The Colored Pencil Drawing Course

Draw Like a Pro With Colored Pencils
The Colored Pencil Drawing Course
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Matthew Fussell


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The Colored Pencil Drawing Course

What you’ll learn

Learn how to become a pro with colored pencils
Mix colors and understand color theory
Be familiar with common colored pencil surfaces and colored pencil types
Apply various colored pencil techniques to produce a variety of effects
Draw accurate portraits with colored pencils
Draw landscapes with colored pencils
Transfer drawings
Mix watercolor applications with colored pencils
Apply watercolor pencils effectively
Create accurate textures with colored pencils
Create aesthetic compositions
Create representational reflections and transparency with colored pencils

The Colored Pencil Drawing Course


No prior knowledge or experience is necessary, just a willingness to learn.


The Colored Pencil Course is a comprehensive learning experience designed to guide absolute beginners and intermediate artists to a level of producing professional quality colored pencil drawings through concise and “easy to digest” modules that include HD videos and Ebooks. This course is for anyone wanting to improve their drawing skills, particularly with colored pencils. This course is designed to maximize learning by including ebooks with each module. Each ebook corresponds with the video from the module ensuring that all learning styles are addressed. A total of over 5 hours of video instruction, 21 downloadable ebooks, and photo references are all included.


Section 1: Colored Pencil Basics

Lecture 1 Introduction and Materials

Lecture 2 Colored Pencil Basics

Lecture 3 The Magic Of Burnishing

Lecture 4 Value and the Underpainting

Lecture 5 Color Theory

Lecture 6 Composition and Still Life

Lecture 7 Reflection and Transparency

Lecture 8 Transferring Images

Section 2: Creating Texture

Lecture 9 Creating Texture Part 1

Lecture 10 Creating Texture Part 2

Section 3: Landscape Drawing

Lecture 11 Landscape Drawing Part 1

Lecture 12 Landscape Drawing Part 2

Section 4: Portrait Drawing

Lecture 13 Portrait Drawing Part 1

Lecture 14 Portrait Drawing Part 2

Lecture 15 Portrait Drawing Part 3

Lecture 16 Portrait Drawing Part 4

Lecture 17 Portrait Drawing Part 5

Section 5: Watercolor and Colored Pencils

Lecture 18 Watercolor and Colored Pencils Part 1

Lecture 19 Watercolor and Colored Pencils Part 2

Section 6: Watercolor Pencils

Lecture 20 Watercolor Pencils Part 1

Lecture 21 Watercolor Pencils Part 2

Section 7: Conclusion

Lecture 22 Conclusion

This course is designed for students wishing to learn professional colored pencil techniques and applications through concise modules that include videos and ebooks. A variety of subjects including animals, landscapes, still life, and portraiture are all covered as well as various colored pencil forms including wax-based, oil-based, and watercolor pencils.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 1m | 7.63 GB
Created by: Matthew Fussell

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