The Complete 2020 Fullstack Web Developer Course

Learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python, Wagtail CMS, PHP & MySQL from scratch!
The Complete 2020 Fullstack Web Developer Course
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Kalob Taulien


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Last updated 8/2020



The Complete 2020 Fullstack Web Developer Course

What you’ll learn

Updated for 2020
Learn HTML5, CSS3, Vanilla JS (ES6+), Python, Wagtail CMS, PHP and MySQL all from scratch
Learn Python from beginner to advanced
Learn JavaScript (ES6+)
Wagtail Pythons top Content Management System (Like WordPress, but better)
Get a free CSS3 eBook
Lots of projects, big and small!
Learn Git and Github
Create a portfolio page and launch it
Learn JavaScript from scratch
Learn PHP for server code execution
Learn MySQL for saving data (databases)
Build a Login/Registration/Members-only website, just like Facebook
How to get a job as a web developer
Learn the LAMP Stack: Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL

The Complete 2020 Fullstack Web Developer Course


Must be willing to learn.
Must be able to put in 10 minutes per day (that’s all it takes!)
Must have a computer, editor and browser (I’ll help you get setup with those)


*** The Complete FULL STACK Web Developer Course—The first “Complete Web Developer Course” on Udemy!! See why other teachers used the same course name! This course is for Windows, MacOS and Linux users!Over 66 hours of videoFull lifetime accessCertificate of completion Source code included***You’re probably on this page because you want to learn web development. Not just one little piece, but ALL of it. Or maybe you’re coding already but you want to make BETTER websites?I was in your shoes once and THIS is the course I WISH I HAD. Welcome to The Complete Fullstack Web Developer CourseThis was the first “Complete Web Development” course on Udemy. It’s extremely comprehensive and I explain EVERYTHING you need to know, step by step. There’s a reason why there are so many “Complete Web Development” courses on Udemy today — they took what worked and made spin off courses.Join over 80,000 other students in this massive course! This course is designed for every skill level. Whether you’re just learning web development today, or you’re already a Python Pro, there’s lots to learn for everybody! Design, develop and launch several websites!You will develop several projects, a portfolio page for free on GitHub, and lastly an entire website. And I’ll teach you how to deploy all of it.Skip to the part you want to learnThis course was designed for you to either watch in order, or to skip around section-by-section. Maybe you already know JavaScript and don’t want to watch it — that’s OK! Skip to the next section on APIs, or work on the projects that come after it. Here’s what you’ll learn, in this order:HTML/HTML5This is the code that 100% of all websites useCSS/CSS3This is what makes websites look nice with colours, shapes and more.Project: Create a Portfolio PageUsing HTML and CSS you’ll create a nice looking portfolio pageProject: Create an 8-Bit Style WebsiteUsing more HTML and CSS you’ll get even more practice creating a retro-style websiteJavaScriptThis is what creates interactions and the “fun” parts of a website. This section comes with 6 primary projects and a handful of mini-projects. This includes modern JavaScript, too! Project: Create a Modal by HandUsing HTML, CSS and JavaScript you’ll create an internal page popup that looks nice and asks a user to accept or decline the pageProject: Create a Hand Made CalculatorContinue practising your HMTL, CSS and JavaScript skills by creating a nice looking and fully functional web-based calculatorGitGit and GitHub are core pillars behind collaboration between you and other developers. This is a VITAL skill in modern coding.Project: Launch your Website using GitHub PagesGitHub offers a free static site (html/css/js only) service. In about 45 minutes you can launch all your previous work from this course onto the internet.APIsLearn how APIs and RESTful APIs work. API’s make the world go round. It’s how online services talk to other online servicesPythonThe worlds 3rd most popular coding language, and the hottest language you can learn this year. You’ll go from beginner to advanced!Project: Image Detection ApplicationUsing Python you’ll create an image detection application where you can identify objects inside an imageWagtail CMSWagtail CMS is the top content management system for Python. I’m part of the core Wagtail development team so you know you’re getting top notch education.How To Get A Job As A Web DeveloperNearing the end of this course I will teach you tips, tricks and secrets for landing a web development jobLegacy Course:This course was originally launched in 2012. In this “legacy” course you’ll learn:HTMLCSSJavaScriptPHP MySQL DatabasesProject: Create a Login & Registration System from ScratchI’ve left no stone unturned. You really learn it ALL. In one course, in one place you can learn it all. Whether that’s on your phone, tablet, TV or computer.. you can learn anywhere! …What people have said:“This course has everything, it is very very interactive. If you have always wanted to build an online project, this is the perfect course for you. Thanks Mr. Kalob.” -Adebanjo Adesuyi“Outstanding. I have a number of HTML courses and this one is by far the best. Clear explanations, and in depth (The course is over 18 hours!). Kalob is a talented instructor.” -Brad Gonsalves…Over 80,000 students have taken this course. Don’t be the one to get left behind!Get started today and join the thousands of students who have taken my course and changed their lives by: making more money, making better websites, building their dream website and completely changed industries (became web developers!)Not sure if this course is for you? Try it out and if you don’t like it within the first 30 days, simply request a refund. No questions asked, and you get to keep all the source code, e-books, and more as a thank you for trying this course.Are you ready to open your world and become an in-demand full-stack web developer?Here is what else you’ll get:A free 180+ page CSS Masterclass E-bookDownload all the available source code (most of it is open source already)Join a free coding community with over 53,000 membersA dedicated Python-only coding group24/7 support from me, Kalob TaulienTaught byHello! I’m Kalob. I’ve been developing websites since 1999.I’m passionate about education and sharing my knowledge with people like you. I love it so much I’ve started creating MORE courses and I’ve dedicated a lot of my life to free coaching and building e-learning platforms. You wouldn’t believe the FREEDOM I’ve had since I officially changed careers and started making websites, professionally. I’ve lived in Ireland, , worked in the US, Mexico and the UK, and helped build companies around the world. And guess what? Everywhere I go I can work because all I need is a laptop and internet. And I want that for you! Wouldn’t it be nice to travel the world and not have to worry about paying your bills? Professional web developers can do that. …Oh, and here’s the best part. There are TOO MANY web development jobs and not enough web developers. So click the green “Buy Now” button and fast track your career to FREEDOM.


Section 1: Before We Begin

Lecture 1 Course Perks and File Downloads

Lecture 2 How to ask great questions

Section 2: The Ultimate HTML Developer: Introduction

Lecture 3 Welcome to The Ultimate HTML Developer Modules

Lecture 4 Introduction

Lecture 5 What is HTML?

Lecture 6 Project Files

Section 3: The Ultimate HTML Developer: Getting Started

Lecture 7 Getting Started

Lecture 8 Code Editing Programs

Lecture 9 Browsers

Lecture 10 Elements

Lecture 11 Hello World!

Lecture 12 Page/Tab Titles

Lecture 13 Doctypes

Lecture 14 Attributes

Lecture 15 Headers

Lecture 16 Line Breaks

Lecture 17 Bold vs. Strong

Lecture 18 Italics vs. Emphasis

Lecture 19 Underline

Lecture 20 Code Comments

Lecture 21 Links

Lecture 22 Internal Links

Lecture 23 Relative Links

Lecture 24 Images

Lecture 25 Block Elements vs. Inline Elements

Lecture 26 Div Elements

Lecture 27 Lists

Lecture 28 Introduction to Tables, Rows and Cells

Lecture 29 Tables: Merging Cells and Columns

Lecture 30 Module Summary

Section 4: The Ultimate HTML Developer: Advanced HTML

Lecture 31 The DOM

Lecture 32 Introduction to XHTML

Lecture 33 Inline CSS

Lecture 34 CSS Crash Course & Internal CSS

Lecture 35 External CSS & CSS Files

Lecture 36 Code Formatting

Lecture 37 Bold & Italic Semantics

Lecture 38 Head Elements

Lecture 39 Meta Tags

Lecture 40 Asset Pathing

Lecture 41 Favicons

Lecture 42 HTML Entities

Lecture 43 Introduction to Forms

Lecture 44 Input Elements

Lecture 45 Textarea

Lecture 46 Buttons

Lecture 47 Dropdown Menus

Lecture 48 New HTML5 Semantic Tags

Lecture 49 Videos

Lecture 50 Music/Audio

Lecture 51 Introduction to Responsive Web Design

Section 5: The Ultimate HTML Developer: Your Project

Lecture 52 Your Project, Part 1

Lecture 53 Your Project, Part 2

Lecture 54 The Ultimate HTML Developer: Summary

Section 6: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: Introduction

Lecture 55 Welcome to the CSS & CSS3 Masterclass!

Lecture 56 CSS Introduction

Lecture 57 Syntax Introduction

Lecture 58 Editors

Lecture 59 CSS Masterclass e-book (free)

Lecture 60 What is Inline CSS?

Lecture 61 What is Internal CSS?

Lecture 62 What is External CSS?

Section 7: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: Getting Started

Lecture 63 Color Types

Lecture 64 Background Colors

Lecture 65 Background Images

Lecture 66 Repeating Background Images

Lecture 67 Borders

Lecture 68 The Box Model (Extremely Important!)

Lecture 69 Padding

Lecture 70 Margin

Lecture 71 Centering an Element

Lecture 72 Outline

Lecture 73 Cursor

Lecture 74 Mini Project

Lecture 75 Mini Project: Solution

Section 8: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: Text Formatting

Lecture 76 Text Color

Lecture 77 Text Alignment

Lecture 78 Text Decoration

Lecture 79 Text Transform

Lecture 80 Text Indent

Lecture 81 Letter Spacing

Lecture 82 Line Height

Lecture 83 Direction

Lecture 84 Word Spacing

Section 9: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: Fonts and Font Styling

Lecture 85 Serif vs. Sans Serif

Lecture 86 Font Family

Lecture 87 Lots of Free Fonts

Lecture 88 Font Style

Lecture 89 Font Size

Lecture 90 Font Weight

Lecture 91 Font Variant

Lecture 92 Font Awesome Icons

Section 10: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: Links and their “states”

Lecture 93 Links Introduction

Lecture 94 Hover Over Links

Lecture 95 Visited Links

Lecture 96 Active Links

Section 11: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: Better Selectors

Lecture 97 Grouping Selectors

Lecture 98 Descendant Selectors and Specificity

Lecture 99 Child Selectors

Lecture 100 Adjacent Selectors

Section 12: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: Lists

Lecture 101 List Style Type

Lecture 102 List Style Position

Lecture 103 List Style Image

Section 13: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: Tables

Lecture 104 Tables

Lecture 105 Table Borders

Lecture 106 Table Cell Vertical Align

Lecture 107 Table Row Hover Effect

Lecture 108 Mini Project

Lecture 109 Mini Project: Solution

Section 14: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: Display

Lecture 110 Display Introduction

Lecture 111 Display Block

Lecture 112 Display Inline

Lecture 113 Display Inline-Block

Lecture 114 Display None

Section 15: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: Sizing Elements

Lecture 115 Width

Lecture 116 Height

Section 16: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: Positions

Lecture 117 Position Introduction

Lecture 118 Position Relative

Lecture 119 Position Absolute

Lecture 120 Position Fixed

Lecture 121 Overlapping Elements with Z-Index

Section 17: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: Overflow

Lecture 122 Overflow Introduction

Lecture 123 Overflow Scroll

Lecture 124 Overflow Auto

Lecture 125 Overflow Hidden

Section 18: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: Float and Clear

Lecture 126 Float Introduction

Lecture 127 Float Left & Right

Lecture 128 Clear

Lecture 129 Clearfix Hack

Lecture 130 Opacity

Section 19: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: Advanced Selectors

Lecture 131 Advanced Selectors Introduction

Lecture 132 Attribute Selector

Lecture 133 Exact Value Selector

Lecture 134 Contains Value Selector

Lecture 135 Starts With Selector

Lecture 136 Ends With Selector

Section 20: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: Pseudo Selectors

Lecture 137 Pseudo Selector Introduction

Lecture 138 Hover Selector

Lecture 139 First Child Selector

Lecture 140 Last Child Selector

Lecture 141 Focus Selector

Lecture 142 Checked Selector

Lecture 143 Disabled Selector

Lecture 144 Enabled Selector

Lecture 145 Not Selector

Section 21: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: Pseudo Elements

Lecture 146 Before Selector

Lecture 147 After Selector

Section 22: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass Project: Use What You Learned!

Lecture 148 The Project

Lecture 149 The Solution (Full)

Lecture 150 CSS1 and CSS2 Summary

Section 23: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: CSS3 Introduction

Lecture 151 CSS3 Introduction

Section 24: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: CSS3 Rounding Corners

Lecture 152 Border Radius

Lecture 153 Round Images

Lecture 154 Individually Rounded Corners

Section 25: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: CSS3 Background Images

Lecture 155 Background Sizes

Lecture 156 Multiple Background Images at the Same Time

Section 26: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: CSS3 New Color Properties

Lecture 157 RGBA

Lecture 158 HSL and HSLA

Lecture 159 Opacity vs. Alpha

Section 27: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: CSS3 Gradients

Lecture 160 Linear Gradients

Lecture 161 Linear Gradient Colors and Transparency

Lecture 162 Repeating Linear Gradients

Lecture 163 Radial Gradients

Lecture 164 Repeating Radial Gradients

Lecture 165 Amazing Gradient Tools

Section 28: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: CSS3 Shadows

Lecture 166 Shadow Introduction

Lecture 167 Text Shadows

Lecture 168 Box Shadows

Lecture 169 Mini Project: Creating a CSS Card

Section 29: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: CSS3 Text Formatting

Lecture 170 Text Introduction

Lecture 171 Text Overflow

Lecture 172 Word Wrap

Lecture 173 Word Break

Lecture 174 Text Align Last

Lecture 175 Self-Hosted Custom Fonts

Section 30: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: CSS3 Transitions

Lecture 176 Transition Introduction

Lecture 177 Transitioning Sizes

Lecture 178 Transitioning Colors

Lecture 179 Transition Timing Functions (Speed Curves)

Lecture 180 Transition Delay

Section 31: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: CSS3 Transformations

Lecture 181 CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: CSS3 Animations

Lecture 182 Translate

Lecture 183 Rotate

Lecture 184 Scale

Lecture 185 Skew

Lecture 186 Multiple Transformations

Lecture 187 3D Transformations

Section 32: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: CSS3 Animations

Lecture 188 Animation Introduction

Lecture 189 Animation Keyframes

Lecture 190 Your First Animation

Lecture 191 Animation Fill Mode

Lecture 192 Create a Blinking Animation

Lecture 193 Animation Iteration Count

Lecture 194 Animation Delay

Lecture 195 Animation Direction

Lecture 196 Animation Timing Functions (Speed Curves)

Lecture 197 Animation Mini Project

Lecture 198 Animation Mini Project: Solution

Section 33: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: CSS3 Misc. Lessons

Lecture 199 Columns

Lecture 200 Resize

Lecture 201 Box Sizing (Extremely Important!)

Section 34: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: CSS3 Flexbox

Lecture 202 Flexbox Introduction

Lecture 203 Equal Sized Columns

Lecture 204 Flexbox Order

Lecture 205 Flexbox Rows and Columns

Lecture 206 Flexbox Reversed Rows and Columns

Lecture 207 Flexbox Basis

Lecture 208 Flexbox Wrap

Lecture 209 Flexbox Vertical Alignment

Lecture 210 Flexbox Align Items

Lecture 211 Flexbox Justify Content

Lecture 212 Flexbox Align Self

Lecture 213 Flexbox Align Content

Lecture 214 Responsive Flexbox Layout Project Part 1

Section 35: CSS & CSS3 Masterclass: Responsive Web Design

Lecture 215 Responsive Web Design (RWD) Introduction

Lecture 216 Responsive Web Design (RWD) Meta Tag

Lecture 217 A Quick Demo

Lecture 218 Responsive Layout with Flexbox

Lecture 219 Responsive Web Design (RWD) Print Mode

Lecture 220 Multiple Media Queries

Lecture 221 Responsive Images

Lecture 222 Responsive iFrames

Lecture 223 Responsive Web Design (RWD) Summary

Section 36: Create a Beautiful Portfolio Web Page using HTML and CSS

Lecture 224 Introduction

Lecture 225 Module Files

Lecture 226 Project Setup

Lecture 227 Using a Framework

Lecture 228 Installing the Library

Lecture 229 Template Setup

Lecture 230 Background Image

Lecture 231 Image Setup

Lecture 232 Content Setup

Lecture 233 Adding Content

Lecture 234 Social Icons

Lecture 235 More Icons

Lecture 236 Adding Tooltips

Lecture 237 Summary

Section 37: Create an 8-bit website

Lecture 238 Introduction

Lecture 239 The Final Code

Lecture 240 Installing 8-bit

Lecture 241 Navigation Bar

Lecture 242 Adding a Grid

Lecture 243 8-bit Welcome Balloon

Lecture 244 Two Column Layout

Lecture 245 8-bit Sections

Lecture 246 Dark 8-bit Sections & Icons

Lecture 247 8-bit Social Icons

Lecture 248 The Right Column

Lecture 249 Large Dark 8-bit Section

Lecture 250 Large Light 8-bit Section

Lecture 251 8-bit Profile Section

Lecture 252 8-bit Spacing

Lecture 253 The Footer

Lecture 254 Summary

Section 38: JavaScript for Beginners – Learn with 6 main projects: Introduction

Lecture 255 Introduction

Lecture 256 Introduction: 7 JavaScript Facts

Lecture 257 Download the Course Files

Lecture 258 Your First Script

Lecture 259 A Brief History

Section 39: JavaScript for Beginners – Learn with 6 main projects

Lecture 260 Introduction to Variables

Lecture 261 Merging Variables

Lecture 262 Console Logging

Lecture 263 Selecting HTML Elements

Lecture 264 Mini Project #1

Lecture 265 String Manipulation

Lecture 266 Accepting User Input

Lecture 267 Introduction to Comparison Operators

Lecture 268 Handling Opposite Operators

Lecture 269 Mini Project #2

Lecture 270 Handling Special Cases

Lecture 271 Code Commenting

Lecture 272 Introduction to Simple Arithmetic

Lecture 273 Boolean Logic

Lecture 274 Making Lists with Arrays

Lecture 275 Checking Variable Types

Lecture 276 Variable Casting

Lecture 277 More Comparison Operators

Lecture 278 Mini Project #3

Lecture 279 Functions

Lecture 280 Practice with Functions

Lecture 281 Mini Project #4

Lecture 282 Query Selectors

Lecture 283 Introduction to Events

Lecture 284 Tip Calculator Project

Lecture 285 Anonymous Functions

Lecture 286 IIFE

Lecture 287 This ‘this’ Keyword

Lecture 288 Scope

Lecture 289 Hoisting

Lecture 290 Introduction to Event Listeners

Lecture 291 Getting Input Values

Lecture 292 Changing CSS with Event Listeners

Lecture 293 Mini Project #5

Lecture 294 Objects

Lecture 295 For Loops

Lecture 296 While Loops

Lecture 297 For Each Loops

Lecture 298 Guessing Game Project

Section 40: JavaScript for Beginners – Learn with 6 main projects: Advanced

Lecture 299 Let and Const

Lecture 300 Introduction to OOP

Lecture 301 Extending Classes

Lecture 302 Modal Project

Lecture 303 Template Literals

Lecture 304 Object Literals

Lecture 305 Destructuring Arrays and Objects, and All the Rest

Lecture 306 Timeouts

Lecture 307 Intervals

Lecture 308 API’s and Ajax Requests

Lecture 309 Arrow Functions

Lecture 310 Adding and Removing CSS Classes

Lecture 311 Final Project

Lecture 312 Summary

Section 41: Create a Modal by Hand using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Lecture 313 Breaking Down The Project

Lecture 314 HTML/CSS/JavaScript Crash Course

Lecture 315 The Background

Lecture 316 Styling The Main Button

Lecture 317 Centering The Main Button

Lecture 318 Modal Background

Lecture 319 The Modal Box

Lecture 320 Using Custom Fonts

Lecture 321 Custom Modal Buttons

Lecture 322 Hiding The Modal By Default

Lecture 323 Opening The Modal

Lecture 324 Closing The Modal

Lecture 325 Code Cleanup

Section 42: Create a Hand Made Calculator with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Lecture 326 Setting Up The Project

Lecture 327 Stubbing Out The HTML

Lecture 328 Styling The Page

Lecture 329 Styling The Buttons

Lecture 330 Your Signature

Lecture 331 Custom Font

Lecture 332 Button Movements

Lecture 333 Button Actions

Lecture 334 Operational Calculator

Lecture 335 The Finished Calculator

Lecture 336 Code Cleanup

Section 43: Git Essentials: Introduction

Lecture 337 Welcome to Git Essentials

Lecture 338 First things first

Section 44: Git Essentials: Beginner Git

Lecture 339 Why the command line?

Lecture 340 Installing Git (Windows Only)

Lecture 341 Notes about Git for Windows

Lecture 342 Installing Git (MacOS and Linux)

Lecture 343 Getting started with GitHub

Lecture 344 Configuring Git on your computer

Lecture 345 Creating and adding an SSH Key

Lecture 346 How to clone a repository

Lecture 347 How to create a new repository on GitHub

Lecture 348 How to push to your GitHub repository

Lecture 349 Git status

Lecture 350 Unstaging a file

Lecture 351 Undeleting a file

Lecture 352 Git origins and remotes

Lecture 353 Git branching

Lecture 354 Committing to a new branch

Lecture 355 Merging a branch into master

Lecture 356 Seeing your Git history

Lecture 357 Downloading updates from GitHub

Lecture 358 How to get updates from GitHub

Lecture 359 Checkout: code-time travel

Lecture 360 files

Section 45: Git Essentials: Advanced Git

Lecture 361 Viewing file differences

Lecture 362 How to ignore files

Lecture 363 Create a custom Git alias

Lecture 364 The git lg alias code

Lecture 365 Fixing Git commit messages

Lecture 366 How to fork a repo

Lecture 367 Git issues

Lecture 368 How to open a pull request

Lecture 369 Undoing a commit

Lecture 370 Force pushing

Lecture 371 How to rebase

Lecture 372 Resolving merge and rebase conflicts

Lecture 373 How to stash code

Lecture 374 Adding tags to your commits

Section 46: Git Essentials: Launch Your Website Using GitHub Pages

Lecture 375 Welcome to Launching Your Website Using GitHub Pages

Lecture 376 Setup your free GitHub account

Lecture 377 Create a “special” repository on GitHub

Lecture 378 What is cloning, anyway?

Lecture 379 How to install Git on Windows

Lecture 380 How to install Git on MacOS and Linux

Lecture 381 How to configure your Git settings

Lecture 382 How to “download” your repository to your computer

Lecture 383 Create your first file

Lecture 384 Push your files to your special repository

Lecture 385 Demoing your new website

Lecture 386 Making your website nicer with a theme

Lecture 387 Don’t forget to add your projects to your portfolio!

Lecture 388 How and why you should “ignore” useless/hidden computer files

Lecture 389 Summary: Your final project

Section 47: Understanding APIs: Introduction

Lecture 390 Introduction

Lecture 391 What is an API?

Lecture 392 Google Slides

Section 48: Understanding APIs: RESTful APIs

Lecture 393 The simplest way to think about an API (the metaphor)

Lecture 394 A real life use case

Lecture 395 What programming languages can we use?

Lecture 396 Introduction to RESTful APIs

Lecture 397 Introduction to JSON

Lecture 398 Using SWAPI Notes

Lecture 399 A real JavaScript API example

Lecture 400 GET requests

Lecture 401 POST requests

Lecture 402 DELETE requests

Lecture 403 PUT/PATCH requests

Lecture 404 Consuming APIs (how to use them)

Lecture 405 Requests and responses

Lecture 406 Common status codes

Lecture 407 API security

Section 49: Understanding APIs: Summary

Lecture 408 Summary

Lecture 409 Resources

Lecture 410 REST API Cheat Sheet

Section 50: Python for Everybody: Introduction

Lecture 411 Introduction

Lecture 412 Coding Community

Lecture 413 Python 2 vs. Python 3.

Lecture 414 Where is Python Used These Days?

Lecture 415 (Windows Only) Installing Python

Lecture 416 Installing Python

Lecture 417 Course FAQs

Lecture 418 For Windows Users (Please Read)

Lecture 419 (Windows Only) Command Line Crash Course

Lecture 420 Command Line Crash Course

Lecture 421 Running Python Code

Lecture 422 (Windows Only) Interactive Notebooks

Lecture 423 Interactive Notebooks

Lecture 424 Where to Download the Code

Lecture 425 Taking Notes Beside Code

Section 51: Python for Everybody: Beginner-friendly Python

Lecture 426 Basic Arithmetic

Lecture 427 Variables

Lecture 428 Formatting Code in Python

Lecture 429 Python Data Types

Lecture 430 Mutable vs. Immutable

Lecture 431 Numbers

Lecture 432 Strings (Sequences)

Lecture 433 Lists (Sequences)

Lecture 434 Indexing And Slicing

Lecture 435 String Properties And Methods

Lecture 436 User Input

Lecture 437 Print Formatting

Lecture 438 Lists

Lecture 439 Dictionaries

Lecture 440 Tuples

Lecture 441 Sets

Lecture 442 Booleans

Lecture 443 None

Lecture 444 Files

Lecture 445 Your First Python Program

Section 52: Python for Everybody: Intermediate Python

Lecture 446 Comparison Operators

Lecture 447 Comparison Shortcuts

Lecture 448 Multiple Comparison Operators

Lecture 449 Chaining Operators Together

Lecture 450 Introduction to Loops

Lecture 451 For Loops

Lecture 452 Looping Through Dictionaries

Lecture 453 While Loops

Lecture 454 Break and Continue

Lecture 455 Type Casting

Lecture 456 Helpful Operators

Lecture 457 List Comprehensions

Lecture 458 Dictionary Comprehensions

Lecture 459 Functions

Lecture 460 Args And Kwargs

Lecture 461 Comments

Lecture 462 Map

Lecture 463 Filter

Lecture 464 Lambda Expressions

Lecture 465 Scope

Section 53: Python for Everybody: Advanced Python

Lecture 466 Welcome to OOP

Lecture 467 Creating Your First Class

Lecture 468 Class Attributes

Lecture 469 Class Methods

Lecture 470 Real Life OOP Example

Lecture 471 Class Inheritance

Lecture 472 Class Interfaces

Lecture 473 Super Function

Lecture 474 Dunder Methods

Lecture 475 Introduction to Packages

Lecture 476 Installing 3rd Party Packages

Lecture 477 Finding 3rd Party Packages

Lecture 478 Seeing Installed Packages

Lecture 479 Introduction to Modules

Lecture 480 Creating a Package

Lecture 481 Name and Main

Lecture 482 Errors and Exceptions

Lecture 483 Catching Exceptions

Lecture 484 Unit Tests

Lecture 485 Nested Functions

Lecture 486 Decorators

Lecture 487 Generators

Lecture 488 Linting

Lecture 489 Virtual Environments

Lecture 490 Virtual Envs on Windows

Lecture 491 Requirement Files

Lecture 492 Interactive Python

Lecture 493 Python Versions

Lecture 494 Local Server

Section 54: Create an Image Detection App from Scratch using Machine Learning

Lecture 495 Project: Demonstration

Lecture 496 Project: Python Environment

Lecture 497 Project: Required Packages

Lecture 498 Project: Custom Machine Learning Model

Lecture 499 Project: The Code

Lecture 500 Project: First Detection

Lecture 501 Project: Second Detection

Lecture 502 Project: Confidence Matters

Lecture 503 Project: How to Learn More

Lecture 504 Summary

Section 55: Wagtail for Beginners: Build and deploy your Python website!

Lecture 505 Introduction to Wagtail for Beginners

Lecture 506 What is Wagtail CMS?

Lecture 507 Source Code

Lecture 508 How to Install Wagtail

Lecture 509 Getting Started

Lecture 510 Logging into the Admin

Lecture 511 Wagtail Walkthrough

Lecture 512 Editing the Home Page

Lecture 513 Working with the Base Template

Lecture 514 Services App and Pages

Lecture 515 Service Page

Lecture 516 Service Listing Page

Lecture 517 Adding Page Validation

Lecture 518 Adding a Header and Footer

Lecture 519 Adding Debug Tools

Lecture 520 Flex/Misc Page

Lecture 521 Testimonial Objects

Lecture 522 Welcome to StreamFields

Lecture 523 Creating the StreamField App

Lecture 524 Your First StreamField

Lecture 525 Repeating StreamFields

Lecture 526 Simplifying Repeating StreamFields

Lecture 527 Custom StreamField Logic

Lecture 528 Image and Text Block

Lecture 529 Radio Block

Lecture 530 Call to Action Block

Lecture 531 Testimonials and Snippets

Lecture 532 Table StreamField

Lecture 533 RichText StreamField

Lecture 534 Image Block StreamField

Lecture 535 Custom StreamField Validation

Lecture 536 Limiting Pages

Lecture 537 Navigation Menus

Lecture 538 Navigation Menu Templates

Lecture 539 Contact Forms Part 1

Lecture 540 Contact Forms Part 2

Lecture 541 Limiting Contact Form Choices

Lecture 542 .webp Image Support

Lecture 543 Other Ways to Learn Wagtail

Lecture 544 Global Site Settings

Lecture 545 Changing the Wagtail Admin Logo

Lecture 546 Adding Caching

Lecture 547 Caching the Navigation and Footer

Lecture 548 Adding a Sitemap

Lecture 549 Prepping for Launch

Lecture 550 A Guide for Launching Your Website

Lecture 551 Website Launch!

Section 56: How to Get a Job as a Web Developer: Introduction

Lecture 552 Introduction

Lecture 553 Don’t believe everything you hear

Lecture 554 The truth about GitHub (and GitLab)

Lecture 555 The truth about portfolio websites

Section 57: How to Get a Job as a Web Developer: The Good Stuff

Lecture 556 Don’t get stuck on the small things

Lecture 557 How to find out what’s skills are in demand

Lecture 558 The truth behind remote jobs

Lecture 559 What companies are REALLY looking for

Lecture 560 Your resume strategy

Lecture 561 Do resumes really help you get an interview?

Lecture 562 Applying for the job

Lecture 563 Maximizing your efforts

Lecture 564 Another way to maximize your efforts

Lecture 565 The secret to getting hired at your dream job

Lecture 566 Who do companies REALLY hire?

Lecture 567 The most valuable skill you can have

Lecture 568 Your first interview

Lecture 569 Following up

Lecture 570 The WOW factor — being memorable

Lecture 571 What to do next

Lecture 572 Negotiating your salary

Lecture 573 Once you’re in…

Lecture 574 Your next step

Section 58: How to Get a Job as a Web Developer: Summary

Lecture 575 Earn while your learn

Lecture 576 Summary

Section 59: Legacy Complete Web Developer Course

Lecture 577 What you need to know about the remaining lessons

Section 60: Legacy Course

Lecture 578 Welcome

Section 61: HTML Basics

Lecture 579 What is HTML?

Lecture 580 Editors.

Lecture 581 Elements.

Lecture 582 Block Elements.

Lecture 583 Attributes

Lecture 584 Make a new line using HTML

Lecture 585 Headers And Paragraphs

Lecture 586 Creating hyperlinks

Lecture 587 Using images

Lecture 588 Text Formatting (Part 1)

Lecture 589 Text Formatting (Part 2)

Lecture 590 Inline styling with the style attribute

Lecture 591 HTML Comments

Lecture 592 The most common element:

Lecture 593 Introduction to lists

Lecture 594 Creating Tables (Part 1)

Lecture 595 Creating Tables (Part 2)

Lecture 596 Accepting information with forms

Lecture 597 iFrames: pages inside pages

Section 62: HTML Advanced

Lecture 598 The Doctype

Lecture 599 What is the head section? (Part 1)

Lecture 600 What is the head section? (Part 2)

Lecture 601 Adding additional scripts

Lecture 602 Document Object Model (DOM)

Lecture 603 HTML Entities

Section 63: JavaScript Basics

Lecture 604 JavaScript Essentials

Lecture 605 What is JavaScript?

Lecture 606 JavaScript: Internal vs. External

Lecture 607 JavaScript comments

Lecture 608 document.write();

Lecture 609 Display info from the browser: alert & confirm

Lecture 610 Prompting the user for information

Lecture 611 Programming fundamentals: Variables

Lecture 612 Add two sentences together: concatenation

Lecture 613 Basic math in JavaScript

Lecture 614 Redirecting users and opening new windows

Lecture 615 Creating empty hyperlinks

Lecture 616 String Manipulation

Lecture 617 Comparing variables and values

Lecture 618 Programming fundamentals: If…Else Statements

Lecture 619 Programming fundamentals: Else…If Statements

Lecture 620 Programming fundamentals: Switch Statements

Lecture 621 Programming fundamentals: Functions

Lecture 622 JavaScript Events

Lecture 623 Selecting HTML elements using getElementById()

Lecture 624 Escaping content

Lecture 625 Programming fundamentals: Arrays

Lecture 626 Programming fundamentals: For Loops

Lecture 627 Programming fundamentals: While Loops

Lecture 628 Programming fundamentals: Breaking Out Of Loops

Lecture 629 Programming fundamentals: Skipping A Loop Cycle

Section 64: PHP

Lecture 630 What Is PHP?

Lecture 631 Installing PHP

Lecture 632 Syntax & Hello World

Lecture 633 How to write comments in PHP

Lecture 634 Introduction to PHP Variables

Lecture 635 Strings & Concatenation

Lecture 636 Replace areas of a string

Lecture 637 manipulate other areas of a string

Lecture 638 Displaying HTML entities

Lecture 639 PHP Lists: Arrays

Lecture 640 Creating and destroying arrays: Explode & Implode

Lecture 641 Operators

Lecture 642 If…Else Statements

Lecture 643 Elseif Statements

Lecture 644 Switch Statements

Lecture 645 For Loops

Lecture 646 While Loops

Lecture 647 Break From Loops

Lecture 648 continue, is_array() and quotes

Lecture 649 Including Files

Lecture 650 Functions

Lecture 651 Constants. The unchangeable variable.

Lecture 652 Checking if something exists

Lecture 653 Accepting information – forms (Part 1)

Lecture 654 Accepting information – forms (Part 2)

Section 65: PHP Advanced

Lecture 655 Temporarily save user information: Sessions

Lecture 656 Server Super Global Variables are usable anywhere

Lecture 657 Save long-term user information: Cookies

Lecture 658 Uploading files

Lecture 659 Creating new files

Section 66: MySQL Database

Lecture 660 What is SQL?

Lecture 661 Setting up a Database

Lecture 662 Introducing phpMyAdmin

Lecture 663 MySQL Syntax

Lecture 664 Tables, Columns and Rows

Lecture 665 Connecting to a Database

Lecture 666 Creating a Table: 5 Columns and 3 Rows.

Lecture 667 Inserting Information

Lecture 668 Escaping Information

Lecture 669 Get information that’s stored in a database

Lecture 670 Selecting specific information: The WHERE clause

Lecture 671 Selecting specific information: The And/Or clauses

Lecture 672 Limiting results and ordering data

Lecture 673 Updating the database

Lecture 674 Deleting stored information

Section 67: Login/Registration Project

Lecture 675 Introduction

Lecture 676 Getting Setup with Git

Lecture 677 GitHub Project Repo

Lecture 678 Login Page and HTML Setup

Lecture 679 Creating a Global Config

Lecture 680 A Lesson on Safely Storing Passwords

Lecture 681 Setting Up Our Database

Lecture 682 Setting Up Our Database Part 2

Lecture 683 JavaScript Form Validation

Lecture 684 JavaScript Form Validation Part 2

Lecture 685 Our First Ajax Call

Lecture 686 User Registration via Ajax

Lecture 687 User Registration via Ajax Part 2

Lecture 688 Login via Ajax

Lecture 689 Login via Ajax Part 2

Lecture 690 Members-only Pages

Lecture 691 The Logout Page

Lecture 692 Creating Functions

Lecture 693 Upgrading to Object Orientated Programming

Lecture 694 Upgrading to Object Orientated Programming Part 2

Lecture 695 What to Build Next

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