The Comple JavaScript From Beginner To Advanced

Start learning JavaScript today and join the biggest programming community in the world!
The Comple JavaScript From Beginner To Advanced
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The Comple JavaScript From Beginner To Advanced

What you’ll learn

Write Professionally, Easy To Understand and Maintain JavaScript Code
Understand All The Popular JavaScript Based Frameworks
Implement Dynamic Web Pages
Add Interactivity To Existing Websites

The Comple JavaScript From Beginner To Advanced


Any IDE or text editor installed (We’ll use Sublime Text for this course)
Any browser Installed on your computer (We’ll Use Mozilla Firefox)
Some basic HTML and CSS knowledge would be nice, but not required


Today JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world!

It is used for creating dynamic action on your websites. Because of this, the user interface becomes much more friendly and much more interactive.
JavaScript gives your websites extra functionality that can be executed on the user’s computer without re-connecting to the servers. If you want to remove, change or add a content to your websites dynamically, you must know JavaScript anyway!
Learning JavaScript will allow you to become a full stack web developer. With JavaScript you’ll be able to use front end frameworks like React or Angular or any other JavaScript based frameworks. And you also you’ll be able to code on back end server side with NodeJS and create databases with MongoDB.
Fundamental understanding of JavaScript syntax will also allow you to understand frameworks like jQuery really quickly.
JavaScript is absolutely required to understand AJAX which lets you load content on your websites without reloading the whole website.
In this course we’ll learn JavaScript from scratch and we will start from some of the basic building blocks of JavaScript.
We’ll learn and understand variables, numbers, strings, arrays, statements and more.
After that we’ll move onto JavaScript objects – learning how to create, access and modify them.
We’ll then move onto JavaScript Operators and JavaScript Functions and will understand in the details how they work and where we’ll use them.
Then we will work with Document Object Model which is more advanced JavaScript area.
This tutorial will take you step by step through all the JavaScript fundamentals and we will explain in details all the code we’ll write and launch together in our browsers to see JavaScript in action.
So let’s do our first steps in amazing world of JavaScript!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Run JS Inline or by Import

Section 2: Basics Of JavaScript

Lecture 3 JavaScript Variables

Lecture 4 Numbers and Booleans in JavaScript

Lecture 5 JavaScript Arrays

Lecture 6 Null, Undefined, NaN

Lecture 7 JavaScript Objects

Lecture 8 JavaScript Control Structure – If statement

Lecture 9 JavaScript Control Structure – If statement – Part 2

Lecture 10 JavaScript Control Structure – Switch

Lecture 11 JavaScript Control Structure – For loop

Lecture 12 JavaScri Control structure – For loop – Part 2

Lecture 13 JavaScript Control Structure – For loop – Arrays

Lecture 14 JavaScript Control Structure – While loop

Section 3: JavaScript Operators

Lecture 15 JavaScript Operators

Lecture 16 JavaScript Operators – Subtraction

Lecture 17 JavaScript Operators – Multiply

Lecture 18 JavaScript Operators – Division

Lecture 19 JavaScript Operators – Compare

Lecture 20 Operator – Grather than and Less than

Lecture 21 JavaScript Operators – Boolean

Lecture 22 JavaScript Operators – Ternary

Section 4: Introduction to JavaScript Functions

Lecture 23 Functions in JavaScript

Lecture 24 Functions – Arguments

Lecture 25 Global Scope and Local Scope

Lecture 26 Functions – Return

Section 5: JavaScript and The DOM

Lecture 27 Window and the DOM

Lecture 28 Document Object Model

Lecture 29 Selecting DOM elements

Lecture 30 Create an Element

Lecture 31 Insert an Element

Lecture 32 Delete an Element

Lecture 33 JavaScript Events

Lecture 34 Event Listeners

Lecture 35 Propagation Order

Section 6: Advanced JavaScript – Arrays

Lecture 36 Managing Arrays in JavaScript

Lecture 37 Managing Arrays – Pop, Push, Shift, Unshift

Lecture 38 Managing Array – Concat, Join

Lecture 39 Managing Array – IndexOf, Slice, Splice

Lecture 40 Array Helpers – Filter

Lecture 41 Array Helpers – Map and ForEach

Section 7: Advanced JavaScript – Functions

Lecture 42 Immediately Invoked Functions

Lecture 43 JavaScript Closures

Lecture 44 Built-in Methods

Section 8: Advanced JavaScript – Objects

Lecture 45 JavaScript Objects

Lecture 46 Creating objects – Part 2

Lecture 47 THIS Keyword

Lecture 48 Working with prototype

Lecture 49 Prototype – How to use prototype

Lecture 50 Prototype – How to use it in real life

Lecture 51 Prototype Arguments

Students who want to become a professional web developers,People who started to learn JavaScript before but left confused,HTML and CSS developers who want to extend their front end development skills

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Created by: XEO Learning

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