful introduction to contextual basics that will leave you thirsting to go deeper still.Visit our website for more resources and information.


Section 1: The Bible Its Land and Culture: Session 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Why Context Always Matters

Lecture 2 Introduction

Section 2: The Bible Its Land and Culture: Session 2

Lecture 3 Session 2

Section 3: The Bible Its Land and Culture: Session 3

Lecture 4 Session 3

Section 4: The Bible Its Land and Culture: Session 4

Lecture 5 The Bible Its Land and Culture: Session 4

Section 5: The Bible Its Land and Culture: Session 5

Lecture 6 The Bible Its Land and Culture: Session 5

Section 6: Case Study: 2 Crowns: King Herod vs. King Jesus

Lecture 7 2 Crowns: King Herod vs. King Jesus

Anyone wanting to learn more about the Bible and its original context.

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Created by: Robbie Pruitt

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