The Complete Beginners Guide to Autodesk Revit Architecture

Learn Revit with an Autodesk Expert Elite
The Complete Beginners Guide to Autodesk Revit Architecture
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The Complete Beginners Guide to Autodesk Revit Architecture

What you’ll learn

Have a working knowledge of all the fundamentals of the software

The Complete Beginners Guide to Autodesk Revit Architecture


No prior experience of Autodesk Revit is required. You will need access to a working copy of Autodesk Revit or Revit LT


Over the course of 18 hours of narrated video tutorials, let Ian Nichols (an Autodesk Expert Elite) teach you all the fundamentals of Autodesk’s BIM Software. Everything you need to know to be productive with Revit is covered step-by-step. Not only are all the main tools explained and demonstrated, the fundamental concepts behind them are discussed.


Section 1: Introduction: Download your Ebook

Lecture 1 Download your Ebook

Section 2: Interface & Navigation

Lecture 2 The Launch Screen

Lecture 3 The Ribbon Menu

Lecture 4 The Properties Palette

Lecture 5 The Project Browser

Lecture 6 The Drawing Area

Lecture 7 2D Navigation

Lecture 8 3D Navigation

Section 3: Key Concepts

Lecture 9 It’s all about Parameters

Lecture 10 Instance & Type Parameters

Lecture 11 Model vs Detail Elements

Lecture 12 Levels

Lecture 13 Views and how they relate to Levels

Lecture 14 Reference Planes

Lecture 15 Drawing Aids

Lecture 16 Structural Grids

Lecture 17 Projects, Templates & Families

Section 4: 3D Model Element

Lecture 18 Walls

Lecture 19 Wall Openings

Lecture 20 Doors and Windows

Lecture 21 Curtain Walls

Lecture 22 Floors

Lecture 23 Creating Sloped Floors

Lecture 24 Shaft Openings

Lecture 25 Ceilings

Lecture 26 Adding Fixtures to Ceilings

Lecture 27 Roofs: Roof by Footprint

Lecture 28 Roofs: Roof by Extrusion

Lecture 29 Stairs: Stair by Component

Lecture 30 Stairs: Stair by Sketch

Lecture 31 Railings

Lecture 32 Ramps

Lecture 33 Columns

Lecture 34 Model Lines & Model Text

Lecture 35 Components

Section 5: Editing & Modifying Elements

Lecture 36 Selecting & Filtering Elements

Lecture 37 Moving Elements

Lecture 38 Copying Elements

Lecture 39 Rotating Elements

Lecture 40 Mirroring Elements

Lecture 41 Arrays

Lecture 42 Aligning Elements

Lecture 43 Splitting Elements

Lecture 44 Trimming & Extending Elements

Lecture 45 Offsetting Elements

Lecture 46 Pinning Elements

Section 6: Creating Views

Lecture 47 Duplicating Views

Lecture 48 Elevations

Lecture 49 Sections

Lecture 50 Callouts

Lecture 51 Drafting Views

Lecture 52 The default 3D View

Lecture 53 Camera Views

Lecture 54 Legend Views

Lecture 55 Section Boxes

Lecture 56 Schedules

Section 7: Graphics & Visibility Settings

Lecture 57 View Scales

Lecture 58 Detail Levels

Lecture 59 Visual Styles

Lecture 60 Crop Regions

Lecture 61 Hide/Override Graphics in View

Lecture 62 Reveal Hidden Elements

Lecture 63 Temporary Hide/Isolate

Lecture 64 Visibility/Graphic Overrides

Lecture 65 View Templates

Lecture 66 View Properties

Lecture 67 View Range

Section 8: Annotation & Detailing

Lecture 68 Dimensions

Lecture 69 Text

Lecture 70 Detail Lines

Lecture 71 Symbols

Lecture 72 Detail Components

Lecture 73 Repeating Details

Lecture 74 Filled Regions

Lecture 75 Rooms

Lecture 76 Tags

Section 9: And Finally!

Lecture 77 Phases

Lecture 78 Design Options

Lecture 79 Working with CAD Files

Lecture 80 Placing Views onto Sheets

Lecture 81 Printing

Lecture 82 Putting it all together!

Suitable for anyone totally new to Autodesk Revit

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 17h 56m | 16.30 GB
Created by: Ian Nichols

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