The Circular Economy

What and Where Are the Opportunities for Entrepreneurs?
The Circular Economy
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Prof. Dr. Gordana Kierans


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The Circular Economy

What you’ll learn

After taking this basic course, you will understand what the circular economy is, where it originated, how to discover circular ideas and how to create value.
You will also discover where to look for financing and how to take the first step.
I saved the best for the end.
You will end the course very inspired and ready to change your corner of the world.

The Circular Economy


The basic business knowledge about entrepreneurship is helpful.


Do you know what the circular economy is? And if so, are you ready to embrace the future of business?I invite you to join me in this course and embark with me on a circular journey. You will learn what the circular economy is, where to discover  circular ideas, how business models are presently shifting, where to look for  financing and, most importantly, why you must become part of this transformational shift,  whether you are a for-profit or non-profit entrepreneur or even an  intrapreneur in a large company. You will be surprised how many opportunities are available all around you. Plus, you will discover how many companies are already part of this transformational shift because this course is packed with practical ideas and inspirational stories. In short: ideal for all forward-thinking individuals. Once again, I invite you to join us! P.S. Please note that the first version of this course was recorded in 2017-2018. Thankfully, a lot has changed since, which makes my work easier. At the same time, with our training and coaching presence in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, we are aware of how much work is still ahead of us. Together with you, we can get there.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction 1

Lecture 2 Introduction 2

Lecture 3 Introduction 3

Lecture 4 Introduction 4

Lecture 5 Introduction 5

Section 2: History of the Circular Economy

Lecture 6 The History

Lecture 7 Who has gone circular?

Section 3: Where are the Opportunities?

Lecture 8 Opportunities I

Lecture 9 Opportunities II

Lecture 10 Opportunities III

Lecture 11 Opportunities IV

Lecture 12 Opportunities V

Lecture 13 Opportunities VI

Lecture 14 Opportunities VII

Lecture 15 Opportunities VIII

Lecture 16 Opportunities IX

Lecture 17 Opportunities X

Lecture 18 Opportunities XI

Lecture 19 Opportunities XII

Lecture 20 Opportunities XIII

Lecture 21 Opportunities XIV

Lecture 22 Opportunities XV

Lecture 23 Opportunities XVI

Lecture 24 Opportunities XVII

Lecture 25 Opportunities XVIII

Section 4: Word Of Caution

Lecture 26 Word of Caution I

Lecture 27 Word of Caution II

Lecture 28 Word of Caution III

Section 5: Business Models

Lecture 29 Business Models I

Lecture 30 Business Models II

Section 6: Financing

Lecture 31 Financing I

Lecture 32 Financing II

Lecture 33 Financing III

Section 7: Managing Change

Lecture 34 Managing Change I

Lecture 35 Managing Change II

Lecture 36 Managing Change III

Lecture 37 Managing Change IV

Lecture 38 Managing Change V

Section 8: Your Next Step

Lecture 39 Book Recommendations

Lecture 40 Staying In Touch

Lecture 41 Finale

All entrepreneurs who understand that the circular economy is the future of business are welcomed. There are so many opportunities and this lecture will inspire you and show where to look for them.

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Created by: Prof. Dr. Gordana Kierans

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